Onelogin’s Remarkable Blend of Creative and Educative Content

Most websites in the 21st century envisage offering the most intriguing and exciting content for their readers. For this purpose, the content producers take the high road to come up with captivating titles and creatively orchestrated storylines. A classic example of the modern top-notch websites that blend exquisite creativity and exceptional educative content is Onelogin.

A perfect manifestation of this amalgamation of creative and educative content was when they published a witty allegory of how the block-buster TV series, Game of Thrones enlightens the modern human population about cyber security. The website delves into three basic tenets of cyber security that are immaculately exhibited in the popular TV series. These tenets basically revolve around the concept of Firewalls, and they include the existence of ‘Zombie Accounts’, the indispensable role that everyone has to play in Cyber security, and the need to take potential threats seriously.

While shedding light on the concept of Zombie Accounts, the website makes a reference to Season one of Game of Thrones where the bodies of slain Night Watchmen are recovered and taken back to Castle Black. One of the bodies turns out malevolent upon reincarnation as a Wight and mounts a scathing attack on Jon Snow who sets it on fire and annihilates it. This analogy seeks to advise cyber security teams to get rid of the accounts of former employees who may turn rogue against them.

The website then touches on the essence of taking potential threats seriously when it makes reference to an episode in which the Night Watch requested the Southerners to give them more resources to defend the seven kingdoms against the possible attack by the White Walkers. The Southerners despised this request with the belief that the White Walkers were an unrealistic myth, an assumption that they later regret.

Finally, the website brilliantly enlightens the Cyber Security realm on the critical role that every stakeholder in cyber security has to play in order to ensure that breaches to various Firewalls are minimal to non-existent. It clearly points out to various episodes of Game of Thrones where the regrettable lacklustre and sloppy nature of the Night Watch is exhibited. The website ultimately advises that an all-hands-on-deck approach must be adopted at all times in the cyber security and that every available manpower and resource must be put into use.

Talkspace: The Resources that People Truly Need

For the longest time, people have focused only on the physical needs. The unfortunate fact is that the emotional needs of people are every bit as important, and if they are neglected, they can cause a wide range of problems that can interfere with the physical needs of people. One of the most important aspects of the emotional needs for people is the relational aspects. It is very important for people to have healthy relationships, otherwise, they are going to be faced with plenty of issues. Unfortunately, so many people find themselves in a relationship with sociopaths and other personality disorders.

Fortunately, there are resources for people to get the support and the knowledge they need in order to handle their relationship with the sociopath. Talkspace is one of the sources that help people in all aspects of this type of relationship. Among the topics that are featured on Talkspace is actually walking away from a sociopath. One thing about dealing with a sociopath is that it is a really huge nightmare. There is often a lot of abuse involved. Among the common forms of abuse with a sociopath are mental, emotional, and sometimes physical. Of course any type of abuse should not be tolerated, but when it gets physical, that is definitely the time to run.

One particular article talks about divorcing a sociopath. One thing about divorcing a sociopath is that it is not an easy thing to do. For one thing, the sociopath can cause a lot of issues because he does not have any regard for other people. Ge does not care who he hurts or harms when it comes to what he is after. One thing the author of the article on Talkspace has stated about sociopaths is that they can be hard to spot for some people.

An in depth look at Cancer Treatment Centers of America:

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a place where a Cancer patient can go to receive some of the best treatment currently available for various Cancers. In addition, Cancer Treatment Centers of America has a staff of trained and caring individuals that will offer emotional support to make the Cancer patient’s journey a bit easier.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has facilities located in Philadelphia, Phoenix, Atlanta, Chicago and Tulsa Oklahoma. The center uses the most advanced state of the art technology for detection as well as treatment of Cancer. Cancer Treatment Centers of America treats various Cancers including Breast, Lung, Colon, Pancreatic, Prostate, Skin, Thyroid, Bladder, Uterine and much more.

The center is one of the few in the nation that uses Genomic testing as well as Immunotherapy when treating certain Cancers. In addition, CTC uses Targeted Therapy in an attempt to isolate and destroy invasive Cancer cells. Targeted Therapy will destroy the harmful Cancer cells however, it will leave healthy cells unharmed.

Once a Cancer diagnosis is confirmed the Physician will recommend a treatment plan which may include surgery, Chemo-therapy and possibly radiation. Each Cancer is different this is why an individualized treatment plan must be agreed upon by both Physician as well as the patient.

CTC will manage any pain or discomfort a patient may experience during their Cancer treatment. Anti-nausea medications are used frequently to manage patient nausea following Chemo-therapy.

