Graham Edwards, Telereal Trillium’s First Round Draft Pick

It is known in business, that in addition to a solid product, the most important -art of creating a successful company is having the right person at the helm. Graham Edwards became Chief Executive of Telereal in 2001, and after leading successful negotiations to acquire Trillium in 2009, he became the CEO of the newly formed Telereal Trillium.

Accomplishments have never been far from Edwards. After attending Cambridge University for economics, Edwards worked his way up the business food chain, from a head of finance at BT group, to fund manager at Merrill Lynch, and Chief Investment Officer for Talisman Global Asset Management. After a string of successes that would make any CEO blush, it felt timely for Edwards to achieve his Chief Executive role in 2001 (Crunchbase).

Truly a man of action, Edwards has not allowed his business success go to his head. Philanthropy appears to be his true calling. Edwards is on the board for The Portland Trust ( which stands as a non-profit organization committed to improving relations between Israelis and Palestinians around the globe. Additionally, Edwards works with World ORT ( which is a vocational education group for Jewish Students. Beyond those two organizations, Edwards also does work for One Voice Europe, UK MDA and many others.

Telereal Trillium is no small company to head, and certainly requires an experienced and driven CEO like Edwards. Since the purchase of Trillium, the company acts as a large commercial property management organization with a focus on investment management. Regularly considered one of London’s largest property companies, Telereal Trillium manages a 86 million square foot footprint, and according to their own statistics, maintain 1% of the United Kingdom’s workforce.

It would appear on paper that Telereal Trillium has their first round draft pick in Graham Edwards. It is rare in the business world that we see a CEO like Mr. Edwards with such an inspiring mix of business skill, experience, drive and compassion. It would be difficult to let a Chief Executive like Edwards walk away any time soon.


Paul Mampilly Identifies the One Stock to Own in 2018.

Paul Mampilly is a Wall Street legend who walked away from managing billions of dollars for hedge funds so he could advise ordinary investors who need to turn thousands of dollars into hundreds of thousands of dollars. He knows how professional money managers evaluate stocks and other investors. After graduating from Fordham University with a Masters in Business Administration, he started his career in 1991 as an analyst for Bankers Trust. He rapidly moved on to manage money for Deutsche Bank, ING and the Royal Bank of Scotland. Then Kinetics Asset Management hired him to manage their hedge fund. He grew its assets under management from $6 billion to $25 billion. BARRON’S MAGAZINE said it was one of the best hedge funds in the world. And he won a prestigious investing contest held by the John Templeton Foundation. In the two worst investing years since the Great Depression, 2008-2009, he turned $50 million into $78 million, and accomplished this feat without shorting stocks, even though almost everything went down during that period.

Therefore, when Paul Mampilly writes a blog article explaining how professional stock market evaluation techniques such as cyclically adjusted price to earnings (CAPE) are not as relevant as most experts think, that’s worth paying attention to. His record proves he knows how to evaluate stocks better than most of these experts.

According to Paul Mampilly, CAPE is too backward-looking. The stock market, professionals and ordinary investors alike, invest based on their expectations of the future, not on a stock’s past performance. That’s why he prefers to invest based on megatrends. These are changes sweeping through the economy, but which most people don’t perceive until it’s too late for them to profit from. To see more, visit here.

He identifies those megatrends, and then looks for the companies which are in position to profit from them. One of the megatrends Paul Mampilly is now looking at is the Internet of Things. Technology experts believe the Internet of Things will have at least 50 billion sensors hooked up to things by 2020. And related to the Internet of Things is artificial intelligence, robotics and Big Data. Most people barely comprehend them, yet they are already raising economic productivity. The economy went up 3% just in the third quarter of 2017. That’s the largest leap in years. He has found one company that is going to profit enormously from the trend, and he names it to subscribers of his Profits Unlimited newsletter from Banyan Hill Publishing.

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What Types of Vaping Supplies O2Pur Offers

The e-cigarette industry has been consolidating in recent years. Its dominated by three big companies; Reynolds-American, Philip Morris International, and British American Tobacco. All three of these companies have been tobacco producers for decades and once smaller companies started finding success in this industry these three giant companies started to buy some of them.

There still are other companies in this industry that are highly successful, though, like O2Pur. This company was founded by Scott Barth who is also the chief executive officer. Companies like O2Pur offer something different that the three big players in the industry are too large to effectively do.

