A Man That Gives Much Hope

Marcio Alaor is a very known name in the town of Santo Antonio do Monte. The town has a food square that was opened in 2014, all thanks to Marcio Alaor. He had a plaque placed with his name in this food court. The plaque was to honor his generosity and his achievements. Marcio Alaor is not only a popular man in the city of Santo Antonio do Monte, but he is loved all across Brazil. He is an executive vice president of BMG which is one of the largest banks in the country of Brazil. Marcio Alaor has always kept a very close relationship with his homeland, and even though his position makes it so that he has to live away, he has never stopped showing support for the people of his hometown. He has always stayed close to his family and his roots. Unlike many successful people, he has never forgotten where he has come from.

Santo Antonio do Monte is an agricultural town and it is the biggest producer of milk in all of Central Brazil. It is a city that has gone through many difficulties and the residents of this town have been able to come out very resilient. The president of Rural Union, Vilmar Octavian, thanked Marcio Alaor for all of the support that he has shown in the past and the support that he continues to show for his hometown. Marcio Alaor has also done much to help the agricultural industry of the town by donating funds, and by helping to strengthen the workforce in the local area. Different politicians also spoke and gave Marcio Alaor recognition for his generosity and his personal achievements.

This food court that Marcio Alaor funded will help bring new jobs to the town, and also it changed an old gray warehouse into a workable and usable space. Marcio Alaor has help residents of the city to maintain hope for their town, and also to realize that regardless of where a person is from, they can achieve much and even be someone as prominent as the vice president of BMG. During the inauguration of the Food Court, Marcio Alaor told his personal story about being a hard worker as a young boy, and how he was able to beat all odds and become a successful entrepreneur. Marcio Alaor also thanked the citizens of his town for giving him recognition, and for all of the love that they have always shown to him.

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