Luke Lazarus Shapes Many Startup Businesses Thru Interactive Consultancy

 Changing the Business Landscape

For Luke Lazarus, his one concern these days is to help change business startup through positive growth from within. He brings this about thru various ways over the time he spends with startups understanding their goals, mission, and story. According to Luke Lazarus, these three are key to any firm foundation for success as a business startup.

He will use various approaches such as role-playing, where team members will play out a scenario where they could meet a Venture capitalist and pitch to them or address their business story points as a test of its ability to move a consumer toward the values they represent.

Sharing Values with Consumers

Making an emotional impact on the consumer may not be something that is talked about in advertising, but it is the very essentials of how advertising works when played out to a customer.

Take, for example, the famous Apple® Ad that didn’t talk about computers but how people can make a change in life, but it takes courage to do so and go beyond the people who say it isn’t possible. In other words, the only way to make an emotional connection with individual consumers is to get to a level where both the business and the consumer share similar values.

Creating Emotional Synergy with Consumers

A synergy is created between the brand and the consumer at that point. The product is a way of representing the values of the brand, and without living costs, the goods and services being rendered have a less likely chance of getting across to the consumer. Read more: Luke Lazarus Consulting | INC and Luke Lazarus | F6S

Luke Lazarus pushes the startups to make these connections of the startup’s values that can move the Venture Capitalist as well as the consumer since they are the same values that move both to an emotional connection.

Creating an emotional synergy with the consumer is not a gimmick to win the consumer but a real value that sustains the cost and what it stands for seen through its products, mission, and story.

The value must be more profound than a fictional story, and it must be completed to the point that it affects all the brand or startup that seeks to accomplish. It is the difference between knowing you have the potential to do something and knowing you are already the best at something.

List of Methods Luke Lazarus has Used in his Seminars

Below is a list of many of hte methods Luke Lazarus uses to help startup businesses get to the foundation of their success. He works to clarify three essential roots of success: the mission statement, story points, and Venture Capitalist Pitch. Other methods are used to build on the three primary focuses.

  • Strong Story thru emotional impacting story points
  • Strong Mission statement
  • Venture Capitalist Pitch
  • Strong Business Plans
  • Venture Capitalist Presentations
  • Market Research
  • Plans for Market Engagement
  • Projecting Sales
  • Improving Operations

Finding Business Success

After Luke Lazarus launched his consultancy in 2013, he has spent thousands of hours with startups helping them to make adjustments that have proven to be positive and allowed them to move forward to the success they dreamed of accomplishing.

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The Real Real Shopping Experience

In order to manage your certain taste for a certain thing which you want to pursue for shopping, it is important to choose wisely. However, one needs to select carefully these outlets which he wants to utilize, and Real Real is among such great outlets. Nevertheless, it is necessary for us to understand that there are some stores which help people make a choice easily. Such people are capable of dealing with others in an accurate manner. It is important to mention that there are some people who are making the right decisions. However, there are some others who do not take decisions wisely and thus get into trouble of some kind. Therefore, one should try to take care of this fact so that he can play a big role in managing things of their own.

According to, there is some truth about the business that it has to follow certain rules so that it could perform various tasks as well. It needs to contribute to social responsibility in such a way that it can help others to fulfill certain goals in their lives also. However, for this purpose, it is important to know that these people are capable of understanding how different tastes affect them. Likewise, there are people who should be looked in the positive light, and others must follow them. These people can act as a source of light and guidance so that others can learn from them. There are people who cannot make such decisions themselves and need others to guide them through and through. Therefore, such reviews by critics are also essential while one wants to achieve something.

It is also important that Real Real store is not paying attention to what others can bring, but it helps others to know how they can play a role for the things that are chosen by them. They inform them about certain things which they can achieve so that they can obtain some status in their lives. It needs to be done in such a way so that many other people can learn to become like them in their lives. However, it can be done only if these people are focused on doing what they like. To see more about Real Real you can visit

Dick DeVos: Businessman on a Hometown Mission

The year was 1991 and businessman Dick DeVos, then well on his way to the CEO’s chair courtesy of his family’s Amway Corp, heard of a plan to build a multi-purpose sports and convention arena just north of his hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Devos had seen a similar thing happen in Detroit decades earlier when both the Detroit Lions and Pistons moved to new facilities in nearby Auburn Hills; the fiscal impact felt by downtown Detroit inspired DeVos to lobby against the construction being away from downtown Grand Rapids. He wanted to keep business inside the central business district in the city, trying to compete against suburbia’s growing need for expansion.

