The Expertise of Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC Owner

Hussain Sajwani is the founder and chairman of DAMAC properties which was founded in the year 2002. The objective of establishing this company was to provide luxury real estate that fit the standard of the people living in Dubai and beyond. By offering unique services and properties, the company has gained popularity over the years and has been offered massive projects to work on by people who admire their designs and quality.

Other than DAMAC properties, Hussain Sajwani has shares in other real estate companies such as Nine Elms Property Limited where he owns 80% through DAMAC International Company Limited. Through the same company, he owns majority shares at Mina Al Sultan Qaboos which is a tourism promotion arm. AYKON Maldives Resort is another property that the DAMAC owner possesses solely with affiliations to DICO investments, Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles as Chairman, Al Amana Building Material as a majority shareholder and Al Jazeira Services Company SAOG as majority shareholder.

Hussain Sajwani with all these business affiliations could be said to be a billionaire, and through his contribution as Founder and Chairman of DAMAC properties, the company appeared on the Forbes 2017 Global 2000 list and was ranked position one. He also appeared in the Forbes rankings of 2018 and was ranked the 4th richest Arab globally to a tune of $4.1 billion net worth. Before venturing into the business world, the DAMAC owner worked at Abu Dhabi Gas Industries in the department of finance in 1981. Having come from an entrepreneurial background, it was not long before he set up his first business in the catering sector, a venture that is functioning to date under the name Global Logistics Services. mentioned that some of the unique and remarkable properties that DAMAC properties have developed include a golf course that was designed by Tiger Woods and was under the management of the Trump Organization. From the moment the company was founded, it has managed to develop almost 19,000 apartments and more than 44,000 units. According to Saudi Projects, with the financial stability that the company has gained over the years, it has been listed publicly with its shares being traded on the Dubai Financial Market. In that case, the DAMAC owner has done well for himself and the community as well as he has sponsored one million Arab youths to be offered free training on software development.

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Banker Anil Chaturvedi experience in the banking sector

One of the greatest minds in the banking sector today is Anil Chaturvedi. The India-born banking executive has been in the banking industry for the last four decades. With such experience, he is a reputable guy who can be depended upon to achieve great success in the business sector. He is currently working for Hinduja Bank in Switzerland as the Managing Director. His experience in the banking sector plays a key role in the growth of this bank. The fact that his name appears as the MD of the bank is enough to send investor and clients to the bank. He has a reputation, and many investors trust him.


The trust he earns today has not come easy. He had to work for everything that he has today. From a humble beginning in India to becoming a top banker in the world was never an easy thing. It took passion, hard work and determination to make it in the industry. From his education to his first job, he made sure that he created an impression that would get him started in the right way.


Anil Chaturvedi attended Meerut University where he graduated with a degree in economics. After this degree, he moved to Delhi University where he obtained his MBA. With this education, he was armed with tools to venture into the practical world. His first job was at the State Bank of India. He was working in the development and marketing department of the bank. He performed his role with passion and hard work and in a few years, he had brought a change in the bank. At the end of the fourth year, State Bank of India had made $500 million from his role. After the fourth year, it was time to move to another organization where he would also make an impact.


Anil Chaturvedi moved to ANZ Grindlays Bank where he worked for about two years. He left the bank after creating a business model that would be profitable for the bank in years to come. With that, he was ready to join another banking organization known as Merrill Lynch. At Merrill Lynch, he stayed for 17 years and left with a great record.

Hussain Sajwani’s DAMAC Properties Builds A Magnificent Trump International Course Dubai

It is not a new thing for certain names of big people landing in other countries far away from their own. That is seen everywhere today. In most cases, it is a road that is named after a certain key figure to celebrate the person’s contribution to the local people. But there are other projects that take a slightly different direction. A perfect example is the Trump International Course Dubai, a prime development that was built by DAMAC Properties founder Hussain Sajwani.

Who Is Hussain Sajwani?

Hussain Sajwani is a wealthy business magnate in Dubai. His company DAMAC Properties that he started in 1976 has grown to become one of the most competitive real estate development companies in the world today. To date, DAMAC Properties has been able to a total of 8, 890 units that acquire a space of 9, 070, 264 square feet. There are also thousands of other units that are yet to be completed in the course of the next few years.

