Arizona Burger King Sets an Example

We currently live in a very competitive and greedy world where everyone is for themselves with no consideration of any person (s) around them. It seems as though with each passing day brings more violence and selfish acts. This is certainly not the case with one Burger King Restaurant in Arizona.

It seems as though this Arizona Burger King was awarded the franchisee of the year award. This franchise won a new corvette and an expensive Rolex watch. Therefore, what did the franchisee have to say about this big win and what he did with his win surprise all the employees at this Burger King.

This franchise sold the Corvette and the Rolex receives a nice price. Tom Barnett along with the owners of the franchise added to this amount some of their own money to total $120,000 and then shared this lump sum with the nearly 100 employees at this franchise reported Marc Sparks. Depending on how long employees worked in this franchise depended upon the amount, they received. Some long-timers received up to $5,000 reported PR Newswire.

The owner said that the franchise could not have done such a good job without the help of the employees and felt it was about time to give these employees a nice bonus for a job well done.

The world needs many more people like Tom Barnett and his co-owners. Everyone agrees that the world would be a better place to live if everyone were giving and appreciative of one another such as Tom Barnett.

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  1. There is no fantasy with the food industry most times because the best is always expected from the application. Though the resumesplanet it should not be forgotten as well and I think it is working now today. New ideas will be anything to help others and I think it shows that Tom is putting on some work as well.

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