Dick DeVos has been greatly rewarded for his efforts against moving a multipurpose arena away from downtown Grand Rapids–the efforts led to the birth of Grand Action: a group of business leaders in the area that have made great efforts in getting plenty of facilities built in the area over the years. When Van Andel Arena isn’t hosting Red Hot Chili Peppers shows, whom frontman Anthony Kiedis also hails from Grand Rapids, it is overlooking a city greatly shifted by the efforts of Dick DeVos. Grand Action has also been instrumental in the construction of other notable places with the DeVos Place Convention Center, the DeVos Performance Hall, Michigan State University’s medical school and the Grand Rapids City Market. Dick DeVos, CEO of Amway from 1993 to 2002, helped change the skyline and business fortunes of Grand Rapids with his efforts.

All in the Family

Dick, alongside his wife Betsy, are both heirs to family fortunes. The two have spent a grand amount of energy focusing on political sway within institutions and policies. As GOP megadonors, the couple is eager to have their say. With a significant amount of money for lobbying, the DeVos family has swayed Michigan law as far as education reform and labor go for years. President Trump appointed Betsy DeVos as US Secretary of Education because he was impressed with her efforts inside the state of Michigan.

Education reform has long been a mission for the couple. Their donations have far exceeded millions of dollars and span further than politics. They have helped build hospitals and provided plenty of money for initiatives around the state. Dick and Betsy DeVos are used to fighting for their beliefs as they have greatly impacted the landscape of Grand Rapids and the state of Michigan altogether. Time will tell if Betsy can have similar results in D.C. as she and her husband have had in Michigan. One can’t deny that the DeVos family has been relentless in maximizing their efforts in causes near and dear to them. They will gladly keep on rocking in Van Andel Arena.


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Marc Beer Lives with a Purpose of Helping Other Through Biotech

Marc Beer’s career has spanned more than 25 years, and he is noted for having the golden touch because each company he handles reaches the pinnacle of success. He has a mastery of crafting unique, targeted, and specialized solutions that are able to solve pressing issues and address critical problems.


Tracing his Roots


A graduate of Miami University with a Bachelor of Science in Business, Marc Beer’s education, and inherent skill prepared him for his illustrious career path. He got his feet wet in pharmaceutical marketing and sales, which grew into different industries where he served in supervisory and managerial positions. This led him to the pivotal role of Vice President of Global Marketing at Genzyme, a biotech company.


Marc Beer is credited for propelling the Genzyme brand into the whole world, as he worked hard in marketing the company’s numerous products. These are specially crafted for more than 350 million underserved people, who live in different parts of the globe and are suffering from any of the listed more 7,000 rare illnesses that can afflict humans.


The ViaCell Brand


This experience in helping the underserved sector prompted Marc Beer to push further in making even more of a difference. This led to the launching of his first company, ViaCell, which debuted in the early 2000s. With over 500 employees, they specialized in the collection and preservation of umbilical cord for stem cell research to treat a variety of issues in the human body.


By 2005, the company has boomed and gone public in Nasdaq as Viac. In 2007, Perkin Elmer, another industry leader in biotechnology, acquired Mark Beer’s ViaCell for $300 million. This is Beer’s very first massive success as an entrepreneur. 


Getting Sage Advice from His Daughter


Shortly after the sale, tragedy struck and his wife died suddenly of a pulmonary embolism at the very young age of 42. He took a short break and focused on his growing kids. But two years later, his own teen-aged daughter told him that it was time for him to stop wallowing and be more productive by starting a new company.


She reminded Marc about his constant advice to them to live with a purpose, which she then challenged him to do. Because of this, he launched his entrepreneurial career once again, which led to many years of success. The most notable of these endeavors is the launching of Renovia. Learn more:


Chairman and Founder of Renovia


Marc Beer was able to reach great heights through Renovia, a med-tech company based in Boston that focuses on treating women with pelvic floor disorders without the need for surgery. He got this idea from Dr. Ray Iglesias, a gynecologist who asked him to help find a less invasive procedure in treating the disease.


Marc Beer set to work and was able to formulate a unique set of therapies that could help women suffering from the disease because its impact is tremendous. It goes onto result in pelvic organ prolapse, fecal incontinence, urinary incontinence, and other related disorders. Noteworthy, these pelvic floor disorders go on to affect one-fourth of the population of the women in the US.


With the developments made by Renovia, women who are afflicted with this disease can regain strength and control once again of their pelvic floor muscles. This is done through the use of their FDA approved medical equipment along with patient-based technology and data management. This results in lower health care costs, less pain, and improved quality of life. Marc Beer is very proud of what he and his team at Renovia have achieved, and they look forward to inventing and discovering more groundbreaking technology that would help more people.

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Dallas Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sameer Jejurikar Explains Brazilian Butt Lift Procedures

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a member of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Jejurikar is also a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. One of the procedures that Dr. Jejurikar is known for performing is the Brazilian Butt Lift. Dr. Jejurikar says that the Brazilian Butt Lift is a procedure for people who want a more round buttocks. Dr. Jejurikar recently explained how the procedure is performed.


