Marc Beer Discusses His Career

He knew it would be a tall order to thrive in the field of business and entrepreneurship but that certainly never deterred Marc Beer from succeeding in that line of work. He first matriculated at Miami University back in the autumn of 1983 where he first discovered he wanted to major in business. After graduating at the top of his class and receiving a bachelor of science in 1987, he went to accept the position of sales department director for a company called Abbott. In 1994, he left the company after six years to become a part of the sales team at Biostar where he worked for two years. Eventually, he rose to the top of the marketing department at Genzyme and became their new vice president for over four years. 

Finally, May of 2000 saw the inception of Viacell and the main goal of the company is to uncover as many vaccines and cures as they can. They do this by acquiring blood stem cells from umbilical cords to see if there are any biomarkers that would enable them to develop and eventually synthesize a cure for various illnesses and diseases. While it still remains unclear whether they actually found any of the potential cures, it is assumed that they at least tried their best in that department. After going public five years later, he eventually decided to close down the company for undisclosed reasons and move on to his next venture. Learn more:

Before he had the chance, however, he had to deal with the tragic loss of his wife, Jennifer. It seems she had contracted a pulmonary embolism and this had led to her tragic demise. As a result, he became a stay at home parent to help his three children through the grieving process and take care of their needs. He helped them with whatever they needed for the next few years but it wasn’t long before his kids helped him to see that he needed to resume his philanthropic activities and continue helping people in need. As such, he decided to open up a new business called Renovia in 2016 and he cofounded it with Yolanda Lorie and Dr. Ray Iglesias. Based out of Boston, the main goal of the company is to create medical devices for patients. 

They have only been around for a few years but have already had quite a bit of success as they just had their first product receive the approval of the FDA and they’ve been awarded a $42 million grant. While most of it will be used to keep their research and development division up and running, they will be using some of it for various financial ventures. Pelvic floor disorders can be serious and affect up to one-fourth of the female population throughout the country which is why Renovia is currently attempting to develop a device to treat this and they recommend women get themselves tested for urinary incontinence. He hopes to continue helping people in the future.

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CEO: Angela Koch

 Head CEO Angela Koch, shows us what means to be CEO. And, not just a CEO of a company that provides a service to its customers, but a CEO that is at the head of a company that has the potential to effect a lot people. Koch is the CEO of the United States Money Reserve.

In case you don’t know who or what they actually do, the U.S. Money Reserve is a privately held company that is one of the largest entities in the United States, that helps distribute all of their precious metals, being, platinum, gold, and silver coins.

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Her position allows her to deal with all aspects of the company and helps her to shape the decisions and standards that power the company’s movements in the nations.

Koch explains, though the Money Reserve is a company that is heavily influenced by sales, she does not entirely focus on just sales or the bottom line. She actually believes that a major part of success is putting resources into her employees.

By taking a stake in their personal and professional development, this allows Koch the freedom to not necessarily be involved on every important decision that is being made.

And what does this mean for her employees? Since their CEO believes in them, it helps create an environment of trust, growth, and cooperation within the company.

The Reserve is only as good as its employees, and if the employees continue getting better, so will the decision making and ultimately, results. This belief system, helped Koch rise to prominence, though it was not an easy path.

Koch was married an in college, married and one her way to having a happy life. After dropping out of school, divorcing, and being forced to work 2 to 3 jobs at a time to make ends meet, Koch was convinced that she had to do whatever was necessary to succeed.

She stated that no position was beneath her or too challenging for her to complete. This was a distinct advantage that she used to help learn about how things work within by analyzing the data.

Koch realized that no matter her position, she had a great ability to just take a job, any job, and learn its’ data.

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This data often helps to determine the productivity and functioning of the company, and once you learn most of the jobs on the entry level positions, it is easier to see over the horizon, once upper level management positions come calling. This skill has helped her become the prominent CEO that she is today.

