Alex Pall Brings His Own Lyrics To The Chainsmokers

Alex Pall, famous New York City DJ and the founding the member of the electronic music duo The Chainsmokers did not ever intend making music to be a full-time career. In fact, he was only performing part-time with another career when a particularly enjoyable set at an art gallery made him realize that being a DJ was true passion and he wanted to devote himself to making music full-time. He soon quit his other career and with the help of his manager began looking for a replacement for the other member of The Chainsmokers who had recently left. This lead to a fateful meeting with current member Drew Taggart.

With massive radio hits like “Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down” already tearing up the charts, it would be understandable if The Chainsmokers were content to simply stick with the formula that has already allowed them to tour the world. But Alex and Drew want the group to be much bigger than that. While many DJ’s and other electronic musicians are content with being the semi-anonymous artist behind some turntables, allowing others to sing vocals or bring a public face to the music, the duo works hard to craft a brand an image that goes beyond that trope. This includes their music as well, with them beginning to write their own lyrics and even sing their own vocals on some upcoming tracks.

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This may not sound like a very big deal if you aren’t familiar with the genre of electronic dance music, but it is actually very uncommon. Most artists are comfortable building the melodies and beats that give the music its core, but they rely on songwriters and singers to add a human touch to the music. While The Chainsmokers have generally conformed to this model, it is what they are currently trying to grow out of as a group. On one of their latest chart toppers, “Closer”, Alex and Drew wrote the lyrics and Drew provided the vocals.

The Chainsmokers look forward to seeing their audience grow and become more diverse as their success only continues to increase. With incredible drive and creativity, we can expect to be hearing from this talented duo for years to come.

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