Medical Grade Skincare in Dallas via Dr. Jejurikar

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a physician who specializes in plastic surgery. His office is in Dallas, Texas. Many people think plastic surgeons operate on patients to restore or reconstruct their appearance. Dr. Jejurikar does do these types of procedures, but he also offers alternative treatments. In his Dallas office, he provides a line of topical skincare products, and they are no comparison to the items you can purchase at your local drug store. Dr. Jejurikar’s treatments are medical grade.

Items that are labeled as medical grade must meet a high standard, which is what Dr. Jejurikar wants his patients to get. He knows from his formal education and studies that the ingredients that one puts on their skin will have a real impact on the condition. Dr. Jejurikar earned his degree in the United States and is on plastic surgery boards. He contributes to the world of plastic surgery by speaking to other physicians and writing papers.  Dr. Jejurikar skincare products begin with a daily wash, which is unique because of its gentle scrubbing action.

With regular use, this cleanser can break up and lift away the dull top layer of skin. You will be left with a fresh glow after each wash. After clearing away the dry and dead flakes, apply the medical-grade moisturizer. Dr. Jejurikar’s lotion is for day and night applications, and it naturally locks in hydration. Many of us battle dark circles and under-eye bags. Dr. Jejurikar recognized this and gave his clients a nonsurgical option. He carries an eye cream that helps to repair and restore the delicate skin under and around the eyes.

Delta Force Powered Small Business

Image result for james reese tigerswanJames Reese a retired Lt. Colonol of the U.S. Army has taken the experience and mindset he developed as a member of the military and applied it as the CEO of a service-disabled veteran owned small business. During his twenty five years of service in the Army James Reese worked in operations and special operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. He is recognized as one of the best special operators in the modern military.

During his last tour in Iraq James Reese thought of an idea for his small business, Tigerswan, and then in retirement started it up with a friend. He was able to start his company with finical help due to his veteran status and gave starting the business his all from the very beginning. He now considers the responsibility of supporting hundreds of employees that financially support their families just as real as the responsibility a special operations leader feels in the military. James Reese also believes investing in human capital and employee growth and development into leaders to be one of the best parts of being the CEO of Tigerswan.

The business idea James Reese thought of while serving in Iraq turned into, TigerSwan, a successful global crisis and security consulting business. As a Commander of Delta Force turned CEO Reese understands the value of human capital in the private sector. In his military experience he did not need to question if who he was leading the best nor did he need to consider how much the best get paid. In the private sector he understands that a small business may not be able to pay for the best human capital but Tigerswan as a business helps human capital with potential grow into leaders and become the best.

The employees of Tigerswan are people with growth potential and talent whether they are from a military or civilian background. Military employees bring their intent oriented mindset and commitment to putting their 100% toward the goal of the business. The civilian employees balance out this mindset and help solve problems that can only be solved as diverse teams.

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The Career And Success of Marc Beer

Graduating from Miami University with a business degree in 1987, Marc Beer has spent the past three decades achieving success both as an employee and as a company owner in his own right. While he has worn many hats in his career – salesperson, vice president, CEO – his ability to solve problems and implement solutions has been consistent. 




Following college, Marc Beer began work as a salesperson in the pharmaceutical industry. Working his way up through various positions, he eventually became the Vice President for Global Marketing at Genzyme, a company that sells pharmaceuticals worldwide. In this position, he had a chance to not only do well but also do good as he was able to see firsthand the positive impacts his company’s products had on patient health. The experience inspired him to do more to help the less fortunate. 




The first company that Marc Beer founded and ran on his on was Viacell, a biotechnology firm that worked with stem cells. The company did extremely well, and it employed hundreds of people. Wanting to move on, Beer sold the company in 2007 and earned a spectacular profit on the deal. He was on top of the world. 


Personal tragedy


Just when things were going so well for Marc Beer, his wife died suddenly at the age of 42, leaving Beer to care for the couple’s two children. For two years, he did this as he worked through the grieving process. Ultimately, it was his 14-year-old daughter who advised him to get back into the arena with a new company, which he swiftly did. 