CTC is continually involved with clinical trials. Physicians may test new drugs and treatments for Cancer on a select group of patients. All results of any clinical trials performed at the center will be carefully documented and evaluated. Some Cancer patients do respond quite well to new Cancer drugs which are still in the clinical testing phase.

Please visit Cancer Treatment Centers of America does accept calls 24/7. Feel free to contact the center will any questions or concerns. CTC accepts most insurance. Cancer Treatment Centers of America provides patients with hope as well as exceptional care when having to face the reality of Cancer.

ClassDojo for Class Communications Home

ClassDojo simplifies the communication between classroom teachers and their students’ parents. Teachers and parents download the ClassDojo app, teachers send the parents a confirmation number and they are instantly connected. Teachers assign each student a fun “monster” avatar and can give instant feedback, positive or negative, to the student simply by clicking on it. Many teachers choose to project the teacher site on the board and students can see when a teacher clicks on their avatar to note behavior.

Teachers also have the opportunity to share messages and pictures with parents throughout their day. No more waiting for back-to-school night, open house, or teacher conferences. Teachers and parents have an immediate means of communication, teachers can message en masse or individually. ClassDojo even offers translation into 35 different languages, so no one is left out.

Students love the monster avatar, which the teachers is able to customize for each child. ClassDojo offers immediate feedback. The app includes positive reinforcements for teachers to select from including: helping others, on task, participating, persistence, teamwork, working hard, and an option to add more. There is a “needs work” option where teachers can create their own class rules to show students when they are pushing the limits. Students can watch their avatar average a “green” percentage for positives or “red” for those needs work moments. Parents don’t have to wait for notes home informing them of their student’s behavior, they simply open the app and can see exactly when their student earned a positive or a needs work moment.

ClassDojo now offers lesson plan ideas with short videos to teachers on how to use the app to teach Growth Mindset: the “I can do it!” attitude, perseverance, empathy, gratitude, and mindfulness. More than just a communication tool, ClassDojo can help create a culture of learning within the classroom with everyone involved.

How Drew Madden has Helped to Reform the Healthcare industry.

Drew Madden is the founder and chief executing officer of Evergreen Healthcare Partners. He is a professional healthcare majoring in information technology. He is serving the healthcare industry for over a decade. Madden has a degree in industrial engineering from the University of Lowa. As an entrepreneur, Mr. Drew establishes competent workforce, dynamic company culture, and strong customer relations. Drew Madden uses technical EMR background together with his experience to help healthcare IT specialists in designing successful Epic implementation groups.

The healthcare professional is gifted with skills in planning, execution and optimizing health records in hospitals. He engages in partnerships with companies to implement, troubleshoot and find challenges experienced in medical reports. Drew Madden served as a consultant of Cerner Cooperation for two years before joining Healthia where he worked as a consultant too. Healthia was later sold to Ingenix, giving Madden an opportunity to serve Ingenix as the regional sales director. He was privileged to offer sales consultation and client development services in Epic, GE-IDX, and Allscripts Practices during his tenure at the company.

The IT entrepreneur advanced to Nordic Consulting Partners, serving as the president. His duties included overseeing business development, recruitment, and operations within the enterprise. Drew Madden positively impacted the heroic consulting firm by increasing the employees from 10 to 725 workers and raising the company’s revenue from $1,000,000 to $130,000,000 annually. He also brought more clients to the company from three to 150 customers. With experience in information technology, leadership, project management and consulting services, Mr. Drew formed the Evergreen Healthcare Partners.

Evergreen Healthcare provides consultation services for electronic health record platforms and specialized healthcare technology, which helps organizations achieve their goals. Drew Madden ensures enterprises maximize on their IT investments, improve their outcomes and increase customer satisfaction. The company greatly values client preference focusing on long-term success by providing talent management solutions. The technology expert campaigns for the upgrading of hospital equipment and software, which helps to protect patients and improve health conditions of patients. Drew Madden urges healthcare entrepreneurs to involve 3D printing, artificial intelligence, brain-computer interfaces, robotic applications to medicine, and point-of-care diagnostics, as technologies that have a great impact in the industry.

David Giertz and retirement planning

Retirement planning is intimidating for the most financially savvy among us. It is a subject that is sure to inspire a collective sigh whenever it’s brought up. Dull and complicated it may be, but it’s a conversation that is far from unnecessary. Despite this, many people don’t begin planning until they are close to retirement and often plan ineffectively. Luckily David Giertz, an experienced financial Advisor, recently provided some tips during an interview. He advises that people considering early retirement at approximately 55 years old should save approximately 33 times their annual salary. Giertz recommends reviewing the retirement account that you have to make sure it suits your plans, especially if those plans include an early retirement.

