Adam Sender: The Insightful Collector

Conceptual art, appropriation and minimalism are among some of the most of the important contemporary art movements. These movements are well represented in Adam Senders extensive collection. At only 45, the former hedge fund manager has created an impressive collection of works from some of the most important contemporary artists spanning the last 20 years.

As a gifted collector Adam Sender is able to use his appreciation of the artists to understand and approach each artists work. Sender’s holistic approach gives him a rare advantage in the world of contemporary collecting. Sender is also cautious in his approach to collecting. The collector is often daring in his collection but uses a cautious approach in his investments. The careful connoisseur prefers to wait until an artist has established a career before acquiring works from an artist for his collection.

Since the beginning of Sender’s career in the 1990’s, the collector has been able to amass one of the most impressive collections in the art world today. The collection features many works by great female artists. Names such as Mickalene Thomas, Wangechi Mutu, Barbara Kruger, Jenny Holzer and Sarah Lucas are represented within an impressive collection which spans decades.

Sender’s collection is not only impressive in range but also includes seminal works by important artists such as photographic story-teller Cindy Sherman. With great insight and laser-like-focus Sender has a knack for honing in on works that straddle the line of provocation and beauty.

Sender’s great love of art extends into a desire to share his art collection with the world at large. Atypical of other contemporary collectors, Sender actively share his collection by lending works to important exhibitions. Sender’s collection has become a sort of lending library for the art world. Sender has many plans for the future of his collection including the donation of major works to important institutions of art. Stemming from a passionate love of art the collection has grown organically into a menagarie-like representation of contemporary artists over the past thirty years. Adam Sender alsowas discussed by BusinessInsider.

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