Appreciating Efforts Of A Selfless Community Servant

The food court Marcio Alaor was opened in August 2014 after a successful Santo Antonio do Monte agricultural exhibition. The opening and naming of the square after a man, Marcio Alaor, a BMG manager, was a show of courtesy, tribute and appreciation of a man had provided unending services to the people of San Antonio. On top of this, a plate was specially made, to immortalize his great service to the people of San Antonio, a polite way to explain the extent of affection that everyone has towards the entrepreneur.

People from all types of careers like politicians and local authorities; who have benefitted directly from the industrious and free thinker’s initiatives poured praise for Marcio at the inauguration ceremony of the square. The city of Antonio has witnessed growth and a tremendous change which is a fundamental thing in any aspiring city. A former mayor, Wilmar Son, noted that the relocation of San Antonio’s grain warehouse to a spacious and convenient location was attributed to him. He also talked about the journey of Marcio Alaor BMG, from a shoe shiner in childhood to an icon in his hometown. Upon taking the stage to give a speech of appreciation to the authorities and people of San Antonio for their kindness, he gave personal tips that have steered him to success and level of effort needed to stand out from the rest in delivering service.

The BMG manager is known for his interest in finance, kind enough to recognize and appreciate people who have been with him in his quest to offer outstanding service to the community of San Antonio. He was kind enough to accept the honor, mostly given to people who have done great to society and departed from earth, and thanked his family for its continued support.


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