Working Hard Pays Off: David McDonald

David McDonald is a man who knows a thing or two when it comes to food. He was born and raised in Iowa. He graduated from college with a degree in Animal Science. He moved on to become Chairman of the North American Meat Institute. While he was doing that he began to work for the OSI group. He began his work there as a project manager and now almost thirty years later he is now the company president. He has worked hard to get where he is and how to be a success. He recently talked with about how he got where he is today.

David McDonald says that after college he went to work at OSI Group and really liked the company. He says he began his career at the bottom and worked his way up to the top. He was inspired to work hard at the company because he was passionate about biology and agriculture. His college degree helped him get through the door.

One thing at David McDonald strives to achieve while working is to not only meet the expectations of the customers that OSI works with but surpass them. He says that since OSI is a private company it can take the time necessary to establish relationships with new clients. He wants to make sure that the company is flexible enough to be able to bring the most optimal ideas to the table not only for the OSI staff but the client as well.

One area that David McDonald saw that could be better utilized is the European market. OSI went ahead with plans to buy a Dutch company called Baho Foods. David says that it was a great way to expand into the European market and get OSI’s foot in the door. This was the perfect way for OSI to grow in a competitive world market.

David McDonald has always believed in working hard. In almost thirty years he has seen the food processing industry change before his eyes. One thing, however, remains clear in his mind. That is giving customers what they want and more.

About David McDonald:

Graham Edwards Leads Telereal Trillium to the Top

Telereal Trillium has grown to be a significant force in the United Kingdom property market. This prosperity is lead by the CEO, Graham Edwards. He has been a part of Telereal Trillium since its inception in 2001. Since then Graham Edwards has to lead the company to amass a portfolio of properties worth £6 billion. Telereal Trillium is now responsible for housing about 1% of UK’s entire workforce. Graham Edwards has been at the helm as the CEO when Telereal was first being shaped as it eventually became Telereal Trillium that it is today.

Graham Edwards is an alumnus of Cambridge University where he studied economics. He is part of many prestigious organizations such as the UK Society of Investment Professionals, the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, the Association of Corporate Treasures, and is currently a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. Graham Edwards is now attending King’s College London where he is pursuing his MA in International Relations in the War Studies Department with a focus on the Middle East ( As a member of Committees or the Boards of Pennies, World ORT, British Friends of the Hebrew University, UK MDA, UJIA, One Voice Europe, and Portland Trust, Graham Edwards has become a large force in the world of philanthropy.

Telereal grew to such as force largely due to a 30-year strategic property partnership that Graham Edwards initiated with BT Plc. In this deal, Telereal acquired 6,700 properties from BT in a deal worth about £2.38 billion. This deal cemented Telereal in the property management market. In 2009, Graham Edwards made a major step forward for Telereal when he led negotiations that resulted in the acquisition of Trillium from Land Securities Group Plc. This deal helped grow Telereal Trillium to a size that their annual revenues top £1 billion. Graham Edwards and Telereal Trillium strive to simplify the complex world of real estate by delivering straightforward solutions to their customers (Foundationforjewishheritage).


Graham Edwards of Telereal Knows a Good Deal

There are lots of decent and worthwhile professionals providing excellent services and products throughout countless industries and fields every day. One of these outstanding individuals is Graham Edwards who performs his work-day tasks as a Chief Executive Officer for Telereal. His start time, in service to this company as its CEO, is the year 2001.

The details behind this particular set of circumstances are quite impressive themselves, as they involve property transference to the tune of billions of monies. The sheer number of properties is also something to mention as they total 6,700. Edwards is credited with spearheading the deal and seeing things through, from the very beginning. Even though the way he operates tends to make the jobs look easy to complete, there is a good amount of effort that goes into to pulling off a job of this size.

To begin with, there is the task of closing the deal on acquiring Trillium from Land Securities Group Plc, which many people remember as a major splash in the market pool. Needless to say, this deal makes a reputation for Telereal as heavy hitter when it comes to property outsourcing and investment ( The team up works for everyone involved, and the pairing results in revenue that tips the scale worth billions of monies in trade and commerce.

