Dr. Mark Mofid, Helping Improve The Cosmetic Industry Standards

Buttock augmentation is the process of using either an implant, fat transfer, fat grafting or a combination of both to achieve a fuller looking behind. Many individuals who don’t have extra skin available for use through liposuction will most likely need to opt for an implant. However, thanks to negative headlines in the media, many are leery of going through with a buttock implant surgery. The problem with buttock implants is that they can shift or change position over time. There are also higher complication rates compared to breast augmentation surgery. One in three patients with buttock implants needs them to be removed due to pain, infection, or malposition.

Dr. Mark Mofid is determined to change the negative stigma associated with buttock implants. Mark Mofid has a stellar reputation throughout the cosmetic medical community. He received his training from John Hopkins and Harvard University. Mark takes medical safety practices seriously and will refuse a patient who has unrealistic expectations. He continues his education and research constantly to find better ways to perform this particular procedure.

Dr. Mark Mofid uses an innovative approach supported by science along with his knowledge of the body’s fat, muscle systems, and skin. His goal is to reinvent the way surgeons perform gluteal implantation. One of the main problems with buttock implants surgery is the implant itself. In the past, they were not compatible with the body’s muscle structure causing them to sag. This encouraged Mark Mofid to come up with a different option that actually worked.

Dr. Mofid was able to create a new gluteal implant that has unsurpassed intramuscular positioning, improved ratios, and is more aesthetically pleasing than its competitors. Thanks to Dr. Mofid’s innovation, patients can begin to rest assure that they will receive the results they are looking for. He is making it possible for surgeons to perform this type of surgery more effectively. Dr. Mark Mofid is always taking new patients at his medical office located in La Jolla, CA.


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