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Working with Expert Investor Michael Nierenberg

If you’ve been trying to find a professional investment firm, there is nothing better for you than New Residential Investment Corp as well as Michael Nierenberg. Visit Medium to know more about Michael Nierenebrg.

Michael Nierenberg is the president and current CEO of New Residential Investment Corp, and he is continually working to improve the services that he is offering to each of his many clients. However, before he joined the company in 2013, he worked for Bear Stearns for over 14 years. Bear Stearns was a well-known investment firm located in New York City. Visit to know more.

Michael Nierenberg was in charge of many of the exchange rate operations and worked with a plethora of his clients each and every day. Because of his work with Bear Stearns, Michael Nierenberg has the knowledge, skills and education necessary to help people of varying needs. He is constantly working to improve his skill sets so that he is better able to help those who are in need. You can find out more about this amazing individual by going to his site and checking out his professional profile and biography to see why so many people choose him for investment assistance.



ClassDojo Launches Mindfulness Lessons To Help Students Get Smarter

It’s a revolutionizing concept that has never been explored in-depth within the education system.

What is it?

Teaching kids to calm themselves so they can perform better in school! But this is exactly what ClassDojo, an online service dedicated to behavior management, is doing with their new mindfulness lessons aimed at teaching elementary students to calm their minds and lower their stress levels in the process.

Mindfulness Is Simple

In today’s complex world it is assumed that achieving anything worthwhile must be just as complex and require lots of strenuous activity. Mindfulness, on the other hand, is truly a ‘breath of fresh air; as it brings immediate results with very little effort!

How simple is it?

So simple a child can do it:

  • Sit in A Chair
  • Keep Feet Flat
  • Keep Spine Straight
  • Focus On Breathing (Inhaling & Exhaling Through Nose)

That’s it!

But what are the benefits of doing so? For one thing, a person begins to feel more calm and present, which slows down mental activity and gives a much-needed rest to the mind. This, in turn, gives a better perspective on life allowing more positive and creative thoughts and feelings to emerge within one’s consciousness.

Mindfulness & Students

As for the impact such techniques can have on young children going to school, mindfulness gives them a tool to refocus their minds even if they are having a challenging day. The ability to focus their attention away from their anxieties allows them to turn it towards the main reason why they are attending school in the first place – to learn! Other benefits that mindfulness offers young students include:

  • Increased Concentration
  • Relaxation
  • Calm Demeanor

If mindfulness can have such a positive effect on children attending school, then why is it that only 13% of students have access to mindfulness training? It is a very good question and one that ClassDojo has taken upon themselves to answer.

Class Dojo Mindfulness Training

After acquiring feedback from teachers and parents on how they felt about mindfulness and the benefits it could produce for students attending kindergarten to eighth grade, the company in conjunction with Marc Brackett, Yale’s Center for Emotional intelligence founding director, decided to launch an automated series of mindfulness lessons that teachers utilizing their platform could access. Currently, ClassDojo offers a weeklong mindfulness series comprised of one 15-minute lesson for each day of the school week.

The course is not only designed for students but teachers as well because Class Dojo feels that mental anxiety is something that affects both adults and children, students and teachers alike. Ultimately, the company’s mindfulness training is designed to instill emotional intelligence within students, which will culminate in overall intelligence and reflected in each students’ ability to learn, comprehend, and successfully complete their lessons.

About Class Dojo

Founded in 2011 by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, ClassDojo is an IT Software & Development company that creates software that helps teachers track behavioral progress within their classrooms. The company, which is based out of San Francisco, seeks to encourage positive behavior in students through their software & applications by rewarding them for contributing to constructive classroom culture (a set of ‘values’ that can be modified at the teacher’s discretion). ClassDojo’s software and applications can be accessed by students, teachers, and parents alike, creating an integrative classroom experience that extends past school hours. As of this time, all ClassDojo software and applications, which can be accessed via IOS, Android, and the company’s website, are free to use by parents, teachers, and administrators.

