US Money Reserve CEO Angela Koch Leads Company With Focus on Professional Development

 Angela Koch is an executive for the precious metals distributor US Money Reserve. Her current position with the company is chief executive officer. As the top executive of US Money Reserve, Angela has proven herself to be an effective leader for the company.

When it comes to leading the company, Angela has looked to get the most out of her employees by providing them with more opportunities to develop as professionals. In order to develop the staff of employees, Koch has emphasized things such as giving the employees more responsibilities as well as promoting them on a regular basis.

This approach has led to US Money Reserve establishing itself as one of the best places to work as well as the top distributor of precious metals.

As the chief executive officer, Angela Koch is very aware of what it takes to make a business successful. According to Koch, having a very talented and proficient staff of employees is one of the keys to making a company successful. One of the ways in which she has developed a staff of talented professionals is by making them responsible for a number of things.

Since becoming the CEO of US Money Reserve, Angela Koch has given the employees added responsibility. This approach has led to the employees doing more tasks and making them accountable for more aspects of the company’s operations. As a result, they have been able to develop more skills and gain more experience that will benefit them in the future.

Koch has also emphasized professional development through regular promotions. She has often promoted many employees to higher level positions. It is not uncommon for employees at US Money Reserve to get promoted to a higher position within six months to one year. Read more: US Money Reserve | BBB and US Money Reserve Reviews | Glassdoor

The regular promotions have enabled the employees to improve their leadership skills as well as providing them with experiences that will enhance their careers. The regular promotions of employees have allowed the company to have professionals who are very knowledgeable about its operations and who are able to take on important administrative roles as well.

US Money Reserve is currently the world’s most reputable distributor of precious metals. This company provides consumers with a set of gold and silver coins. These coins are recognized as official currency in the United States. They are also recognized as valid currency in other countries as well.

US Money Reserve has developed the collection of coins that serve as an asset for people to invest in. Customers have been able to use the precious metals coins as a compliment to other things that they invest in such as stocks.

Over the past several years, US Money Reserve has earned a lot of recognition by winning awards. It was recently given an award in recognition for its marketing and advertising campaigns.

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Lawyer, Businessman & Philanthropist: Jeremy Goldstein

There are some amazing individuals that work in a variety of fields. Here in New York City, Jeremy Goldstein has become a prominent figure because he excels in a number of areas. This man is an attorney at a boutique-style law firm that’s known as Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. This particular law farm provides the services of executive compensation, and it works extensively in governance matters. Jeremy Goldstein himself provides advisory services for CEOs, compensation committees and management teams. On the other hand, this extraordinary man has a huge heart. Working to enlighten people who struggle with mental disabilities is another one of his professions, and here’s a bit more information about the topic.


Jeremy Goldstein has dedicated his time to fighting mental illness. This particular issue affects over 400 million people on a global scale. In other words, mental illness is at an all-time high, and it has become an epidemic to some degree. Goldstein works on the Board of Directors for one of the industry’s most progressive foundations. This particular foundation is known as Fountain House. Fountain House caters to more than 450 individuals who have some form of mental disability. This organization is nonprofit, and it creates progressive programs to increase each person’s self-sufficiency. One of the top ways that Fountain House receives funding is via Jeremy Goldstein.


Good food and fine wine is the perfect combination for having a good time. On the other hand, this combination of sustenance is used to raise funding for Fountain House. Goldstein has done this on more than one occasion. This man has raised well-over $60,000 over the past year from doing so. In May 2019, Goldstein hosted a fabulous wine dinner at New York’s NoMad Hotel. Some of the area’s most prominent names attended this special event, and each guest spent $5,000 per ticket. This four-hour event was actually held on the roof deck of the NoMad Hotel, and it served some of the best vintage wines. Lawyer Jeremy Goldstein is making a world of difference through his philanthropic efforts, and that’s a guaranteed fact.


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Who Is Vijay Eswaran And Why Is His QI Group Important?

Vijay Eswaran is the founder and CEO of QI Group, and he has created a sales empire that people around Asia have been using for years to make money and buy a variety of household products. Vijay started with a simple idea that would allow people to have items delivered to their homes, and he has expanded this idea into a company that allows customers to sell items for a commission, helps people make money from home, and saves the customer quite a lot of money.

How Did Vijay Get Started?

