Addressing Customer Concerns

Both startup companies and businesses that have been around for years face customer complaints from time to time. Some view customer complaints as a negative, but it is how you approach the situation that matters. If you approach the situation correctly, you can turn a customer who is complaining into a customer who is satisfied.

Being open minded about the situation and taking what a customer has to say into consideration can allow a company to improve and offer higher quality service to its clients. However, even when a complaint is approached with an open mind, it can still end poorly if proper commutation techniques are not used.

Show You Care

The first step in addressing a customer complaint is to show them you care. If a customer does not feel you care about them, they will no longer be your customer. However, if they can tell you are concerned about their needs, they may become a loyal customer for years to come.

If you want to show you care, respond to all complaints promptly. If it takes an extended amount of time to respond, the customer will not feel like their needs are a priority. When the complaint relates to something the company did wrong, it is important to admit and apologise for the mistake.

Provide a Solution

Admitting to a mistake can go a long way, but it is not enough. The next step is to take action. Find a way to correct the problem and take measures to ensure it won’t be repeated. This can go a long way in dealing with a customer complaint. In order to maintain the customer’s trust, it is important to follow up on any promises you have made.

If you fail to keep promises, the customer will lose faith in you. However, sticking to your word shows that you care about their problem and are willing to take measures to correct it. You can also use this information to alter company’s procedures and ensure other customers will not run into the same issues.

Example of Great Customer Service
Many businesses are starting to understand the importance of excellent customer service and reviews. They are finding constructive ways to deal with complaints. However, White Shark Media is setting the industry standard in customer service.

They know how important it is to listen to their clients. If someone has a complaint, the will listen with an open mind. If a customer has a legitimate concern, they will alter their procedures to address the issue and prevent other customers from having the same problem.

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