On O2Pur’s website they have a full range of vaping E juices and gear. They also have a special where they’re offering free Box Mods to their customers. The offer ranges from buying one 120 ml bottle to get a free 40w Box Mod to buying three and getting a 220w Box Mod. They also sell all of the vaping accessories people need such as a TC kit, a starter Kkt, glass tanks, dual coils, a speed charger, and a mini USB cable.

AT O2Pur they sell premium E Juice bottles. the Prices range from $24.95 to $54.90. They also, of course, sell the vaping pens themselves which cost around $29 to $39 depending on what you’re looking for.

They sell two sizes of E juices, 60 ml bottle and 120 ml bottles. They offer a wide range of flavors for these E juices. For instance, they have berry cheesecake, island breeze, caramel apple, strawberry cream, and strawberry toffee. For those who really enjoy the taste of conventional cigarettes, they also offer their E juices as menthol and tobacco flavored.

For customer service at this company there are two ways to reach them. The first is by picking up the phone and giving them a call at 1-321-325-1161. The other way is to use their email address which is After making your selections on what to buy people can rest assured, though, that they do take American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa.

The RealReal Brings Life to Men’s Fashion

When people look at men’s fashion, one thing that they are going to say about men’s fashion is that it is boring. People would also describe men’s fashion as dull, bland, and uninspired. To make things worse, any attempts to bring about change in men’s fashion is met with a lot of resistance. It is as if men are not allowed to be anything but boring and dull. Fortunately, The RealReal understands that there is an audience for some of the more unique choices in fashion. They offer t-shirts with different designs that go beyond colors and graphic printing.

The RealReal offers a bit of variety to men’s fashion when it comes to the fit and the cuts and other aspects of the clothes they offer. They make sure that there is some kind of unique style for men who want to feel bold and interesting. They have shoes that have such a unique design which helps them feel impressed with themselves. Also, the right type of presentation can help men impress others as well. The designs on the products sold by The RealReal are so unique that even a simple t-shirt can look very interesting to show off in an outfit.

All of this is how The RealReal has started from a small kitchen table and using U-haul in order to visit the homes of consigners. They have worked steadily to grow not only in reputation, but in reach. Eventually, they have gained enough income and support to be able to open up shops in certain markets of the United States. This gives them a greater ability to generate income. More customers are going to be able to find and enjoy the products that are offered to them from The RealReal. They get to see what fashion really is.

Ricardo Tosto: An Experienced Business Litigation Lawyer

Are you an entrepreneur or corporate executive facing a legal issue in Brazil? Are you dealing with a complex legal issue and looking for a lawyer to hire for effective legal issues? Perhaps you have read about Ricardo Tosto and his prominent law firm in Brazil.Every business or organization faces legal problems at some point. You need to handle such issues appropriately and avoid or reduce negative damage. A crucial aspect of the successful development or management of an enterprise is to anticipate and address common legal matters properly. That’s why you need a lawyer who is well versed in handling business or corporate legal issues.

There are many attorneys and law firms in Brazil but it is crucial to do your research before making a decision. Find a lawyer that focuses on the area of law you need help with. Whether you are a corporate executive or a business owner it’s imperative to hire the best business lawyer you can find.When business disputes occur and can’t be resolved through arbitration or negotiation, litigation is the next step to resolve the matter. Whether it’s an organization or an entrepreneur that has a legal situation with another enterprise or entity, a knowledgeable business lawyer will look assess the situation or circumstances surrounding the issue and take appropriate steps to resolve it through business litigation. You’ll need to request a consultation to discuss with your lawyer.

As an experienced business litigation lawyer, Ricardo Tosto advises business and corporate clients in a vast range of litigation, including situations involving shareholders, partnerships, liabilities, disputes, and contracts. Ricardo Tosto can also provide services in areas such as corporate structure or intellectual property. He can help you with your business or corporate legal needs. Numerous business owners and organizations in Brazil rely on him for top notch legal solutions. Ricardo Tosto has gained a great reputation representing businesses and individual clients before state and federal courts throughout Brazil. With more than 22 years in practice, Ricardo Tosto certainly has the ability to advise you or handle your litigation case.

Paul Mampilly Sees Big Changes Coming to the Automotive Industry

In a recent blog post, Paul Mampilly sees major changes coming to the automobile industry. Of course, he’s not alone. Most people have heard of driverless vehicles and services such as Uber and Lyft. But most people are not really preparing for the massive transformation that’s coming to the transportation industry.