LocationSmart LaaS is More Critical to Commerce Than Ever in Highly Connected World

By the year 2020, there will be 20.4 billion connected devices in use around the world, according to Gartner, the research and data firm. Today every person in the U.S., the European Union and other developed countries own an average of six connected devices. That number will be eight by 2022. This includes smartphones, smartwatches, fitness bands, GPS devices, computer tablets, computers and even household appliances.


No business owner today can afford to ignore this extraordinary degree of connectivity because it represents a historic opportunity to maintain direct communications with customers in a robust and multifaceted way.


Coming with this connected world are numerous challenges, such as ensuring connections are secure, that fraud is prevented and that each individual using a device can be precisely identified and located. Multiple routine tasks must run smoothly, such as payment and bank transactions, access controls and ID verification.


That’s why Location as a Service (LaaS) is a critically important element of the connected infrastructure. LaaS uses something called IP geolocation to pinpoint where each person located and verifies their identity while using a connected device. The “IP” stands for Internet Provider. Each person’s internet service provider is the key to identifying who and where they are.


One of the world’s leading providers of LaaS is LocationSmart, a firm based in Carlsbad, California. LocationSmart is a pioneer in LaaS. It began working in this sector in 1995. It has since grown to be a globally recognized leader in providing secure LaaS with an unparalleled high-tech platform of enormous functionality and capability.


The applications for businesses that fall out of LasS are many. For a business owner, it can mean a significant increase in the bottom line. Nurturing connected relationships and interactions with customers allows a company to engage in real-time interactions with customers no matter where they are located. That means making sales, sending a notification of a special offer, informing and educating customers, targeted advertising and more.


LaaS also plays a key role in security and fraud prevention. Internet piracy and stolen data remain a serious issue today. The music and film industry is keen on preventing illegal downloading of music, movie and video files. But many other companies also have proprietary data they must protect. LocationSmart makes a high degree of security possible.


Another important service involves compliance with various rules and regulations. This is a primary concern within the gaming industry, for example. Buying a lottery ticket in any one of the 50 U.S. states means complying with rules that are different for each state. LaaS makes gaming of all kinds compliant with all rules and regulations happen automatically.


The proactive ways LaaS bolsters modern business are numerous. A good example is a trucking service using GPS to monitor where each truck is on the road. It helps plan the shortest, most efficient route, saving money on fuel while making for faster delivery times. It also enables fast with roadside while increasing safety for drivers. It also enables a transportation firm to carry more products using fewer vehicles resulting in less operating costs.


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Billionaire Sudhir Choudhrie Works Hard to Give Honor to the Organ Donor Whose Heart Ticks in His Chest

Sudhir Choudhrie is a famous billionaire of Indian descent with vast business interests in Asia and the UK. What many see upon their first meeting is a powerful businessman. But what many fail to realize is the long arduous journey the man has undergone to be where he is today. A sickly young boy diagnosed with a heart condition, Sudhir Choudhrie had to work very hard in order to overcome the limits of his disease. Even as a young boy, he studied hard to make his mother proud. This woman is his inspiration because she worked diligently to raise him alone after his father died. He did not work in his grand father’s real estate company, but sought to make it on his own by establishing various businesses in different industries. T

his move proved to be crucial because he succeeded in all his endeavors giving him the money to fund his surgery. Sudhir Choudhrie did not undergo just any open heart operation. He was the recipient of a heart transplant, which to this day he is very grateful for. Sudhir Choudhrie documents his life’s journey, especially about his heart condition in his very own autobiography entitled From My Heart: A Tale of Life Love and Destiny. This book became the number one best seller in Amazon on the first week of its release, showing that many can relate to the poignant tale of a successful, hardworking man.

ecause of what he has undergone, Sudhir Choudhrie is all about inspiring other people to live their best life. He is a staunch supporter and promoter of being an organ donor because of its capacity to save and transform lives. Because of his work as Professorship in the Cardiology or heart department in the Columbia University Medical School was set up in his name. To this day, Sudhir Chouhrie continues to wear many hats on his plate from entrepreneur, philanthropist, art patron, promoter of culture, author, and most of all, father. His companies encompass numerous industries from aviation, hospitality, hotel, venture capital, real estate, arms trading, healthcare, and more. Sudhir is compelled to do so many things to honor the organ donor whose heart is ticking under his chest. Read More.

