Alexandre Gama Breaks Down Barriers As A Brazilian Advertising Icon

Very few advertising executives in recent memory have done more to extend and grow their particular industrial sector than Alexandre Gama, a Rio de Janeiro born creative who has embarked upon a career that has seen him represent his home country on a number of global boards and jury’s.

As the founder of the successful Neogama ad agency, Gama saw his business become an important piece of the Publicis Groupe holding company in 2012; after the deal was struck with Publicis Groupe Alexandre Gama became the first Brazilian to take up a role on the Global Creative Board of the investment group.

The career of Alexandre Gama is well known in his native Brazil and among advertising professionals from across the planet, which has seen the former member of the Standard & Ogilvy and DM9 ad agencies become an important figure at the Cannes Film Festival; breaking down barriers has become something of a specialty for Alexandre Gama in his role as a member of the Cannes Film Festival Jury on a number of different occasions. Gama and his Neogama ad agency have now been recognized as a major success at Cannes with 23 Golden Lion’s awarded.

Alongside the success Alexandre Gama has achieved as an advertising professional the graduate of advertising and propaganda has recently been looking to pursue his interests in other areas of business and philanthropy. Following a strategic linkup between Neogama and the London based BBH agency Alexandre made his way to the U.K. where he decided to make an investment in the Liverpool based Briggs Automotive Company to reflect his continued interest in motor cars and sports. As a dedicated enthusiast of classical guitar playing, Alexandre Gama has also developed the VIOLAB group that provides lessons and discussion for young people to explore via the group’s YouTube channel.

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