To start off, Paul Mampilly details how most people discount the extremely high cost of owning a car. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, on average people use their car just 4% a day. For that 4% of their day, people pay an average of $35,000 just to own the car. Of course, cars come with a lot of associated costs, such as: gas, oil, personal property taxes, insurance, parking fees, driver licenses, the expense of building garages and so on. People justify those costs because they use the car to get to work and for the personal convenience. The same study also found that 25% of people would be better off just paying for Uber or Lyft when they need to go somewhere.

Paul Mampilly points out 96% of the car industry would be unnecessary if the world used the supply of cars optimally. People would b better off financially just using a driverless car from Uber. This means the automobile industry is headed for a massive collapse. More about, visit here.

That goes against the trend. In 1900, the United States had 800 cars. By 1910, it was 458,500. By 1920, Americans owned 8.2 million cars. That’s heavy growth, and the automobile has become an intrinsic part of American culture. In 2016, Americans bought 17.55 million cars. That’s the seventh year in a row car sales have gone up. In his blog post, Mampilly says he told his son the boy would probably never need to know how to drive. That’s incredible to try to imagine, a whole generation of Americans who do not view getting a driver’s license as a rite of passage into adulthood.

The autonomous car division of Google/Alphabet, Waymo, is already testing new transportation systems. When cars are totally autonomous, the interior can be dramatically redesigned so people can eat, work or sleep while they’re riding.

Paul Mampilly writes the investment newsletter Profits Unlimited from Banyan Hill Publishing. He keeps his eye on the latest megatrends in technology and the rest of the world, then finds the companies that will most profit from these megatrends, and writes about them for his subscribers.

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Graham Edwards’ contributions to Telereal Trillium

Graham Edwards is a graduate of Cambridge University where he studied Economics. He is currently enrolled at King’s College London studying MA in International Relations. Graham has held high-rank positions in various companies including BT Group Plc as the head of finance in the department of property. He has worked at Merrill Lynch Investment Management and Telereal Services Ltd as a fund manager and Joint Chief Executive Officer respectively.

Edwards today serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Telereal Trillium where he oversees the company’s overall strategy and direction. Since he joined the company in 2001, Graham has contributed greatly to its growth. He is behind the success of an outsourcing deal worth £2.4billion which involved the transfer of 6,700 properties from BT to Telereal. In 2009, Telereal acquired Trillium from Land Securities Group Plc, thanks to Graham. The acquisition resulted into Telereal Trillium being named top expert in investment and property outsourcing. The deal has enabled the firm to generate excess revenue of £1 billion every year.

Graham Edwards is also the Chief Investment Officer and Consultant of Talisman Global Asset Management and the B Pears Trust respectively. He also serves as the Director of Flagstaff 1, Flagstaff 2 and Trillium Holdings Limited. Graham maintains membership of several organizations including the UK Society of Investment Professionals, the Association of Corporate Treasurers and the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. He also takes part in several charitable and community-based projects. Edwards is currently the Committee/Board member of World ORT, UJIA, Portland Trust, UK MDA, One Voice Europe, Pennies and British Friends of the Hebrew University.


About Telereal Trillium

Telereal Trillium is a private company offering property investment and management services across the UK. Based in London, the company owns and runs a portfolio of over 8,000 properties making it among the biggest property companies in the region. Telereal Trillium has partnered with large dwellers such as DVLA, Aviva, BT and the Department for Work and Pension.

Due to its outstanding service delivery and innovations, the company has received numerous local, regional and global recognition and awards. Some of the recent recognitions include Corporate Supporter of the Year by Tomorrow’s People Awards, Best Private Development of the Year by Homes for Scotland Awards and Payroll Giving Quality Mark-Gold.


Dr. Mark McKenna Improving Lifes Through Aesthetic Medicine.

For many doctors, helping people lead a happy and healthier life is the most fulfilling aspect of their career. However, there is one special surgeon who is helping thousands of patients across the country through his medical and entrepreneurial skills. That surgeon, Mr. Mark McKenna, is on a mission to help as many people achieve the body of their dreams.

Dr. Mark McKenna is the CEO of OVME Aesthetics. This unique company matches people with medical professionals who specialize in procedures. Because people are mostly unfamiliar with aesthetics medical professionals in their area, OVME helps patients find the right professional for their elective procedures. With the leadership of Dr. Mark McKenna, OVME Aesthetics is one of the most popular services of its kind.

With decades of experience in medicine, Dr. Mark McKenna saw an opportunity to create an easy way for patients to find the best experts for their botox, skin peel, body sculpting or body hair removal procedures. The result is that OVME Aesthetics is helping thousands of patients get the procedure they want from a qualified professional whom they trust.

