Adam Sender; Art Collector and Investor

Investing in art does not necessarily mean that you will attain direct profits on your collection. Many individuals collect art just to decorate their homes. Real art collectors usually purchase artwork and keep them for years or even decades before selling them at a profit when it has appreciated. If an individual sells a collected art, then it is not declared to the government in terms of capital gains. Art collectors usually buy art to decorate their homes, these collectors often loan their pieces and donate them to museums upon their death. Art investors, on the other hand, are up to broadening their portfolio through art investment; they buy older pieces of art that are popular historically. These art investors often come from very wealthy families where the artworks bought are given to future generations as inheritance or sold at very high profits. Art speculators buy or invest in pieces of art that they believe will be valuable sometime in the future. Their artwork mainly comes from new artists who are beginning their career. Such pieces are often bought at lower prices then sold after 10-15 years at a time when the artists are at their peak. Adam Sender never intended to become a person with such a massive art collection. In fact, when he first started buying art, it was very much a hobby for him.

A good documentation about an art will increase its market value and its collectability. Ask for any related documents about an art before buying it. Information about all the previous owners, awards it has won and places that it has been exhibited are vital information that you need to ask before buying a particular art. Serious art collectors research about a piece of work and buy art that will form a meaningful and a realistic grouping from a certain age or period. Serious art collectors often buy art that they like, and this forms the basis of their grouping. Spend your money on fine quality pieces of art that will add value to your collection and can be sold at a profit in the future. This happens if you buy art from reputable artists in the industry. Now Adam Sender, originally a hedge fund manager, has established himself as an emerging player in the art world.

Prominent collectors such as Rockefeller and Chrysler are famous, and their arts are respected since their art collecting and art grouping abilities are desirable. Adam Sender has an enormous collection of artworks under his belt. Mr. Sender began collecting artworks since the year 1990 when he parted ways with SAC Capital Advisors LP to start his hedge fund. The hedge fund heavyweight-turned art collector is currently auctioning his vast collection at his private residence in North Miami. 139 Works from different artists will be available for viewing in the Sender Collection. Mr. Sender expects $70 million from the auction. The Sender Collection also includes works by young upcoming artists like Frank Benson and Jim Lambie. Many of Sender’s pieces have never been on public view in the United States.

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