David Giertz is considered one of the best Financial Advisors in the industry. He has over 31 years of experience. Currently, he applies that experience at Nationwide Financial distributors INC where he has been the president since March of 2013. He also employs his skills by serving as president, senior vice president and director for other nationwide companies.

David Giertz has successfully passed 4 financial advisor certifications. These exams included the Municipal Securities Principal, the General Securities Principal Examination, Uniform Securities Agen State Law Examination, and the General Securities Representative Examination. He has also done several interviews encouraging people to reconsider how they plan for retirement. He also strives to convey how consulting a financial planner can make a huge difference in how prepared you are for retirement. A well-trained financial planner can help potential retirees see and sidestep major potential pitfalls.

Logan Stout Empowers Healthcare Affiliates to Make Money with IDLife

IDLife provides a new and innovative way for affiliates, ranging from physical therapists to fitness enthusiasts to earn money. The company, which was founded and is headed by Logan Stout, offers a wide selection of nutritional supplements tailored toward people with different health and wellness needs. With many different ways to make some extra money, anyone with a passion for nutrition and healthy living can help others while also padding their wallets.

How IDLife Works

If you sign up as an IDLife associate, you get a choice of 14 different ways to earn. To get started, all you need to do is sign up and pay a small startup fee, and you can immediately start finding buyers. To sweeten the deal, you can get cash back up to $400 if you purchase the enrollment kit or any products. If you want to start making cash quickly and are ready to invest the time and effort, it is possible to earn back the startup fee in your first week.

Instead of ordering inventory and having to ship it to customers when they make orders, IDLife fulfills the customer orders and ships them for you. All you have to do is set up the sales. That is made easy by the fact that the reasonable and proven science behind the company’s products, their high quality, and their personalized nature make them an easy sell. To further ease your task, you get your replica of IDLife website.

About The Company

IDLife was founded in 2014 by Logan Stout with a focus on personalized nutrition and fitness. The company is easily one of the top 100 affiliate marketing companies in the world regarding members and sales volumes. What makes IDLife stand out from other companies in its category is that it focuses on individual customers’ health needs and offers personalized nutritional supplements.

The company improves the health and well-being of its customers. It also provides a lucrative earning opportunity for individuals with a passion for healthy living for themselves and others. IDLife members earn generous commissions, which are boosted even further when they get others to sign up as associates.

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5 Benefits of Installing Crown Moulding in Your Home


You’ve probably been in a few houses and establishments with crown moulding detailing, but have you ever considered having it in your own home? Since the ‘minimalist’ movement in the 1950s, preferences have switched to a modern and streamlined look. Before you write crown mouldings off without a second glance, let’s take a look at its benefits and use in various types of houses.


From Traditional to Minimalistic



Simple crown moldings work very well in traditional settings. To retain an opulent feel and detailed carvings, regular material choices are plaster and wood. Although there are many more materials you can use these days, the grandeur and splendour from a traditional design (e.g. acanthus or egg-and-dart) is really on another level. If you’re considering a more elaborate design for your space but lack the ceiling height, you should ensure that the wall and crown moulding colour is the same to give the illusion of continuity.


On the other hand, a minimalistic approach for crown mouldings is no less elegant. Focusing on clean lines and a flatter design, this type of crown moulding blends in beautifully in a streamlined surrounding. To ensure that your room looks less cluttered, the crown moulding should be in a matching or neutral shade.


A Great Addition for High Ceilings



If you have a grand foyer or living room, it seems a shame to leave the upper walls bare. The trend for coffered ceilings is recently making a comeback and can be matched beautifully with more elaborate crown mouldings. Room heights of more than 15 feet will greatly benefit from a crown moulding fitting as it helps to furnish the upper walls and lends a majestic air with very little effort.


Suitable for Any Type of Edge and Room Shape

There is an unspoken rule of thumb that 1 feet of ceiling height allows for an addition of 1” of crown moulding. In the case of a 9 foot ceiling, the maximum size for a crown moulding should be 9”. Although that is typically true for a lot of rooms, the size of your crown mouldings is really all up to you.


Due to the emergence of new, flexible materials for crown mouldings, it’s now very possible to create a crown moulding for curves without having to order an expensive custom plaster creation. Since you can always get a perfect edging, you won’t be left hanging with bare spots and exposed walls.


