Adam Goldenberg: Co-Founder Of One Of The Fashion Industry’s Leading Companies

When it comes to starting a company that changes the way fashion and e-commerce are doing things, the founder is not always someone with a background in the field. And such is the case of JustFab co-founder Adam Goldenberg, a man who could not keep his ideas quiet, so he put them to work along with his friend Don Ressler when they launched their company. JustFab is primarily a women’s fashion online outlet selling everything from dresses and denim jeans, to jewelry and handbags all at a very affordable price as compared to other brands like Calvin Klein. But Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg also started JustFab’s partner companies in FabKids, Fabletics, and FL2 to offer outlets for men and children as well.

One might assume that Adam Goldenberg went to a major fashion design school in New York or Los Angeles, or perhaps a major business school where he got a degree in the field before starting up his company. But in fact just the opposite is true. Goldenberg never had any background in fashion, and growing up in just a regular middle class family, his original passion was computer gaming. But harnessing the power of the internet way before it became the powerhouse it is today, Goldenberg started up Gamer’s Alliance, a network that connected gamers to popular gaming sites. Intermix Media on, the company that would start Myspace years later, bought Goldenberg’s company and took him aboard as Vice President of Strategic Planning at only 18 years old and with no college education. And in 2 years, he was the company’s Chief Operating Officer, the youngest of his time on a publicly traded company.

During his time at Intermix Media, he met Don Ressler who became his friend and business partner, and after Intermix Media was bought out in 2005, the 2 decided to start launching their own companies and brands. They decided to move into the fashion market despite not having a lot of knowledge about it, and decided to try various new ideas under their new company, Intelligent Beauty. But Adam Goldenberg wanted to do more than just sell fashion items, he wanted to change the user shopping experience to make it affordable, fun, and interactive. So he and Ressler hired a fashion enthusiast Kimora Lee Simmons, who has been a driver of the designs sold by the company, and Josh Hannah, the company’s venture capital partner who has helped fund JustFab’s business. Goldenberg and Ressler’s company has exploded in sales growth since its founding in 2010. Source:

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