But, this is not the only deal that has the Graham Edwards’ signature of success on it, as his resume holds equally impressive feats of savvy and daring do (Releasefact). Namely, his experiences include being Chief Investment Officer for Talisman Global Asset Management. In his service for Talisman Global, he makes sure that anyone in the know is aware of its status as an affiliate of Pears FSA. Naturally, this results in big business and Acounts Under Management reaching into the billions money wise.

And of course, there are other names on the list of businesses that owe one Graham Edwards just a bit of thanks for his services. There is Merrill Lynch Investment Management, which knows him to be an excellent fund manager. He is also a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, in not only England but Whales as well. Other associations to know Graham Edwards include the Association of Corporate Treasurers and the UK Society of Investment Professionals.



OSI Group Makes A Bold Move By Acquiring A Former Chicago-Based Tyson Foods Plant

OSI Group is an American food company that provides custom food solutions for the food industry in locations all over the globe. The company was founded in 1909 and began as a humble, domestic food company that served customers in the Chicago, Illinois area, but it expanded over the years to become a worldwide food company that is headquartered in the United States. In the last few years the company has been doing even more to continue its expansion into new markets where it knows it will be a competitor. While a lot of these efforts are aimed at overseas opportunities, many of the moves that OSI is making are also aimed at cementing in its place as a leader in the country of its origin.

One of the most recent moves that OSI group has made in this capacity is to acquire a former Tyson Food Plant in the south-side of Chicago. OSI bought the plant for $7.4 million, and while 480 employees stood to lose their job, as the plant closed down, OSI offered many of them new employment opportunities with its company. This is the norm for OSI who cares deeply about its own employees and the communities that it serves in. This 200,000 square-foot plant is expected to offer support to its other business endeavors in the city of Chicago, the state of Illinois, and its overall operations. It expands upon its existing North American manufacturing capabilities and will help to improve what its existing Chicago plant offers.

OSI Group is located in Aurora, Illinois and has more than 20,000 employees on its payroll. The company is valued at $6.1 billion, and Forbes lists it as the #58 top American private company. The Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin, has been credited with a lot of the success of the company and a big part of the reason why it was chosen as a top United States company by Forbes. His contributions to the company initially helped it to grow beyond its humble domestic beginnings into a national food service provider with facilities all over the world. Lavin, along with the rest of the leadership at OSI have pledged to continue to make the kinds of choices for the company that will lead to a larger and more sustainable infrastructure. Remaining a sustainable company is a top priority for OSI, and in recent years, it has taken measures to ensure its continuance as a top American food company.

OSI’s Sheldon Lavin Receives Global Visionary Award

Graham Edwards and Telereal: The Successful Partnership and Global Leadership

There are a lot of formal academic papers written about Telereal Trillium that adumbrates everything you need to know about the company. However, you might find it too tedious to read those articles. Those articles are annoying to read and may be time-consuming for you. What you need is a short one. What you need is a digest of the relevant information about Graham Edwards, the CEO of Telereal Trillium without losing the essential details. This article below might be the one you need.


The Head of Telereal

One impressive thing that you should learn about Graham Edwards is the fact that he’s right now the chief executive of Telereal and has been so ever since the company was founded in 2011. Sure, there might be other offers outside Telereal that can be tempting to Mr. Edwards, but the truth of the matter is, his heart is in the current company ( His heart is in the passion to offer various property projects that are able to increase the asset value of Telereal to £2.4bn in property outsourcing trades.

You should also not forget the fact that it was the help of Graham Edwards that the 6,700 properties that are now part of Telereal have been made possible. It is also part of Graham Edwards’ astonishing success to be able to establish a series of negotiations that raised the market value of Trillium, which went beyond its former parent company, Securities Group Plc. It is this purchase and separation that was able to establish the astounding record of Telereal to be one of the leading investment and property outsourcing companies today, which in its combined assets and annual revenues have reached an excess of about a billion dollars.


