Aloha Construction Charitable Program

Each year the Better Business Bureau that services Northern Illinois, including Chicago chooses a business to receive the Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics. This award is given to companies who provide work that is of high quality and honest and the company must have a track record of being consistent over the years. In 2017, the panel of fifteen judges made the choice that Aloha Construction would be the recipient of the prestigious award, primarily because not only do they have a history of being an honest and dependable construction company, but also due to the fact that Aloha construction is well-known for the charitable acts that they bestow on their community and the integrity that the company exhibits day after day.

Aloha Construction which was founded in 2008 and is based in Lake Zurich, completes jobs throughout the state of Illinois. They offer construction work in basically every area that someone would need for their home. From simple remodeling jobs to larger scale roofing jobs, Aloha Construction is able to complete the job. During the year of 2017, Aloha Construction proudly announced that they had met their goal of completing over 20,000 roofing jobs in the state of Illinois. This is a huge task for any construction company to complete, but Aloha was able to do it in a manner that continued to show their great work ethic and consistent quality craftsmanship.

In addition to their high-quality work, Aloha Construction sealed their fate of receiving the Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics, because in addition to completing quality work, they also give back to the community. They provide many sports sponsorships to athletes and also sponsor local baseball, hockey, and university athletics. In 2017, Aloha also worked with the local Boys and Girls Club to give the youth a chance to attend a Thunder Hockey game. The company is constantly looking for ways to give back to the community and are sure to continue to be known for the quality work that they complete along with great ethics that gives the company a chance to touch the lives of many.

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