Vijay Eswaran got his start in the retail business just after college, and he wanted to build a company that could sell to as many people as possible. He knew that he could start a company that kept prices low, but he also wanted the customer to feel as though they were a part of the family. This is when he started allowing customers to sell products online to their family and friends. Customers who are able to sell here products for a profit are making money from home, and they begin to grow their own clientele through online and personal sales.

How Does Vijay Lead?

Vijay is a leader who has thought long and hard about his place in the world. He has written several books on the subject of leadership, and he has also written about the business world. He wants people to learn from what he has seen through his many years in the field, and he would like to teach people how to improve their own businesses. Even someone who is working an office job can learn a lot from Vijay because he has a wealth of information to share with the public. He is worth following online, and his books make for interesting reading.

Who Benefits From QI Group?

QI Group is a company that benefits everyone. The company helps normal people throughout Asia save money, and the company allows people to make their own money through selling. The company has brought mass market products to people who could never buy the in the past, and the company has many charitable partners. Vijay believes in giving back to the community, and he does so through his company.

Why Does Charity Matter To Vijay?

Vijay has long been giving back to charities in his community. He started out with very little, and he knows the value of a good education. He hopes o help kids get through school, and he offers money for families that are in need. Because of this, he is leading the way in philanthropy throughout Asia.

Vijay’s Career Matters

Vijay Eswaran has had a career in business that makes a difference to a lot of people. He has shown that a young kid from Asia can do very well for himself, and he has proven that there is a market for home sales. He is helping people earn a living, and he is providing communities with the funds they need to help their own.

Talkspace Offers Customers Alternatives to Traditional Therapy

There is a new way for people to get help with a variety of mental health issues. Talkspace is a digital platform through which users can speak and contact fully licensed therapists. Talkspace offers helps for anxiety, depression, grief, stress and substance abuse along with many other mental illnesses. Oren Frank and his wife Roni founded the company when they themselves sought treatment from a therapist. Find out more about Talkspace at

People who have used the app have found a series of benefits to being able to contact therapists in a non-traditional way. In recent reviews, Talkspace has received very positive feedback from many of the 300,000 people that have used its service. There is still a stigma to asking for help for mental health issues, and that stops many people from getting the help they need. For that reason, Talkspace made the sign up process as stress free as possible. Users found that it was a simple and anonymous process that took minutes. They were able to immediately talk to a counselor who helps people find the right therapist to help them. With so many qualified therapists available, it is possible to find a match that works for the user. The relationship with the therapist is key, and so the Talkspace sign up process makes sure to find out as much as possible.

Customers have the option of three pricing plans. They range from $59 per week to $79 per week for couples therapy. The plans offer unlimited messaging and a live session per month. Messages will be replied to as soon as possible and that normally means within hours. Talkspace’s real strength lies in the success of its app. It is very user friendly which is something that Oren Frank has the key to success. Talkspace offers a convenience and affordability that makes it a viable alternative for people who do not want traditional therapy.

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The Greater Good and Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos is a woman who has a lot of ambition. Her ambition isn’t to be a worldwide singing sensation. It isn’t to be a top-tier athlete on a major sports team. It’s simply to be a human being who has made a lasting and positive difference in society. She’s lucky enough to have accomplished her ambition many times over. Dick DeVos’ ambitions are in line with hers. That may be why they’re married right now. That may be why they’ve been married for “forever and a day.” They’re two persons who are ardent about doing things for humankind. They don’t want to leave others to have to fend for themselves. They realize that there are so many people in the world who are pretty vulnerable. They realize that life just isn’t fair for everyone. There are people who came out of the womb with silver spoons in their mouths. There are people who entered the world with zero advantages and privileges.


President Donald J. Trump does not ever shy away from being candid with Betsy DeVos. He likes the fact that she’s the Secretary of Education currently. He wants her to be on his Administration for as long as possible. Negative changes do not exhilarate him at all. He has a work situation with DeVos that’s 100 percent cozy. It’s not something that he has to ever doubt or question. He can show up at work feeling like he’s secure. DeVos gives him a sense of security that’s incredible. She gives many people that same degree of security. She’s not at all an intimidating presence to anyone.


People often have many questions to raise about educational choice. DeVos doesn’t have any questions to raise about the schooling topic, though. That’s due to the fact that she already has all of the answers in her mind. She wants choice to be something that’s a given to people in the United States. There are endless pupils in the country who lack choices. There are endless families in the nation who lack choices, too. Students in many situations go to schools that correspond with their street addresses. This concept baffles DeVos to no end. It even baffles her husband. Since Dick is the man who made The West Michigan Aviation Academy, he effortlessly comprehends his wife’s zeal for educational classifications.


