A Stadium Constructed By Construcap Wins The Platinum Leed Seal

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Recently, Arena Mineirão received the prestigious Leed Platinum Certification Seal. The seal is awarded to buildings that adhere to the principles of sustainable construction. Construcap constructed the stadium in collaboration with other companies. The Brazilian stadium belongs to the University of Texas in the United States. This is the second time that a sports arena has been awarded with the highest level of Leed certification.

U.S. Green Building Council is mandated with the duty of identifying different constructions to be awarded. Registering a construction for the award is simple as it only involves subscribing to the Leed online platform. Once a project has been registered on the site, organizations start to investigate and determine the suitability of the project for the seal. The work must satisfy numerous criteria. They include energy efficiency, rational use of water, quality of indoor environment, meeting the local community’s needs, reuse/recycling of materials, and technological innovation. This information was originally mentioned on Esportes.terra.com as provided in this link https://esportes.terra.com.br/futebol/obra-da-construcap-e-a-segunda-arena-esportiva-a-conquistar-o-selo-platinum-leed,a945810ec4ee4f16f5826a5726ee83a3yyivt7af.html

The assessment process focuses on both prerequisites and credits. A building must observe all mandatory elements set for sustainable constructions. However, the credits are optional even though they enhance the points given to a project. These details are available on the Leed’s website. The prerequisite elements are arranged in various categories, each with unique points. The maximum points that a project can get is 110. Based on rankings, projects that secure 40 points are known as leed label, 50 points are silver and 60 is gold. A project becomes platinum if it scores more than 80 points. Arena Mineirao was rated platinum.

About Construcap

Construcap is a Brazilian construction company. It was founded in 1944. The corporation is recognized as one of the top construction companies in the country. Construcap focuses on the development of its processes and employees to ensure that it can deliver services that surpasses its customer’s expectations.

The company’s commitment to high quality has seen it earn certifications such as ISO 14004, ISO 9001, and OHSAS 18001. Mepresas Mais ranked the company in position 431. The ranking was based on impact quadrant. The entity is among the largest Brazilian construction companies. The corporation has been involved in the construction works, industrial facilities, and infrastructure. Construcap’s head offices are based in Sao Paulo.

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