Attorney Jeff Herman, Restoring Justice For Abuse Victims

Jeff Herman is an established lawyer with offices in Boca Raton, Florida and New York City. Every lawyer has an area of specialty, for Herman’s firm, it’s seeking justice for victims of sexual abuse. In one recent case that made national headlines, Jeff Herman represented children and their parents victimized by a serial abuser at an Abilene, Texas church daycare. The worker, identified as 25 year old Benjamin R. Roberts, was subsequently arrested and charged.
The daycare center was one of three run by Wylie Baptist Church. What lead police to Roberts initially was the evidentiary discovery of child pornography in his possession. Following an investigative trail that ended at the North Abilene home where Roberts lived, police discovered computer images that were presented as evidence. From there, more victims began to emerge, some children from his very own neighborhood. One young victim described how he was invited to spend the night, and then began playing around on Robert’s bed and somehow ended up in the spoon position next to Benjamin Roberts. With mounting evidence against him, Roberts pled guilty to possession of child pornography, which was forensically recovered from his computer.

After the search of his home and by admission of his own incriminating remarks, law enforcement officials decided to look at the surveillance tapes from the daycare where Roberts was employed. The tapes revealed additional victims, for a total of eight young children, all under 14 years of age. In April of this year, the Child Advocacy Center (CAC) was asked to assist with the formal interviews of the victims. As the case was being put together, the children provided graphic details. The information was sufficient to charge Benjamin Roberts with additional counts of sexual abuse.

In the end, Benjamin Roberts was jailed and held on $500,000 bail. The CAC said that the parent of one of the victims said she was left feeling ill at ease when her child sat on Roberts’ lap. Her daughter mentioned behaviors that could only be described as a disturbing pattern of inappropriate touching by the former daycare employee.

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