Because of this thriving business, Hussain Sajwani, the CEO of DAMAC Properties, has been in the limelight for many years. If it is not talking about his DAMAC Properties, which he hardly does, it is attending a closed-door meeting with his long-time friend Donald Trump. The other time you can read or hear about DAMAC Properties’ founder Hussain Sajwani is when giving alms. The most recent exercise is when Hussain Sajwani, the CEO of DAMAC Properties issued a donation of 2 million AED. The donation was a goodwill course to support the Ramadan Campaign that was initiated by UAE’s His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, to buy clothes for 1 million needy children.

Arab News says that in his DAMAC Properties, Hussain Sajwani is not alone. It’d be had to run such a big business empire as DAMAC Properties alone. Some of those people who help him handle matters within the business are the Group’s Chief Financial Officer Adil M. Hassan Taqi, Head of Investor and Relations Amr Aboushaban, Operations General Manager Ali Sajwani, and Sales Operations General Manager Ossama Abbas. Others are Commercial Senior Vice President Mohammed Tahaineh, Marketing and Corporate Senior Vice President Niall McLoughlin, and Arunan Thayyil who handles IT as a Vice President among other family members. Twitter: @hussainsajwani

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High Profile Works and People That Vitoria Doramus Got Involved In

While it is not required to be involved with high profile projects or people, it does help with success. One of the reasons that it can be very helpful to be involved in high profile projects is that it can help people get the type of credibility and trust. In the case of Victoria Doramus, she has a lot of high profile projects on her resume. She has also worked with a high profile name such as Peter Berg. She has worked as an assistant to the film and TV director. This has given her a taste of the industry.

Afterwards, she has worked as a ghostwriter on different publications. Among the industries she has written about is the fashion industry. One book she has ghostwritten was Decades: A Century of Fashion. This went into the different styles and trends that have come and gone throughout a century of fashion. Victoria does have a bit of passion when it comes to fashion. She has been passionate enough about fashion to come up with a collection for Tradesy. She has used her influence in order to help people make their choices on what types of outfits they want to buy.

Victoria (@iamvictorialynn) is someone who people might want to listen to when it comes to style. Given that she has spent a lot of her career doing something that is related to fashion, she has gained a lot of insight that can help people on the choices they can make with style. Victoria Doramus has been involved in a lot of creative activities. She has also managed to learn all of the different aspects of marketing. She is able to identify any new trends in business. She is very helpful when it comes to advising businesses on where they can go. Learn more about Victoria’s career history on LinkedIn.

Contact Doramus: @victoriadoramus

The Hussain Sajwani Story

Before he wound up noticeably originator and Director of DAMAC Properties, Hussain Sajwani originated from humble beginnings. He was conceived in Dubai and was the eldest of his five kin. He started his enthusiasm for business at the exceptionally youthful age of three while watching his dad’s watch shop. This was the start of his entrepreneurial attempts. He moved on from the College of Washington in 1981 procuring a Four year certification in scientific studies degree in Financial aspects and Mechanical Building.

According to The News Version, after Hussain Sajwani moved on from the college he started his profession as an Agreements Chief in GASCO Oil Organization. Presently he set out all alone business wander by beginning his own particular cooking business in 1982 The providing food division developed exponentially and today advertises more than 200 undertakings and serves more than 150,000 suppers every day in business sectors, for example, Africa and The Center East. In 2002 Hussain Sajwani set up DAMAC Properties. DAMAC Properties situated in Dubai is a worldwide property improvement organization, which utilizes near 2000 representatives, working with such settled brands as The Trump Association, Versace and Bugatti. Donald Trump and Hussain Sajwani share an affection for land as they have cooperated on different arrangements. One such arrangement was DAMAC Properties working with The Trump Association to deal with a Tiger Woods planned green. Hussain Sajwani was even Donald Trump’s visitor at his New Year’s Eve festivity in Florida. Trump shouted the whole Sajwani family was there and had an awesome time.