Dr. Jejurikar notes that Brazilian Butt Lift surgery involves harvesting fat from parts of the body and injecting it into the buttocks. Before the procedure, the surgeon will pinpoint the areas on your body where the fat will be harvested. The surgeon should also put incision marks on your butt.


The surgeon will give you some anesthesia to help you stay as comfortable as possible. You may have to choose between receiving general anesthesia and local anesthesia. General anesthesia will keep you unconscious during the procedure. You’ll be wide awake under local anesthesia, but you won’t feel a lot of pain due to the sedation. The primary areas where the surgery will be performed should be cleaned and disinfected to avoid the risk of you getting infected.


Dr. Jejurikar notes that most people have fat harvested from their abdominal area, as there is often excess fat in that area of the body. The fat is injected into the buttocks using a pump and a tube. Once the procedure has taken place, the incisions on the body are severed shut with sutures.

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Boris Ivanov Gazprom Believes Companies Need To Be Willing To Innovate

Boris Ivanov Gazprom is a General Manager for TDE Energy Services Ltd. TDE helps out oil and gas companies by providing them with technological help and other services. They help to make drilling more efficient. When this man first started working for the company, he was a data processing analyst for them. He worked in a number of countries, analyzing wells in each of them. He continues to work with – and in – a number of different countries as people in each of them work to harvest oil and gas.

Read more: Namibia: Gazprom unit signs $1Bn deal

When those who are part of the oil and gas industry are receiving less money than they would like for the product that they offer, things can be difficult for them. Boris Ivanov Gazprom has shared how gas and oil companies have recently had to deal with some hard financial times. He sees things getting better for oil and gas industries in upcoming days and feels that they could get good again in the future. He feels that those companies that are the smartest will figure out ways of being efficient with their money by embracing new initiatives.

Boris Ivanov Gazprom has shared how in this digital age, there are things that are fast moving and changes that are being made each day. Companies have to be quick to adapt to the changes if they want to make it, and Boris Ivanov Gazprom has shared how there are going to be some companies that will make the changes that they need to make and others that will miss out because they will fail to do that. He has shared how companies need to be willing to innovate and grow. This man has shared how companies are going to lose if they do not invest in modern innovations and work to remain financially strong.

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Why Gustavo Martinez Believe It Important Learn New Things

Gustavo Martinez works as a consultant He has over 35 years of experience in advertising. He has been a creator of several memorable marketing campaigns throughout his career. His work in marketing has transformed cultures globally. He has worked at marketing firms such as McCann World Group. Martinez has been able to companies to recruit creative personnel. He understands creative individuals may not thrive in a normal working environment. He believes an individual’s passion is fuel to their creativity. Gustavo Martinez feels it is important to have an environment that people are willing to share their ideas.


Gustavo Martinez believes charities are important. People who are willing to help other people show some concern. Martinez also believes a person should have a very talented individual around them. It is important for Martinez to identify people with talent because a talented team leads to success. Some of his professional accomplishments happened with the help of talented individuals.


Gustavo Martinez has let his dedication to his work create good results for companies. His expertise helped many companies become profitable with the marketing campaigns created. Martinez takes his time to better understand the client and it leads to good results. There are several companies who trust Martinez because of his experience in marketing. He always seeks perfection when involved in a marketing project.

Gustavo Martinez feels it is important to have diverse office because diversity is helpful in creating ideas. The diversity will allow people to hear various points of view. Martinez not only believes in diverse staff, but he also believes it is important to spend time with family. He normally spends breakfast with his family when he is not traveling for business. Gustavo Martinez believe people should be patient and learn from other people. Martinez promotes an environment for diversity and collaborations. A company will become successful if they are willing to work together and share ideas.


Gustavo Martinez has served as a CEO of J. Walter Thompson Worldwide. It is one of many marketing firms he has worked throughout his professional career. He was able to create campaigns for Price Waterhouse. He has done work for startups. He learned more than 90 percent of startups around the world will fail. There are several businesses who seek his advice. The businesses understand he has created several successful marketing campaigns. Martinez provides advice that makes some companies marketing more effective.


Martinez has built trust over the years. The companies use their advice to help improve their marketing campaigns. He has achieved a lot because he was willing to think outside of the box. He has learned it is important to listen to ideas. People should be able to have opinions heard by having an environment that believes in collaboration. The diversity is one way he has been able to create ideas. Martinez expects the use of the Internet of Things to be influential in marketing in the future. He still believes it is important to be patient. A person must be willing to learn and improve to succeed.


