A Caring Network Of Anesthesia Specialists Available Now: The Capitol Anesthesiology Association

The Capitol Anesthesiology Association is a group of physicans and CRNA’s (Certified Registered Nurse Assistants), trained and certified in anesthesia, that serve medical facilities throughout the Texas region- such as hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers.

A team of over 80 qualified specialists formed to meet the needs of patients, Capitol Anesthesiology serves the Texas community, with available experts in the fields of General Anesthesia, Regional Anesthesia, Local/MAC (Monitored Amnesia Care), Pediatric Anesthesia, Obstetric Anesthesia and Cardiovascular and Thoracic Anesthesia.

Not simply an association of anesthesiologists, the Capitol Anesthesiology Association pledges dedication and continued involvement with the community. Participation and contribution to causes such as the Dell Children’s Surgical Global Outreach program reveals the philanthropic efforts and generous nature behind the Capitol Anesthesiology Association. Providers and members of the Capitol Anesthesiology Association worldwide support various projects that facilitate positive societal growth including Austin Smiles, Eels On Wheels, Operation Smile, Children’s Medical Center Foundation, Partnerships For Children and Family Eldercare.

Capitol Anesthesiology Association maintains a comprehensive website, where users can obtain information, research services, view providers and even pay bills online.

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