Alternative Investments with Jeffrey Schneider

Jeffrey Schneider is a native of Austin, Texas and has built a name for himself with the Ascendant Capital. At this institution, Jeffrey is recognized as the president and the chief executive officer. Ascendant Capital is a boutique that is located in Austin Texas. He has been with this company for over five years where it has recorded significant growth and success under his leadership. Over the years, Schneider has managed to develop skills in alternative investments as well as developing relationships with his customers and fellow workers. Some of the skills that Jeffrey has managed to acquire over the years include hedge fund management, alternative investments, and leadership.


When he founded the company, it had only one employee. As of today, Ascendant Capital has over 30 employees each tasked with a specific responsibility. This period has also seen the company collect over $1 billion for its clients. For instance, Ascendant Capital is known to specialize with more than 250 investment advisors, more than 50 brokers and many family offices. The raised capital has been invested in several ventures such as technology companies, real estate industry and auto-dealership. Under the leadership of Jeffrey Schneider, the company has developed a strategy of collecting over $50 million every year. Jeffrey has the idea that alternative investment has room for growth and development. He advises people with means to invest in these ventures.


Jeffrey Schneider has been shaped by his educational background and his desire to succeed in life. Having attended the University of Armrest in Massachusetts, Jeffrey landed his first job at Axiom Capital before proceeding to Paradigm Global Advisors. Other than just these two companies, this financial expert has worked for other institutions in the country such as Alex Brown, Merrill Lynch as well as Smith Barney. These are the places where he has acquired the experience he portrays today.


Jeffrey believes that success is as a result of many choices in life amongst them eating healthy and staying fit. For this reason, he has participated in many runs and has traveled to many destinations including Europe, Asia, and South America. He has also traveled in the Far East and Africa.

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