Eliminates Wall and Ceiling Irregularities



It can’t be denied that crown mouldings are a great choice for cover-ups. If you’re left with a bad paint job or uneven plastering, the addition of a crown moulding will effectively hide these spots and provide a new key feature for your upper wall and ceiling. It also helps to provide relief from a single tone wall and accentuates the corners of a space.


Providing an Elegant Finish



A French-inspired style really benefits from the addition of crown mouldings. If adding it your walls and ceilings is inconvenient, the next logical step would be putting the finishing touches on cabinets (especially in the kitchen). Its presence immediately lends an air of Old World elegance. For a lighter feel, you can consider smaller crown moulding with shallow indentations.



There’s really nothing wrong with using more than one type of crown moulding in the same space. To reduce the amount of lines and elaborate details, you can experiment with a curved crown moulding and a flat panel crown moulding. Whichever your combination choice, the end result should be a polished finish that complements the entire design of the space.


If you love the idea of an elegant setting that suits any type of interior (e.g. Contemporary, Traditional, Eclectic), installing crown moulding is definitely the way to go. With so many types of materials and styles in the market these days, it’s more likely that you’ll have a harder time deciding what to use instead of worrying about a lack of choice.




Tony Petrello’s Journey to Success

Antony Petrello commonly known as Tony is the acting CEO of Nabor Industries. The successful business executive was born and raised in a middle-class family in Newark, New Jersey. Newark is a famous neighborhood predominantly occupied by Italians. This area is widely recognized of its strong cultural observance. The community there encourages hard work, values honesty, and strongly rebukes dishonesty. These values have played a great role in the success of Tony.

Petrello attended public schools and had a simple life as this is what his parents afforded. His humble background did not deter him from succeeding in life. He realized from a tender age that success is as a result of hard work. He tirelessly spent most of his time in books. Tony Petrello became very famous amongst his peers when in high school for his outstanding mathematics skills. His efforts and determination were noticed by professors from Yale university and he was awarded a fully paid scholarship.

At Yale college, Tony continued to shine despite facing fierce competition from his fellow undergraduate scholars. It was during his college years that Antony came across Serge Lang, a distinguished Mathematics scholar, and a professor. Serge mentored Tony throughout his educational journey. Petrello at one point helped Serge Lang in his research work regarding number theory.

Petrello just like many of us had some challenges in school. He lost his passion for mathematics and decided to look for an alternative. He dropped his mathematics course and applied for a law degree at Harvard law school. He studied law with the same vigor and passion he had for mathematics.

After completing his law degree, Tony joined Baker & McKenzie law firm in 1979. There he sharpened his skills in business law and more specifically on taxation and arbitration. He carried out his duties with hard work and passion. In 1986, due to his remarkable performance, he was appointed as the managing partner of Baker and McKenzie New York division.

While at McKenzie law firm he came across a client by the name Nabors industries, a natural gas and oil drilling company. Tony impressed the managers at Nabor industries, and they offered him better employment terms.

He joined Nabor Industries in 1991 as the COO. Later in the year, he was appointed to sit on its board of directors and the executive committee. Due to his outstanding performance, Tony was elected as the president of Nabor industries in 1992. He continues to serve in this capacity up to date and has delivered a lot to his company.

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A Comprehensive Service In Digital Banking

The first thing to look for in a bank who offers digital services is the collection of add-ons. This completes the entire picture of what you’re going to get. NexBank, therefore, created the most comprehensive package for you. We did so because it doesn’t make sense to us that you have online banking only.

By expanding the potential, the tools and the use of each digital account, we empower our clients in their personal, financial goals. The more flexibility you have the better. You need every new feature, every safe component and a great customer service team ready to serve you daily.

You won’t need a degree in digital to operate your account, but it doesn’t hurt to also have specialists who are waiting to help you along the way.

Featuring The Best Safety Methods Possible

But all of this means nothing if the online NexBank account wasn’t safe.

We know the dangers in using the Internet, but NexBank also knows the tremendous value in keeping you safe throughout the process. There’s nothing better than to know that your money is secure, but you also have to consider the safety you need when operating your access to cash.

For example, if you’re accessing our bank information, the digital infrastructure posses as much of a threat to your safety as do thieves walking into our bank. So our safety features cover all angles. That includes when you access accounts, when you’re in that account and then safety measures for when you leave it.

The boundary that digital imposes, it forces us to consider your needs and in depth. And this is just what we did at NexBank. We created an easy to use digital account and with great safety features.

We also did it just for you. …