There aren’t many people who have jobs that can aid students. DeVos without a doubt has a rare position. She does everything in her capacity to take her career to the next tier. She doesn’t want to let things pass her by. She doesn’t want to give superb opportunities the chance to vanish, either. Betsy DeVos is always thinking about the greater good.


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Plastic Surgeon Jennifer Walden

Jennifer Walden is a plastic surgeon that works out of Texas. She is most well known for being one of the first doctors to use lasers to perform her surgeries. She is a member of many different boards for plastic surgery. She has received many different awards for her hard work and dedication to her patients.

Dr. Jennifer Walden founded her own office Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center PLLC. This is a practice that offers private plastic surgery and ambulatory surgery in Austin, Texas. They also have an office in Marble Falls, Texas. Recently, she opened a new office called Skintology by Dr. Jennifer Walden/The MedSpa Manhattan. This helped to spread her services to New York City. New York City is where she actually started her career working in the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital.


Dr. Walden was born in Austin, Texas. She is the daughter of a dentist and a surgical nurse. This is where she found her passion to become a surgeon. She went to school and got the degrees that she needed. It took many years for Dr. Jennifer Walden to get through all of her schooling. Not long after graduating she jumped right into her career.

There are a lot of Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews on the internet about Dr. Jennifer Walden. Just like with any other doctor some are good and some are not so good. Most of Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews talk about how passionate she is and how she focuses on each patient differently depending on their needs. Dr. Jennifer Walden is a great surgeon and she’s going to be in the business for a very long time. Walden is so different from other surgeons because she deeply loves her career and cares about her patients. Dr. Jennifer Walden is going to continue to grow her name and her business for many years.

US Money Reserve’s Angela Koch is Not a Typical CEO

Normally, an article about a CEO would include a list of college degrees. US Money Reserve (USMR) CEO Angela Koch is a rare example of someone who reached the top rung of the corporate ladder without holding a college degree. What sets Angela apart from other CEOs in the precious metals industry is that she is the sole female CEO.

A Degree From The School of Life Experience

While her ex-husband focused on becoming a club golf pro the responsibility of meeting the household expenses fell to Angela. She left college and at various points, worked as many as three jobs.

Her employers included a supplier of electricity drug stores and a Jewish charity. Whatever position she held Angela didn’t just learn her job but learned how the entire business worked.


The practical experience that Angela Koch had acquired would earn her a job with the strategic business development branch of the process controls company KLA-Tencor.

During her time with KLA-Tencor Angela would work on mergers and acquisitions and strategic planning. Angela’s mentor at KLA-Tencor would set her career on a different trajectory when he asked Angela to get his Kobe beef ranch certified hormone-free.

Angela Koch Finds Her Niche

Getting her mentor’s beef certified hormone-free meant Angela would create a process for all ranchers to get their beef certified hormone-free. Anglea admits that at first, she didn’t relish the task. As she got deeper into the job Angela discovered that she had a gift for defining processes and making them a part of customer service. Read more: US Money Reserve | BBB and US Money Reserve | Glassdoor

Angela Koch Joins US Money Reserve

Angela Koch worked her way through the ranks at US Money Reserve. On the way to the CEO’s chair, Angela used her knack for building processes to build two processes. The first was a process to help USMR’s staff flourish The second was the process of integrating all of US Money Reserve’s departments via the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

Successful Employees Equals a Successful Company

Angela Koch emphasizes work-force development. Angela believes that her primary job as CEO is to help employees learn and grow. Most sales-driven companies aren’t concerned with helping their sales staff better themselves. As Angela Koch sees it, employee growth equals company growth.

About US Money Reserve

Founded by Philip N. Diehl a former director of the US Mint, US Money Reserve has helped half-a-million clients invest in precious metals.

The sales staff at US Money Reserve can guide people who are hoping to make their financial future more secure by investing in precious metals. In addition to gold, platinum and silver US Money Reserve offers gold and silver-backed IRS.

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Beal Properties Located in Chicago

Chicago is an exciting, vibrant city that offers its residents a host of things to enjoy throughout the year. From educational opportunities to recreational ones, Chicago is a city with something for everyone.

The city offers a rich array of educational opportunities. It is home to colleges and universities such as Northern Illinois University, University of Illinois Chicago, Aurora University, DePaul University, and University of Chicago.