Global Partnership

It might also be inspiring to include here the fact that before Telereal Trillium, Graham was already a well-trained specialist and leader who both has the passion and willingness to maintain and sustain the increased growth of a global company. When Graham was the Chief Investment Officer for Talisman Global Asset Management, he was able to establish the company as part of the renowned list of market leaders under the Pears FSA Registered Asset Management recognition.



Graham Edwards and his important work at Telereal

Graham Edwards is the Chief Executive of the commercial property company Telereal. He has held this position since the inception of Telereal in 2001.

Graham has had a large effect on the company, including the initiation of a transaction with BT, which resulted in Telereal gaining 6,700 properties. Another notable move by Graham was a negation in 2009. He led these negations between Land Securities Group Plc. The result of this negotiation was Telereal acquiring the company Trillium (Releasefacts).

Before his time at Telereal, Graham held a number of different positions. First, he was the Head of Finance for the BT Group Plc. Next, he worked for Merrill Lynch as a Fund Manager. Directly before going to Telereal, he worked as the Chief Investment Officer for Talisman Global Asset Management.

Mr. Graham is a member of several different organizations, including the UK Society of Investment Professionals, the Association of Corporate Treasurers, and the Institute of Charted Accountants in England and Whales. He is also a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

Before Telereal was founded in 2001, Trillium was created in 1997. The goal of Trillium was to acquire the property portfolio of the Department for Work in Pensions. Trillium achieved this goal in 1998. Two years later, Trillium was acquired by Land Securities, who operated Trillium until the acquisition by Telereal (

In 2000 the BBC sold their property portfolio to Trillium. In 2004 Trillium gained property agreements with both Norwich Union and Barclays Bank. In 2009 Trillium signed similar deals with the Royal Mail as well as the Birmingham City Council.

Telereal was created by William Pears Ltd. Its goal was to receive the British Telecom’s property portfolio. In 2002 Telereal began to manage O2 and Airwave’s property portfolios.

Currently, the headquarters of Telereal Trillium is located in Central London.


A Vision For Value, Graham Edwards & Telereal Trillium

Graham Edwards is the chief executive officer for one of the United Kingdom’s largest property companies Telereal Trillium. He has been the CEO of this company since it began as Telereal in December of 2001. He began the transaction which led to 6,700 properties being transferred from The B Pears Trust and William Pears Group to Telereal (Glassdoor). This historic transfer covered 59.2 million square feet which is responsible for housing one percent of the UK’s workforce. This deal also includes a 30 year partnership with BT Group Plc for Telereal Trillium.

As one of the UK’s largest property companies, Telereal Trillium manages a portfolio worth £6 billion with annual revenues in excess of £1 billion ( As a result, Telereal is the market leader in property outsourcing thanks to provisions in their deal which allowed the vacating of BT properties over time. This has opened the door for the adoption of changing operational requirements which have in turn allowed BT to reduce their estate size by 30 percent or more. With these properties now vacated, Telereal was able to realize their value and even redevelop them in some cases to further their potential value for the companies.

In January of 2009, Graham Edwards led negotiations with Land Securities Group Plc in order to acquire Trillium. Upon its acquisition, Telereal Trillium as we know it today, was created. The company continues to prosper due to its adherence to company values of diligence and attention to detail. Under Graham’s leadership, the business is cultivating a team of talented employees that are motivated and dedicated to their personal prosperity and fullfillment as well as that of the company.

Edwards himself studied Economics at the University of Cambridge in England. He is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ACA), the Association of Corporate Treasures (AMCT), the UK Society of Investment Professionals and a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (FRICS). With almost 17 years of experience with Telereal, coupled with former positions at Talisman Global Asset Management and Merrill Lynch Investment Management, the forecast is positive for Telereal Trillium under his direction and guidance.


Graham Edwards of Telereal Knows Real Estate and Philanthropy

Telereal Trillium is a key component in having shaped the United Kingdom’s property market. Telereal Trillium is one of the UK’s largest property managers (Glassdoor). To date, the company’s portfolio is worth about $6 billion, and the company’s portfolio manages nearly 86 million square feet of space. Telereal Trillium also employs approximately one percent of the UK’s workforce. That happens to be a lot of influence on the UK’s economy. To understand the company’ success, one has to take into consideration the person who runs the company. Graham Edwards is currently the CEO of Telereal Trillium.