Marc Beer got back into the business when he co-founded Renovia, a med-tech company that sells products to help women deal with various pelvic floor disorders. Beer was inspired to form the company when he discovered the astonishing fact that pelvic floor disorders affect an astonishing 25% of American women alone, and he wanted to do something about it. Renovia’s signature product, Leva, is selling well and generating an excellent buzz for the company. 


In a larger sense, Renovia is committed to get rid of the stigma that currently is attached to the discussion of pelvic floor disorders in the United States. The mission of the company is not only to help women with their health issues but also to help them feel that they can discuss them with others when they need support. 


Leadership style


Marc Beer is a firm believer in putting together the best possible team for whatever the mission at hand is. He feels that many leaders neglect this because they want to get straight to work, and this is their downfall. Learn more:


As someone who has long been fascinated by technology, he has kept abreast of the information revolution in recent years. At Renovia and elsewhere, he has made sure that his teams are collecting data around the clock and implementing changes where they need to make within the organization.

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Omar Boraie Of The Boraie Development Group Discusses Urban Regeneration In New Jersey

The opening of 50 Rector Park residential tower in Newark, New Jersey is undoubtedly the major achievement of the work of the Boraie Development Group headed by Omar Boraie. The group has been at the head of the regeneration of New Jersey with its work beginning in New Brunswick and moving across to Atlantic City and now the biggest city in the state, Newark. One of the most impressive aspects of the work done at 50 Rector Park is the diversity of the community that is being brought together by this impressive project.

The work of Boraie Development in Newark has come after the redevelopment of New Brunswick had reached a pinnacle. The basis of the work being done in Newark has built on the success that has been created across New Jersey by Omar Boraie and his sons, Waseem and Sam. 50 Rector Park has been built to include the latest luxury options for the residents to enjoy that the Boraie family believe will help establish a new community in New Jersey’s largest city. Constructing 50 Rector Park has been one of the largest construction projects for Omar Boraie and his family to undertake with 22-storys of accommodation to be found in the tower. Among those who attended the opening of the 50 Rector Park tower was the CEO of the New Jersey Redevelopment Authority, Leslie Anderson. The CEO explained the BOraie Development brand had played a key role in the renaissance of New Jersey and was willing to fight for the vision they held for the region.

Sujit Choudhry Helps Nations in Drafting Their Constitutions


Sujit Choudhry is among the most recognized figures in comparative law and politics. He has authored over 100 publications, which includes book chapters, articles, reports, and journals. He has contributed to the constitutional building in Jordan, Libya, Egypt, and South Africa as a Director at The Center for Constitutional Transitions.

Sujit Choudhry conducted reviews in both health and social sciences in the 90s. In 1999, he started to share with the public about constitutional law. Sujit pressed on comparing different societies in the Indian Journal. The practice involved accepting what nations approve and disapprove of other nations’ constitutions. He also served as a lawyer and taught about Comparative Constitutional Law, publicized about changing governments in Arab Springs, and build a career for students’ and colleagues’ deployment to post-conflict nations while at NYU Law. Nowadays, he leads international research projects into new constitutions and writing constitutional transitions policy manuals.

In 2003, Sujit Choudhry, in conjunction with constitutional experts, visited Sri Lanka with a proposal for the nation’s disputes. In 2007, he sided by constitutional negotiations for Nepal. In 2010, he contributed to its public policy and judicial system during coups, civil wars, foreign interventions, demonstrations, riots, and protests. The Arab Springs resulted in new democracies. However, struggling in powers in nations like Libya, Iraq, and Syria. Some of the things that Sujit Choudhry has done include leading stakeholders consultations, facilitate public dialogue, performing advisory, engaging parliamentarians and party leaders, training bureaucrats and civil servants, drafting technical memoranda, and reports in the field.

Sujit Choudhry has lately managed workshops in Kiev, Ukraine, together with his advisors in reviewing constitutional reforms. These discussions aimed at outlining improvement in the semi-presidential governance system of Ukraine. Sujit Choudhry also shared about factors that disrupt stability like a poor electoral system for the legislature, weak political parties, and separation of powers between the presidency and Prime Minister.

The Center of Constitutional Transitions has over 50 international professionals that offer comparative policy choices for both research and decision-makers.