In addition to his work with OVME Aesthetics, Dr. Mark McKenna is also active in his community, the city of New Orleans. In addition to being a board member for the New Orleans Jazz Festival, Mr. McKenna is also a board member of the New Orleans Development Board.

Dr. Mark McKenna is a licensed medical doctor and surgeon. Prior to being the CEO and founder of OVME Aesthetics, he was the CEO and founder of ShapeMed. Dr, McKenna received his training at Tulane University’s School of Medicine. After graduation, Dr. McKenna practiced medicine and was also the founder of McKenna Venture Investments, a real estate investment firm. After the Hurricane Katrina disaster, Dr. McKenna shifted his entrepreneurial focus from real estate to the medical business. Today, Dr. Mark McKenna is the CEO of OVME a leading aesthetics medical company which helps the patient through their elective procedure process.

Showing Leadership As Employee At OSI Group

Leadership is a quality that many aspire to demonstrate. People who can demonstrate leadership qualities are people who are likely to succeed in the world of business. Those who wish to work at OSI Group and wish to demonstrate their ability to lead are likely to find a life and a career right here. Company officials such as Chief Operating Officer and president are pleased to welcome all those can show others how to find their own best personal qualities. They look for candidates for employment who have a long history of demonstrating their ability to show insight and their ability to lead both large and small groups. Those who are looking for a company that offers a vibrant corporate culture can happily apply here for a job in the food services industry. They will find a receptive company that promotes from within and is looks to discover talent in all who work there.

Dedicated to Excellence

OSI Group was founded nearly a hundred years ago by a man with great insight. He looked at the Midwest and saw endless and tremendous opportunity at every single turn. Today, it is this very same culture of devotion to exploring opportunity that continues to inform the company. Those who have leadership qualities and have demonstrated them in the past can be part of a company that will continue to allow them to be leaders in their field. With headquarters in the booming town of Aurora, IL and subsidiaries across the world, they know that they must look for employees who can help them carry out the vision of their founder and continue to bring it to life. For those who want to be all they can be, they will the tools they need right at OSI Group.

Creating a Partership

As an employee, people are encouraged to realize they are part of a great partnership. Company officials strive to delivery high quality, high value foods to their clients in other parts of the globe. Those who join this company can be assured they are entering into an important partnership that will enable them to earn a paycheck and create a career as well. Each employee is seen an important resource by company officials. They are trusted with the important task of taking raw materials and making them delicious. Employees who can demonstrate leadership here will find this a great place to work.

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Anthony Petrello Leads Nabors Industries on to Market Domination.

The petroleum extraction industry has long been one of the most competitive and dynamic businesses in the United States. Going through cycles of boom and bust that would leave most other industries shaking in their boots, the wildcatters of the petroleum extraction business in the United States have long been hard men of strong character, willing to do what it takes to make a buck and go the extra mile to make sure that the country has the energy on which it can thrive.

Of all the roughneck CEOs of oil businesses throughout the United States, perhaps nobody fits the archetype better than Tony Petrello. Although he looks the part, Tony Petrello is also one of the most highly credentialed and well-educated CEOs in the entire petroleum business. With a Juris Doctor degree from Havard Law School and an MS in mathematics from Yale, Petrello maybe the most intelligent CEO of any petroleum firm in the United States.

And he has used his intelligence to his benefit and to the benefit of stakeholders in his firm. Petrello first came to work for Nabors Industries while still a junior partner with bankruptcy workout specialist law firm Baker McKenzie. Nabors Industries had fallen on extremely tough times and was going through a period of financial restructuring. The board of directors noticed that Petrello had many of the qualities that they were looking for in the next CEO. They also realized that they would need a special kind of person to lead them out of their corporate restructuring, someone who would be able to see the contours of the future and lead the company into areas of high profitability.

They selected Petrello to join the executive team. Throughout the 1990s, this proved to be a highly propitious bet, with the company entering some of the most high-tech fields in the petroleum extraction business. To know more, click here.

Under Petrello’s leadership, Nabors Industries was able to successfully enter the realm of hydraulic fracturing. At the time, this was a little-known technique of oil extraction that was hardly in use at all. But throughout the 1990s, Nabors Industries was able to perfect platforms that were able to highly effectively and efficiently extract oil from some of the more difficult shale deposits across the North American landscape.

This bet would prove to be incredibly profitable, with the opening of the Bakken Shale formation in North Dakota providing a windfall of hydraulic fracturing opportunities for Nabors Industries.

Anthony Petrello @