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The Benefits of Choosing the Repton School

There are so many benefits that come when you choose a superior school for your children. Not only are they have to receive the education that they require for later on in life, but they can learn from experts within the field and go on to study greater things that can truly benefit their career. Repton School is best known as a private boarding school that has been around since 1557. It is one of the oldest schools in the United Kingdom, and they continue to grow in a way that it truly beneficial for those who are going to be attending. This is the reason so many parents have chosen the Repton School and are finding it to be a wonderful asset for their teens.

The Repton School offers education for teens between the ages of 13 and 18, which enables them to learn in a relaxed and highly superior environment when compared to some of the other schools they might have tried in the past. Because of this as an option, you can feel confident in sending your child here as either a boarded student who makes use of the many boarding houses available or as a day student. You can see just how different the Repton School is when going to it and seeing for yourself why so many parents have already chosen it for their own kids.

If you have been trying your best to find a school that works for your child, it might be time to consider the Repton School. There are so many sports programs and activities available within the school itself. These sports include hockey, tennis, cricket and football that can fit the needs of boys and girls who are attending Repton School. This is a wonderful school for kids who want to be able to receive the education that they need in a way that is going to benefit every single aspect of their future and provide them with the education that they need to excel in life and work with others in a great way that is benefiting to their own needs.

Luke Lazarus is Changing the Consulting Business to Bring Progressive Growth to Startup Businesses in Australia

 A Startup has Choices

Every startup has choices to make, and Luke Lazarus is far from starting a company. Luke Lazarus has over 20 years as a leader of other businesses, his own, and startups. Any person planning business is required to make sure they have a stack of people that are behind the business and its leaders.

A contemporary view of business is the fact that they all function the same; that is, business people all have to go thru the same amount of learning, practical training and need to follows the rules and regulations that are set down. Consultants like Luke Lazarus go at it by a different angle.

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They are invited into a company as a consultant, see the changes suggested, mak recommendations at follow up until he has to leave to work with another startup. To make things clear here, we need to set the stage in understanding who Luke Lazarus is and what kind of trail he has left behind on his business and lately his consulting career.

First, Luke Lazarus is a person who has always been controlling what he aimed to do with his job. For those who know of his stellar career as a founder, leader, analyst, business plan executor, negotiator and someone who has worked with hundreds of venture capitalist and angel investor, he walks and acts with confidence when he is invited to a consulting session.

Essentials of Luke Lazarus’ Consultancy Program

  • A. Make it an essential Re-Learning Period
  • B. Developing a Strategic Business Plan
  • C. Communicate All Integral Business Story Points
  • D. Attract Angel Investors and Stakeholders
  • E. Make Emotional Connections With Consumers
  • F. Do Diligent Market Research
  • G. Coordinate Story and Production Service
  • H. Use Research Models

Startups Expect Positive Change

When Luke Lazarus enters, the scene startups are expecting some changes to be made and know that everything Luke Lazarus suggests not only comes from his experience and years of overcoming the challenges they are facing, but also as a leader among thousands of peers in the business industry in Australia and abroad.

In short, Luke Lazarus is a name that has become synonymous with versatility in knowledge, a storehouse of strategies and implementations, and an enthusiasm that makes things happen.

Luke Lazarus growing acceptance as a demanded consultant among business startups has come from his past and present success and his success among his startups that he has worked with since launching his Australian Startup Consultancy in 2013. Contemporary startups have different kinds of stresses than startup 5,10,15 or 20 years ago. Startups in the past didn’t have the immediacy of demand that startups have today.

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With the impending social media rating and measuring every action of a company, startups need to be updated on everything their customers and investors are demanding of them.

Today’s startups have more opportunity, and no one will deny that, but on the other hand, whether there is an opportunity, there is also a high competition among like-minded startups.

Having a consultant that can add value to a company from within without leaving behind all the essential elements of a business that need to go forward with its business ethos, mission and business story takes a person with rare talent and insight.

Luke Lazarus has risen to this level of competency and results within his 20 years as a business leader.

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The Many Virtues Of Organo Gold

In a nation that values coffee very highly, Organo Gold has quickly become a beloved coffee brand for those in the know. Without doubt, this organic coffee brand has earned its place in the hearts and minds of the American public. Recently, Organo Gold released a recipe for something called the orange creamsicle coffee. A delightful coffee drink intended to be consumed cold, this drink is an ideal way for coffee enthusiasts to cool down during the dog days of summer.

Founded way back in 2008, Organo Gold has a long history of selling organic, top-quality coffee products. In addition, this company provides the public with teas and health supplements. Almost single-handedly, Organo Gold changed the way people think about multi-level marketing. Coffee lovers from all walks of life have joined Organo Gold to make money while distributing coffee products as independent team members. Uniquely, many Organo Gold coffees contain Ganoderma, a medicinal mushroom with great potential for human health. For too long, the coffee industry was a rareified environment with high bars to entry. Certainly, Organo Gold has democratized this business and opened it up to the general public.

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