Chicago is a family-friendly city with plenty to entertain all ages. The Chicago Botanic Garden, Kohl Children’s Museum, Loyola Beach, and Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum are just a few of the things that the city has to offer.

The city also boasts an incredible array of shopping and dining opportunities. The Magnificent Mile, which is the city’s premiere commercial district, boasts more than 460 retailers alone. As for dining options in the city, there are more than 8,000 restaurants from which to choose; plus, Restaurant Week offers up a chance each year to enjoy hundreds of them at a discounted price.

Even though Chicago is a major city, that does not mean that it lacks opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. In fact, the city boasts more than 8800 acres of green space. That ranges from landscaped green space to playgrounds to tennis courts. There are plenty of opportunities to be active or just relax and enjoy nature.

Conveniently located within this exciting and vibrant city are the apartments of Beal Properties. These well-maintained properties are located in desirable neighborhoods throughout the city- including the North Shore area.

Beal Properties prides itself on serving its residents’ needs. With apartments located throughout the city, there is a unit to suit a variety of lifestyles and budgets. With Beal Properties, there are plenty of choices for a place to call home.

Getting To Know Who Alastair Borthwick is and What Made Him Get to the Top of the Media Industry

Alastair Borthwick is undoubtedly one of the best authors writing industry has ever produced. Throughout his career, he has experienced massive success in every piece he wrote. When it came to broadcasting, Alastair Borthwick was also not left out. Everywhere he went, he quickly wowed his audience. This made numerous broadcasting firms request for his service as he was able to gather a lot of people to listen to him. All of this success did not come out of the blues. Alastair worked very hard through the years to reach the top of the industry.

Alastair Borthwick is a true testimony that if one works hard and never gives up, he/she will overcome anything that stands in his/her way and becomes successful. Mr. Borthwick’s career began at Evening Times. Evening Times is a media firm that publishes evening newspapers from Monday to Saturday. The company’s headquarters are in Glasgow, Scotland. Alastair worked there for a short while and joined the Glasgow Weekly Herald. Glasgow Weekly Herald is a firm that specializes in providing broadsheet newspapers to its clients. By working at the firm, Alastair Borthwick grew an interest in rock climbing. This formed the basis for the writing of his book, Always a Little Further. 

Since Alastair was a man of many talents, he was able to double up as a broadcaster, a life that was closely related to his writing career and that which he also excelled. In 1935, Alastair Borthwick joined the Daily Mirror as a broadcaster. By 1936, Alastair had left the firm and started working on a press club at the Empire Exhibition. He ran the press club for a short while and then went on to join the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). 

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is a broadcasting firm based in London, United Kingdom. Ever since its inception, BBC has continued to dominate the broadcasting industry. At BBC, Alastair Borthwick worked as a radio broadcaster. His impeccable talent in the field made him a household name in the industry. Alastair was indeed an outstanding person, and this made him win the OBE award for his contribution in the presentation of a famous festival in Scotland. 

Todd Levine Brings Together Law and Creativity

Florida is known for its unusual cases both on the business side of the industry and in private related matters. This makes the region the perfect ground for an attorney to find a steady stream of jobs. Todd Levine is local graduate of the Florida University and the Florida Levin College of Law. His familiarity with the region is a valuable asset as he represents various individuals and companies in a court of law. He keeps his critical thinking at maximum by doing creative tasks outside of the office. Todd Levine recently sat down with Ideamensch to expand on how his career reached this high point.

Becoming an attorney can be one of the most stressful jobs to undertake on a daily basis. The client’s personal ventures are all riding on your ability to present a compelling argument to the judge. Todd Levine set up shop in Florida under the firm Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L., where he and his fellow peers frequently got cases about commercial real estate litigation. He received a particularly hard case shortly just after entering the industry. Todd Levine had to pull from all of his unique knowledge to compile the winning case. His client was beyond grateful for his services, and Todd Levine found his niche in the market.

Todd Levine takes a multi-angled approach to his role as an attorney. The first and foremost key to success is careful preparation. All counter arguments must be considered, in addition to having full confidence in the argument you are presenting. Any self-doubt could be exploited as a weakness in the courtroom. On the flip-side, Todd Levine schedules his life around completing each case in a timely manner. There is not a second to spare in the business industry, where deals are forged almost every minute these days.

In a rapidly paced industry, the role of an attorney is more important than ever before. it is impossible to not stumble over some legal blocks at some point, and a company needs an expert to help advance around those hurdles. Law is hard to understand.

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