An Eye for Retail Development: Haidar Barbouti

The world of real estate is one that requires a great deal of attention to detail and an understanding of all aspects of this field. Those who chose to make their work in this area must have certain specific qualities. In general, this includes an attention to detail as well as a full understanding of how the world of real estate runs at all times. Engaging in the development of various areas of the world also typically requires the developer to be able to work with all kinds of people including those who can help them fully develop all aspects of the property that they have in mind. Someone who is going to enter this field must have a true mastery of both many tiny details as well as a firm grasp of the bigger picture. In this way, they can fully serve all the competing issues that surround any proposed planned development.


Development can take many forms. One such form is retail development. In this field, the developer seeks to take a piece of property that may contain nothing but a vacant lot and turn it into a place where there are multiple amenities such as restaurants, stores and other kinds of spaces where people can gather to accomplish many kinds of goals. Those who able to tap into such a vision are often those who are able to work with local communities to help them use all of the spaces that exist in the community as effectively as possible.

One such visionary is <a href=””>Haidar Barbouti</a>. He is a Columbia University trained businessman who has spent his formative years learning all that he can about the important world of real estate. This world is one that he has mastered fully. Barbouti’s career in this field has spanned many areas including major American cities such as New York City and Houston. During this time, he has spent years studying exactly how to serve the needs of customers in order to help bring them the best possible retail experience. His primary focus in recent years has been working with a large shopping center in the Houston area. This has helped him work with area shoppers in order to make sure that they have access to the best possible shops that they enter during their free time. The development of this shopping center has also helped local area residents find good jobs. More can be found on Barbouti at

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