An In-Depth Review of the Drug Laws in Brazil

Drug consumption and distribution has been at an all-time high in Brazil over the last twenty tears. According to recent statistics, the number of drug addicts and distributors has exponentially increased over the years. The research reveals that most of the inmates are drug peddlers that form the lowest link in the drug distribution empire as opposed to the king pins. As a result, the nation’s government has enacted stringent laws to curb the drug menace before it spirals out of control.


Introduction of the Current Drug Law

The enactment of the current drug law (Law 11343/06) has been attributed to the increase in drug offenses despite the positive steps made in the sector. The legislation has altered drug conviction through several ways. For starters, drug possession for personal consumption is no longer punishable by incarceration but rather with educational sessions. However, the Act has prolonged prison sentences for drug trafficking from a minimum of three to five years. Through the law, State authorities have been equipped with wide discretion in deciding the fate of a drug convict. Despite its positive effect, pundits have criticized it based on its inability to accurately differentiate between drug addicts and traffickers.


Legislative Trends in Brazil

For decades, the country’s drug legislature has been strongly influenced by the UN drugs conventions. As a member state, Brazil has pledged to reduce drug consumption and trafficking by all means necessary. Its no-holds-barred approach has relied on criminal law as a source of law interpretation and prosecution.

Brazil has enacted several stringent measures to combat drug trafficking in the country. Such efforts are enshrined under the Heinous Crimes Law, which suspends several rights from suspects. The absence of freedom pending trial has made headlines as a means of holding prisoners viewed as flight risks.


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