DAMAC PROPERTIES as of this date has amassed an amazing $3.6 billion dollars in total assets. Hussain Sajwani (@hussainsajwani) , who at present lives in Dubai with his better half and four kids, is likewise a dynamic supporter of honorable motivations, for example, #UAECCompassion crusade and UAE Red Sickle alleviation program. These additionally incorporate beneficent establishments that bolster the neighborhood group and more extensive locales. He joins extraordinary enthusiasm for business enterprise activities which urge kids to be proactive and committed to their vocations of intrigue. One of his fundamental side interests is taking after patterns in engineering and configuration identifying with history of the locale. Get more facts about Hussain Sajwani on LinkedIn.

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The Leadership of David McDonald

President and Chief Operating Officer at OSI Group, David McDonald has been making his presence felt in the business world for quite some time. Under his leadership OSI has grown to pretty big levels. Today the company has more than twenty thousand employees. Still evolving, OSI currently has nearly seventy employees in seventeen countries.

The history of OSI is quite remarkable. Their history stems from the American immigrant experience. The family-based, immigrant group was rebranded as Otto & Sons in 1928. They have a history that dates back to one of the biggest and most successful fast food chains ever: McDonalds. Ray Kroc opened the first McDonald’s restaurant in 1955 and soon began trying to expand the store across the country. Before expanding he had a hand shake agreement with the sons of Otto Kolschowsky—Arthur and Harry. The company soon expanded in a major way. Otto & Sons joined and helped establish the blueprint. Otto and Sons had become a global group. A Century of Innovation at OSI Group.

OSI would soon transform its technology to become a global brand. A technological transformation made their work easier, and much affordable. David McDonald is largely responsible for this continued growth. This transformation included things like flash freezing food processing allowing for new opportunities for product expansion and cost reduction.

David McDonald has built quite a resume over time. Outside of serving as Project Manager of OSI Industries, David McDonald has served as Chairman of North American Meat Institute. Furthermore he has served as an Independent Director at Marfrig Global Foods S.A. since December 2008. Today David McDonald is a member of OSI Group’s board of directors and works as the Director of OSI International Foods. He has built an amazing reputation and track record for success. He has proven he is capable of leading at a high level.

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DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani Has Always Taken Calculated Risks That Have Paid Off

Hussain Sajwani is the Founder and Chairman of DAMAC Properties, which is an international luxury property development company that has developed thousands of properties. When Sajwani was younger, he would come home from school only to go work at the family business that his father ran. He learned a lot of what he took with him later during that time and realized he wanted to be an entrepreneur when he grew up. Later on in his life, during his time at the University of Washington in the United States, where he earned his degree in Economics and Industrial Engineering, the DAMAC owner began to sell time-share apartments. This gave him the capital he would need to create his own business, and this is exactly what he did.

Hussain Sajwani, Damac owner, was an early pioneer of real estate during the Dubai market expansion of 2002. He could see there were many opportunities and decided to expand his DAMAC Properties so that it served Dubai, Doha, Abu Dhabi, Jeddah, London, Beirut, and more locations. Today, he holds investment portfolios in a spread of global and regional markets and has proven, beyond a doubt, that he is an expert in his field. A regular day involves him meeting with his management team who keeps him up-to-date with what is going on inside of DAMAC Properties, and he also meets with his business partners.

The DAMAC owner brings ideas to life by imagining what the future of Dubai might look like. While others run their operations based on fear, he takes calculated risks that are based on knowledge and expertise. Hussain Sajwani also stays on top of the latest digital marketing trends and is interested in social media. He appreciates the fact that businesses can communicate with their consumers through a digital platform and acknowledges that social media is a large part of his company’s marketing efforts nowadays.

Hussain Sajwani (@hussainsajwani) advises people to invest in real estate in global cities that will continue to bring in visitors. He finds that the market remains through thick-and-thin and that optimal locations for real estate will become scarcer and scarcer in time. He believes investors shouldn’t wait, because the time for investing in real estate is always now. (Reference: Arab21)

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Juan “OG” Perez And Birthday Thrills

Jay-z is a pioneer in the world of hip hop music. He’s a birthday festivities expert, too. He’s no stranger to spending significant sums of money on his pals’ birthday parties. He did so for his collaborator recently as well. This is an individual by the name of Juan Perez. Perez is also known frequently as “OG.”

