All About Economists

Economists are dedicated individuals who work in many fields including government, private, public and academia. Their studies involve data and statistics to spot varying trends in economic activities in the field of their interest. Other studies include learning confidence levels and consumer attitudes in their subject.

Economists like Christian Broda assess information using a wide range of advanced techniques in statistics analysis, computer programming, graphs and so on. They also make suggestions regarding ways to improve the efficiency of a system. For economists, there is no legally required education requirement. This is in contrast with their professional groups such as engineering, medical, law and everything else. Economists are hired for higher position when they complete PhD degree in economics. The rest are usually assigned with fundamental economics. For government positions, these economists must has a doctorate degree or 21 semester hours in economics and three or more hours in accounting or statistics.

Economists holding a relevant degree are also employed in banks and financial sectors, marketing, business administration, commerce and non-profit organizations. Economists play a major role in enacting economic policy as well, be it for state or federal government. Many statesmen are also economists with a higher degree in economics.

Economic graduates are hired depending on market conditions and demands in the regional economic scenario. Employers who value the skills of these economists make sure that the right candidates are given an opportunity to showcase their talents. Economists have specific understanding of the subject they are well-versed with which is helpful in making many decisions regarding economy. The skill set that these economists must have include numeracy and analysis, ability to communicate and ability to understand broad issues and much else. While only a few of them go on to become professional economists working for government, others enter into finance industry including management, tax, banking, insurance and accounting. Great economists have been able to find employment in a wide range of national and international firms in the investment sectors as well. Other employers of these economists include IT, retailing, health, education, manufacturing. commercial and public companies. Some graduates also take the route of research or further studies to become qualified economists.

Christian Broda is a well-known economist and the Managing Director at Duquesne Capital Management. He has worked for University of Chicago as a Professor of Economics prior to joining Duquesne. His published articles and books are on international trade and finance. He has done many research studies pertaining to this subject and published those ideas in top journals such as Quarterly Journal of Economics and American Economic Review. Christian Broda has also been featured in the press. His other achievements include James S. Kemperer Scholar in 2006 and two National Science Foundation (NSF) grants awards in 2005 and 2008.

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