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Steve Lesnard designs new campaign for The North Face

Steve Lesnard, who was recently made the chief of marketing of The North Face, was charged with leading the company’s most recent branding campaign. Part of Lesnard’s mission was introducing the new Futurelight material developed by The North Face. Futurelight, according to Lesnard’s new direction for the company, is a work of art. The fabric is expected to be extremely popular among outdoor enthusiasts. Futurelight is waterproof, breathable, and is made using nanomembrane, allowing the material to be very thin. Steve Lesnard has worked for other athletic brands before joining The North Face. His experience allowed him to work as a global vice president and general manager.

Lesnard has a love of the outdoors and sports, which drives him to create world-wide branding campaigns for athletic goods. For his Futurelight campaign, Lesnard is hoping to satisfy existing The North Face customers and earn the business of a new generation of shoppers. The campaign encourages customers to explore and engage in adventures. Lesnard is implementing a marketing strategy that cuts through the advertisements that consumers are constantly bombarded with. To do this, The North Face will target customers and offer them solutions. Lesnard’s answer to a world of complex data is simplicity.

The first step of The North Face’s Futurelight campaign was addressing that the paradigm needed changing. The North Face was able to introduce change by listening to the requests and needs of its customers. The company also heavily relied on the team of athletes who use North Face gear. The innovation happening at The North Face is good for the customer and drives the advancement of the industry as a whole. Steve Lesnard wants to end the corporate mindset based on selling, and instead focus on providing customers with services and products that benefit them. To provide for customers, The North Face had to deliver a product that does what it promises, and Futurelight is this product. Futurelight has been developed over several years of rigorous testing in a variety of scenarios. The fabric was tested by alpinists, snowboarders, climbers, trail runners, skiers, and by a third-party laboratory. Read More.

Toyo Setal Resumes Construction With Petrobras In Their Proudest Bid In Brazil

Petrochemicals, for some reason, seem to be largely contested as an industry in Brazil. Two big entities have formed petrochemical related construction agreements. One is the Rio de Janeiro based Petrobras, and the other is the Sao Paulo based EPC focused Toyo Setal. Bidding in such a way for construction, understandably, lasts for some time. In this instance, for example, the time frame for Toyo was roughly a year. Afterwards, it was mutually and professionally decided that Petrobras had strong interest in continuing its construction relationship with Toyo Setal. Formerly, Toyo’s largest singular customer in all of Brazil was, interestingly, Petrobras.

Petrobras, therefore, represents a great hurdle and now ally for Toyo. Its COMPERJ buildings, which have become known as the premier Rio de Janeiro Petrochemical Complex, are quite a promising industrial opportunity in petrochemicals, and Toyo is happy to capitalize on this. The unique refinery primarily processes super-field oil, and turns it into some of Brazil’s most sought out diesel fuel. Its diesel volume is both outstanding and wholly impressive. For these reasons, getting to employ construction tactics around this refinery and its facilities will bring Toyo Setal more recognition and, more importantly, profit. For 18 months, that EPC firm will get to do precisely this, and that was the subject around which Toyo’s and COMPERJ’s bid centered.

Toyo Setal’s predominant role in all of this is industrially and economically positive. The engineering team’s COMPERJ victory is also a victory for the economies of Itaborai and Rio de Janeiro. Toyo Setal accomplished this bid win within a decade of its TSPI subsidiary status coming to be. Therefore, it seems quite promising. Directly, Toyo Setal and COMPERJ projected an exciting 1,000 jobs, but indirectly, the partnership predicts upwards of 5,000! That reason makes it a perfect professional storm for the Rio de Janeiro workforce, in addition to the petrochemical, refining and engineering companies that dealt initially with the COMPERJ bid.

Marc Beer Discusses His Career

He knew it would be a tall order to thrive in the field of business and entrepreneurship but that certainly never deterred Marc Beer from succeeding in that line of work. He first matriculated at Miami University back in the autumn of 1983 where he first discovered he wanted to major in business. After graduating at the top of his class and receiving a bachelor of science in 1987, he went to accept the position of sales department director for a company called Abbott. In 1994, he left the company after six years to become a part of the sales team at Biostar where he worked for two years. Eventually, he rose to the top of the marketing department at Genzyme and became their new vice president for over four years. 

