A Review on White Shark Media

White Shark Media Review team refers to a search marketing agency that has offices based in Denmark, Central America and US. Its specialty is offering Bing ads and AdWords management to businesses that are small and medium sized.

The company focuses more on the areas that earn money for its clients. The company therefore offers all its ecommerce clients with product listing advertisements in all the management plans, complete conversion tracking and the implementation of Google analytics.

The company is capable of managing your AdWords campaign fully from the time you set it up for the first time, the continuous optimizations in order to ensure that your campaign hits its goals per month.


It enables you to avoid the most common errors and pitfalls that most beginners fall into thereby ruining their own AdWords campaign.

White Shark Media assists your campaign by ensuring that you use an effective negative keyword in order to eradicate irrelevant clicks that will not convert to buyers. The company will assist you in forging the right negative keywords set for your campaign to be effective.

It will be possible to stop directing all your advertisements to the homepage as White Shark Media is capable of ensuring that the clicks you get direct the user to the most relevant page that will correspond to their search.

This will make your users to enjoy a great user experience and also determine the quality score of your ads on Google. The company helps in creating custom ads for every keyword that will match the keyword query typed by users. The use of ad extensions also helps your campaign stand out due to the increased value and visibility.

Why Choose White Shark Media

White Shark Media has an extensive experience in various platforms like the Shopify platform that the company uses to run its AdWords campaigns. The company is referring its present ecommerce clients to this platform and it is a great platform as the first client who signed with the company in 2010 is still on the same platform.

The company has Platinum Pro Painters Canada, iMarine Incorporated and A Star Movers Texas as its major clients. It has about 144 employees who extensively serve the over 600 active clients. The company has a client retention rate of 8-10% and its prices are at the mid-level which are suitable for an average marketer. Learn more about Andy Wirth: http://www.whitesharkmedia.com/testimonials/

Its primary services include mobile marketing, web development, SEO and pay per click management. Secondary services include conversion optimization, landing page optimization and pay per click engines.

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