The thrilling birthday evening began in the Midtown part of Manhattan in New York, New York. Jay-z and his buddies noshed on East Asian delights at a contemporary eatery that’s called Zuma. This was on Sunday. They feasted on sushi, steak, lobster and more. The members of the party all traveled to Made in Mexico afterward. This is an Inwood favorite that’s beloved among some of the hippest individuals in entire city. This isn’t even where all of the festivities ended. The crew went to Playroom Nightclub. They consumed a significant amount of champagne there as well. They all danced the hours away. Time wasn’t an issue for anyone.

Jay-z has been buddies with Juan Perez for many, many years at this point. The duo have teamed up for all kinds of business efforts throughout the years, too. That’s the reason that people who watched all of this enthusiasm weren’t at all shocked by it. Jay-Z went above and beyond to make buddy’s birthday one to remember for the rest of his lifetime. People only turn 50 years old once, after all. It’s a milestone event in any life and Jay-z is more than well aware of that fact. Perez is married to a lady who is known as Desiree. He and Desiree have been at the helm of Jay-z’s in-depth business universe for two decades plus. It doesn’t seem like the union is going to stop in the future, either.

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Ryan Seacrest Always Plans His Next Move

A large number of people know who Ryan Seacrest is because he is so highly visible in the entertainment industry. New York Times has given people a small glimpse into the life of a host, clothing designer and TV show producer that jet sets from one east to the other to do morning shows on television and syndicated radio shows on the radio. This is a busy life for the host that always seems to be on to a another job.

Ryan Seacrest has been able to get connected to a lot of different jobs. It is all because he has been able to manage his time exceptionally well. He is focused, and he knows what he has to do during the day. This was not easy though. Seacrest has stated that he has had to silence his phone on order to get some things done because he had attention deficit disorder. He says that he is easily distracted, but that should inspire everyone that has ADD. Even with ADD Ryan has managed to accomplish so much.

The clothing line called Distinction is one the best sellers when it comes to clothing at Macy’s. He has a net worth of $380 million. This is because he is constantly working and he doesn’t know the meaning of slowing down. He is up early, and he is working out. He gets with his trainer and exercises, and Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest) has also mentioned that he is a vegan. This is great for someone that works so much. It is vital to stay in shape and have the best of health because he is depended on by so many people.

Ryan has revealed the secret to his success with the New York Times. He has stated that he is always one step ahead of the game. He revealed that he is going to need to look at the next business play for anything that he is trying to do. Seacrest looks at the next move from whatever he his producing. This desire to stay ahead of the game has made him a very business savvy host.

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Attorney Jeff Herman, Restoring Justice For Abuse Victims

Jeff Herman is an established lawyer with offices in Boca Raton, Florida and New York City. Every lawyer has an area of specialty, for Herman’s firm, it’s seeking justice for victims of sexual abuse. In one recent case that made national headlines, Jeff Herman represented children and their parents victimized by a serial abuser at an Abilene, Texas church daycare. The worker, identified as 25 year old Benjamin R. Roberts, was subsequently arrested and charged.
The daycare center was one of three run by Wylie Baptist Church. What lead police to Roberts initially was the evidentiary discovery of child pornography in his possession. Following an investigative trail that ended at the North Abilene home where Roberts lived, police discovered computer images that were presented as evidence. From there, more victims began to emerge, some children from his very own neighborhood. One young victim described how he was invited to spend the night, and then began playing around on Robert’s bed and somehow ended up in the spoon position next to Benjamin Roberts. With mounting evidence against him, Roberts pled guilty to possession of child pornography, which was forensically recovered from his computer.

After the search of his home and by admission of his own incriminating remarks, law enforcement officials decided to look at the surveillance tapes from the daycare where Roberts was employed. The tapes revealed additional victims, for a total of eight young children, all under 14 years of age. In April of this year, the Child Advocacy Center (CAC) was asked to assist with the formal interviews of the victims. As the case was being put together, the children provided graphic details. The information was sufficient to charge Benjamin Roberts with additional counts of sexual abuse.

In the end, Benjamin Roberts was jailed and held on $500,000 bail. The CAC said that the parent of one of the victims said she was left feeling ill at ease when her child sat on Roberts’ lap. Her daughter mentioned behaviors that could only be described as a disturbing pattern of inappropriate touching by the former daycare employee.

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