Prior to Trillium, Graham Edwards was the CIO of Talisman Global Asset Management. Several Trillium services offered include property management, property partnerships, property investment, estate transformation services, and strategic asset management ( The company believes that the best way to serve clients is to offer effective solutions. The company also hires competent people who can apply intellectual business insights that will benefit clients.

Telereal Trillium also believes in creating a business atmosphere where employees can reach their full potential. Motivated and dedicated people are those who will work hard to bring about the best business results possible. Graham Edwards brings growth and a great deal of stability that positions his company to be the very best in real estate investing and property management.

The company’s list of clients includes Royal Mail, Virgin Media, BT, and Barclays to name several. Customers love the services that Trillium offers. This is evident by the awards the company has received. Several include the Investors People award, and an award that named Graham Edwards Corporate Supporter of the Year.

Graham Edwards studied Economics at Cambridge University. He also represents England and Wales as a member of the Chartered Accountants and is a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. Graham Edwards also involves himself in philanthropic work. As such, he associates with the Portland Trust, UK MDA, British Friends of the Hebrew University, and World ORT


The Effects of Change With Vijay Eswaran

One of the most important things about change is that there is such a huge effect that comes with it. For one thing, according to Vijay Eswaran, it can take a few cycles in order for change to take effect. Change can also vary in difficulty. There are some things that people can easily change while others are more difficult. The more difficult things to change seem rooted in one’s personality and beliefs. However, it is possible for anyone to change anything about their behavior. When they see compelling reasons to make the changes, then they are going to have an easier time changing.

One thing that Vijay Eswaran touches on is the effect of change. There is always going to be some kind of effect that a change has on an individual. For one thing, people who lose a little bit of weight may find that they feel a little better about themselves. They may also have other people notice their new weight and compliment them on it. There are also other subtle changes that come with the weight loss. This is only one example of change and the effects it can have on an individual’s life.

One change that Vijay Eswaran has experienced is the change from his employee mindset to an entrepreneurial mindset. When he has started going into business for himself, it took him a few years before he started seeing that his business is out earning his regular job. However, the changes have gone beyond the money he has received. The extra money that he has gained enabled him to build his company and get involved in a service oriented career. As he continued to run his business, he has gained plenty of insights on different topics in life that have not only inspired him, but made him want to share with others.

Graham Edwards and Telereal Trillium Ltd.

There aren’t many names that rings bells in the property management and investment fields like Graham Edwards. He has been the head of Telereal Trillium Ltd locates in London, England since its start in 2001. Telereal Trillium is a commercial property management and investment company making major strides within their industry.

Graham Edwards has an amazing educational background with a degree in economics from Cambridge University. He has widely utilized his degree to advance his career and the well known companies he has worked for. He is very skilled at managing assets and large companies such as the Department for Work and Pensions.


Graham Edwards Organizations

There are several committees and organizations in England that have powerful professionals as members. Graham is a member of he IK Society of Investment Professionals and is a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. In addition, Graham is also a member of the UK Society of Investment Professionals (Glassdoor).

Investments and acquisitions has proven time and again to be Graham’s strong suit and skill set. In 2004, Graham was the deserving lead negotiator for an acquisition deal with Land Securities Group Plc. His involvement brought in millions of Euros for the company and brought in much deserved recognition for Graham.

A great education is extremely vital in the world of business and property management, and Graham proves he is always ahead of the curve. In addition to his degree in economics, Graham is pursuing a degree in International Relations with an amazing focus on the affairs in the Middle East from King’s College London. Graham knows how important it is to stay educated and does his part to learn all that he can.

Graham is also happily involved in philanthropy and improving the world at large. There is an abundance of information on Graham Edwards and his rise to professional success online and through his social media platforms. His story is truly inspiring for all those who are looking to join the commercial property management and investment industry. Be sure to check out the Telereal website for more information on the influential company.