The North Face Pairs with Steve Lesnard for a Fresh Outlook in Athletic Wear

Steve Lesnard has perfected the art of international marketing. He works at The North Face, which is a company that focuses on the athlete in all of us. Lesnard believes that all marketing should carry a high-value message, be inspirational, and real. The North Face can take that message to the public with the help of Steve Lesnard. One method he feels strongly about is building trust with the consumer. The North Face does that by continually updating their apparel lines and tapping into technology. Steve Lesnard knows clothing needs to be visually appealing, but more importantly, it must be functional and perform under pressure.

The North Face offers a broad selection of items, so there is ample opportunity for them to grow. If new fabrics come out, companies should immediately investigate them and evaluate if they can add value to any of The North Face’s products. Steve Lesnard knows marketing material needs to stay fresh and current. He wants The North Face to be on the leading edge for athletes, workout enthusiasts, and outdoor people.

It can be challenging to be constantly in motion, but Lesnard sees the challenge as an adventure. His work brings about change that keeps the company moving forward. The North Face carries styles for men, women, and children, as well as footwear and active gear. The business covers all types of sports, from skiing to hiking. Some of the non-clothing products you can find on their website are sleeping bags and tents for all conditions and backpacks.

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Luke Lazarus and His Guidance to Success

Born in Melbourne, Australia, Luke Lazarus discovered his love for entrepreneurship when he started his first company at age 8. Since then, he has continued to be involved in the business world and now helps others to achieve the same accomplishments that he has.

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Lazarus focuses on the necessity of having a personal mission, an element of business that has played a major role in his success.

At 24 years, old, Luke Lazarus had earned his MBA from Melbourne Business School. With this degree, Lazarus proceeded to start four separate companies, each of which he later sold.

Throughout the years that Lazarus was running these companies, he found that he experienced the most happiness when he was helping others to achieve their goals. Although he could have easily retired before the age of 40, Lazarus chose instead to make the most of his experience and provide consultation to others.

 According to Lazarus, structure is possibly the most important source of his immense success.

This structure, present in both his business endeavors and his daily life, has played a major role in his levels of triumph as well as the success that he has given to others. One of the major elements in Lazarus’s approach is his tendency to be brutally realistic with his clients.

While this approach has sometimes earned him a reputation of being too over-bearing, Lazarus states that his viewpoint is entirely necessary to each of his achievements.

While some entrepreneurs are not properly educated regarding business, Lazarus insists that the only way to the top is through being realistic and having an accurate understanding of the finances involved.

One of the most common issues that Lazarus deals with in his consultations is the failure of his clients to be as realistic as he is, particularly with venture capitalists.

While his clients often think that they know what venture capitalists want, their assumptions are often incorrect. The myths associated with these venture capitalists by his clients are ones that Lazarus is forced to deal with every day.

Lazarus dedicates his time and his experience to helping his clients obtain the attention of others. He strongly believes that if one does not quickly gain the attention of a client, then he has already lost a deal. In order to emphasize this point, Lazarus focuses on giving his own clients a defined purpose.

For instance, according to Lazarus a company should not simply offer a service but a definite change to the client’s lifestyle. This approach to business is reliant on not only Lazarus’s financial experience, but his underlying moral code.

Because the moral message of Lazarus’s work is not always enough to make his clients succeed, Lazarus also takes pride in ensuring that his clients appear to be likely successful to venture capitalists.

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Because Lazarus knows exactly what works and what venture capitalists are looking for, he is able to guide his clients to the future success of their companies just as he guided himself to success years ago.