Finally, May of 2000 saw the inception of Viacell and the main goal of the company is to uncover as many vaccines and cures as they can. They do this by acquiring blood stem cells from umbilical cords to see if there are any biomarkers that would enable them to develop and eventually synthesize a cure for various illnesses and diseases. While it still remains unclear whether they actually found any of the potential cures, it is assumed that they at least tried their best in that department. After going public five years later, he eventually decided to close down the company for undisclosed reasons and move on to his next venture. Learn more:

Before he had the chance, however, he had to deal with the tragic loss of his wife, Jennifer. It seems she had contracted a pulmonary embolism and this had led to her tragic demise. As a result, he became a stay at home parent to help his three children through the grieving process and take care of their needs. He helped them with whatever they needed for the next few years but it wasn’t long before his kids helped him to see that he needed to resume his philanthropic activities and continue helping people in need. As such, he decided to open up a new business called Renovia in 2016 and he cofounded it with Yolanda Lorie and Dr. Ray Iglesias. Based out of Boston, the main goal of the company is to create medical devices for patients. 

They have only been around for a few years but have already had quite a bit of success as they just had their first product receive the approval of the FDA and they’ve been awarded a $42 million grant. While most of it will be used to keep their research and development division up and running, they will be using some of it for various financial ventures. Pelvic floor disorders can be serious and affect up to one-fourth of the female population throughout the country which is why Renovia is currently attempting to develop a device to treat this and they recommend women get themselves tested for urinary incontinence. He hopes to continue helping people in the future.

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CEO: Angela Koch

 Head CEO Angela Koch, shows us what means to be CEO. And, not just a CEO of a company that provides a service to its customers, but a CEO that is at the head of a company that has the potential to effect a lot people. Koch is the CEO of the United States Money Reserve.

In case you don’t know who or what they actually do, the U.S. Money Reserve is a privately held company that is one of the largest entities in the United States, that helps distribute all of their precious metals, being, platinum, gold, and silver coins.

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Her position allows her to deal with all aspects of the company and helps her to shape the decisions and standards that power the company’s movements in the nations.

Koch explains, though the Money Reserve is a company that is heavily influenced by sales, she does not entirely focus on just sales or the bottom line. She actually believes that a major part of success is putting resources into her employees.

By taking a stake in their personal and professional development, this allows Koch the freedom to not necessarily be involved on every important decision that is being made.

And what does this mean for her employees? Since their CEO believes in them, it helps create an environment of trust, growth, and cooperation within the company.

The Reserve is only as good as its employees, and if the employees continue getting better, so will the decision making and ultimately, results. This belief system, helped Koch rise to prominence, though it was not an easy path.

Koch was married an in college, married and one her way to having a happy life. After dropping out of school, divorcing, and being forced to work 2 to 3 jobs at a time to make ends meet, Koch was convinced that she had to do whatever was necessary to succeed.

She stated that no position was beneath her or too challenging for her to complete. This was a distinct advantage that she used to help learn about how things work within by analyzing the data.

Koch realized that no matter her position, she had a great ability to just take a job, any job, and learn its’ data.

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This data often helps to determine the productivity and functioning of the company, and once you learn most of the jobs on the entry level positions, it is easier to see over the horizon, once upper level management positions come calling. This skill has helped her become the prominent CEO that she is today.

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Working with Expert Investor Michael Nierenberg

If you’ve been trying to find a professional investment firm, there is nothing better for you than New Residential Investment Corp as well as Michael Nierenberg. Visit Medium to know more about Michael Nierenebrg.

Michael Nierenberg is the president and current CEO of New Residential Investment Corp, and he is continually working to improve the services that he is offering to each of his many clients. However, before he joined the company in 2013, he worked for Bear Stearns for over 14 years. Bear Stearns was a well-known investment firm located in New York City. Visit to know more.

Michael Nierenberg was in charge of many of the exchange rate operations and worked with a plethora of his clients each and every day. Because of his work with Bear Stearns, Michael Nierenberg has the knowledge, skills and education necessary to help people of varying needs. He is constantly working to improve his skill sets so that he is better able to help those who are in need. You can find out more about this amazing individual by going to his site and checking out his professional profile and biography to see why so many people choose him for investment assistance.