At Last, The Secret To Sleep Apnea Relief Revealed! Dr. AviWeisfogel Answers

A world-renowned authority on sleep medicine, dentist, philanthropist and entrepreneur, Dr. AviWeisfogel presses forward to revolutionize treatment methods. Although he didn’t envision a career in dentistry, he advocates passionately. Before establishing systems such as Healthy Heart Sleep (2010), Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient (2012) and Dental Sleep Masters (2014), he committed many years to dental medicine. After graduating dental school, he launched a private practice namely Old Bridge Dental Care in 1999. At this New Jersey location, he practiced with mastery and professionalism. He practiced dental medicine for 15+ years and earned many accolades. Among awards and recognition, he’s been designated “Best Dentist.” The community appraises his involvement in philanthropy and career duties over the years.

While Dr. Weisfogel developed and nurtured a disciplined relationship with dental medicine, he needed exploration. As someone fascinated with sleep, he’s sophisticated his practice and sharpened intelligence on refining treatment. He’s developed a broader interpretation of sleep disorders and its relation to many health conditions. For example, stroke, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and more. Today, he’s coined a culture in dental medicine that’s enabling professionals to better treat patients. Sleep apnea cases have gained traction in recent years and many patients lack information. Through Dental Sleep Masters, many physicians and health professionals receive quality education on treating related disorders. Under Dr. Weisfogel guidance and mentorship, they’re using revolutionary methods to discover sleep. He employs sophisticated technology and dental appliances that optimize treatment.

Dr. Weisfogel has combined strategic marketing and expertise to deliver world-class services treatment solutions. The former NYU (New York University) alumni studied dentistry and hold a degree as a licensed dental surgeon. In addition, he holds a Bachelor’s in psychology and biology from Rutgers. In an IdeaMensch interview, he explained his daily routine and how he’s managed such success as an innovator of dental medicine. From morning devotions, public speaking, business meetings to curating blogs, Dr. Weisfogel keeps everything pretty organized.

He’d enjoy optimizations to automate his blogging experience and documentation principles that put a strain on his daily routine. Nonetheless, he’s content and meticulous with current exercises but would entertain productive innovations to enhance processes. As a visionary, he’s always been open to creativity and optimization of the workspace. Operation Smile manages a global charity which benefits from giving hearts like Dr. Weisfogel who’s pledged money and service to the cause. Last year he dedicated a GoFundMe fundraiser to rally support and campaign for Operation Smile. An admirer of Steve Jobs’ success and strategy, he’s remarked on his journey and how it’s helped shape his reality. The system he employs accounts for accuracy, optimization, satisfaction and growth in dental practices today. In fact, Dr. Weisfogel treats an average of 200-300 patients monthly using his system.

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