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Jeremy Goldstein Has Worked On Mergers For Many Large Companies

Jeremy Goldstein has been a part of the acquisitions and mergers of many large companies including Alltel and Sears. He has a lot of talent in business and is a specialist with mergers. He has so much knowledge that he is as valuable to companies when they are working with mergers as if they had a whole team of people working for them, and since all of the knowledge comes from one person, it is even better. He is a lawyer and knows all about the legal side of contracts and how to make sure that they are right in that way and more.

Jeremy Goldstein has dealt with many major mergers worth billions of dollars and has made sure that they are right for all parties involved. He is quick to see whether or not the terms that are given during negotiations are acceptable and he helps companies get the information that they need while negotiating. When a company is making agreements with another, it wants to do that quickly, and he makes sure that it can do that and that it does that without making any mistakes.

Jeremy Goldstein does more than just with large companies and their mergers and he also helps the CEOs who are struggling with changes within their companies. He has seen the problems that many CEOs have when new assets are added to their companies or things like that happen and he guides them with their legal strategy and all of that. He helps them learn how to delegate better and how to avoid any lawsuits or things like that so they can run their companies well.

Jeremy Goldstein worked as an attorney for a large firm in New York City before opening his boutique firm. He has a personal approach with his clients and treats them like friends. He has worked with many large mergers for such companies as Chevron Texaco Corporation, AT&T Wireless Services, Inc., Kmart Holding Corporation, and many more large companies. When he is not working with mergers and acquisitions, he spends some of his time writing and speaking on the subjects he knows well, such as executive compensation issues.

Jeremy Goldstein attended Chicago University and the New York University School of Law. He is a philanthropist and serves on the board of the Fountain House, which is there for people who are dealing with all kinds of mental illnesses.


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Maarten De Jeu: New Opportunities For Investing In Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate isn’t just an investment option for the rich anymore and many everyday individual investors are finding that it’s more affordable than they had initially thought. Maarten De Jeu works with commercial real estate investments in his position as Managing Director at SVM Business Advisory. The category of commercial real estate is one that can include many different types of properties as long as they are being used to make a profit. This is different than the category of residential properties which only includes real estate that is only used for housing. Some of the types of property that are included in the commercial real estate category are manufacturing centers, multi-family housing units, retail space, warehouses, and more.


In the past, Maarten de Jeu notes that it was much more difficult for individual investors to be able to capitalize on investing in commercial real estate. This is because these investments are usually much larger and more expensive than residential properties to purchase. This all changed back in 2012 when the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act was passed in the United States. This act made it possible to implement crowdfunding that allowed individual investors to pool their money together to finance a commercial real estate portfolio. For an investment as small as $5,000, non-accredited investors can put their capital behind different examples of commercial real estate. These changes made it much more attractive to smaller investors according to Maarten de Jeu.


Some of the benefits that Maarten de Jeu says are attracting investors to commercial real estate include protection against inflation, smaller investing fees, the potential for short-term cash flow, and more. Hard Assets are a preferred investment for some who prefer the option over traditional types such as bonds and stocks. The value of this type of asset can be changed through renovations or other improvements while damage from storms or other problems can be insured against through a commercial building policy. The volatility of commercial real estate is minimal compared to other investment vehicles and this is partly because leases for these types of properties tend to be over longer terms than residential housing. Learn more:


Maarten de Jeu has an extensive education that includes an MBA from the business school at Oxford University where he managed to graduate at the top of his class. He began working in the financial industry before he began working on earning his MBA when he was still studying at Leiden University. Before he started his firm, he had worked for Aviva as their Director of Strategy and Corporate Development. Over his career, he has worked with Fortune 100 companies along with individual investors. Along with the work that Maarten de Jeu has done in finance and investment, he also was part of the launch of SpeakUp, a company in Europe that is one of the biggest ethics and compliance solutions for publicly traded companies. He is also serving the Economic Club of Chicago as one of their members along with other positions in the community.

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