Betsy DeVos Combines Her Philanthropy with Her Politics

Philanthropy combined with politics may sound like a joke. Perhaps in most cases, it would be a joke. But Betsy DeVos takes both her philanthropy and her politics seriously and relies on both of them in her position as the Education Secretary of the United States. Betsy DeVos actually found herself tapped to be the next Education Secretary of the United States due to both her philanthropy to education initiatives and her past political experience as the chairperson of the Michigan GOP organization and her political donations to GOP candidates who support the same education programs that Betsy and her husband Dick DeVos support.


This combination of political and philanthropic stances makes Betsy DeVos an interesting and perhaps well-needed addition to the education department. Betsy DeVos has long been aware of the problems within the education department because her philanthropy is mainly aimed at fixing those issues. She has been putting a considerable amount of time into donating and meeting with students who have potential but lack the resources to attend schools that would be better suited for their needs. As Education Secretary, DeVos has continued to visit schools and students to figure out what can be improved to make students succeed in the future. The future of the country depends on the success and advancements made by the students of this country. What they are learning in the classroom is going to be the base outline for what they do next with their lives. DeVos wants to be helpful with that stage in students’ lives. She wants to make the education department help students learn more in areas that the United States has been falling behind in. She wants more students to have opportunities that are suitable for their needs.


The education department has been changed in other ways by Betsy DeVos and her philanthropic and political mindset. President Trump decided to remove transgender bathroom rights that had been ordered by former President Obama. Betsy DeVos disagreed with President Trump’s decision, although she also disagreed with President Obama ordering all schools to have transgender bathroom rights. She wrote a letter to the education department and directed it toward the different school districts across the nation stating that she disagreed with President Trump’s decision, but that she thought the school districts could use the opportunity to make their own policies about transgender bathroom rights for transgender faculty and students.


While DeVos has been met with harsh criticism by the media, she has also been met with praise by members of Congress for her push to make the education department better and for her belief that an open debate should be implemented in Congress regarding the school shootings and whether or not if it is a mental health crisis that needs to be addressed more than a gun issue. Betsy DeVos will continue to do the best job that she can as the Education Secretary with the praise and with the criticism of her combined political and philanthropic mindset.


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Neurocore And Their Use of Applied Neurofeedback

Neurocore has become one of the leading authorities on applied neurosciences and neurofeedback but most of their employees have no idea where its origins come from. As it turns out, its past is rooted in the legacy of the founding fathers of modern electrophysiology and bioelectric theory, Luigi Galvani and Alessandro Volta. Back in the late 1700’s, they first observed the effects of neurofeedback when they attached iron legs to a fence during a thunderstorm and observed what happened. They discovered the legs tended to contract whenever a streak of lightning appeared in the sky and they deduced that electrical variations in the current were causing this. However, it wasn’t until around the early 1800’s that they were able to definitively prove it. See more information about Neurocore at

Their findings and research laid the groundwork for one of the most groundbreaking inventions in the history of applied neuroscience. They named it the electroencephalogram or EEG for short, which is often used by Neurocore. This device enables scientists to use metal discs known as electrodes to monitor the brainwaves of their patients by attaching them to their scalps. In the beginning, they were often used as a method of treating and diagnosing patients suffering from epilepsy but, nowadays, it is more commonly used to treat people who are suffering from a wide array of neurological disorders such as brain dysfunction, encephalopathy or inflammation of the brain.


As it happens, the inventor of the EEG, Hans Berger, was also the first scientist to observe the effects of his invention on a living test subject when he used his son as a lab rat. He documented his findings in a 1929 paper which was aptly called About The Human EEG. His findings and research would eventually pave the way for the development of the quantitative electroencephalogram, more commonly known as Qeeg. Neurocore now uses this technology to analyze the brainwaves of their patients in an effort to develop the most effective treatment methods for patients with depression. Someday, Neurocore aspires to develop a surefire cure as well. So we wish them the best of luck on their research. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

OSI Industries Awarded With the Globe Of Honor Award

OSI Industries has been in business for a long time now serving various countries around the globe. The company currently has 65 facilities distributes across 17 countries. Since its launch hundred years ago, the company has aimed to provide the best of services to its clients.

For their remarkable works, OSI was recently awarded the Globe of Honor Award for 2016 from the British Safety Council. To be awarded his honor, the company had to pass specific requirement which included getting a five stars ranking in the British Safety Councils management from August 2015 to July 2016. The company also had to excel in their environmental management programs. OSI provides quality food products such as bacon, chicken, burgers, pizzas and so many more. Learn more about OSI Industries at Bloomberg.

OSI Industries was among eighteen companies to receive the Global of Honor Award. The award was given to Kelly Grimwood, Environmental Manager at OSI by Mike Robinson, the CEO of the British Safety Council.

Apart from the global of honor award, OSI Industries has received many awards over the years. The company was awarded Globe of Honors in 2013 and 2015. The company also got a Sword of Honor award back in 2015.

OSI was also won the McDonald’s Best of Sustainable Supply Award and California Green Business Award.

Some of OSI Industries subsidiaries have been given various tributes for their significant contributions to the societies. These OSI subsidiaries include GenOSI based in the Philippine which was recognized for their efforts to train animal welfare officers. Another branch was K&K Foods, which is located in Taiwan, was recognized for developing an innovative system that recycles and re-purpose wastewater. Lastly, Vista Processed Foods was recognized for two initiatives, one for water conservation in the area and the other one on providing education to farmers regarding the handling of chemicals and pesticides.

Two years ago, OSI Industries was ranked #58 on Forbes list of largest private companies with a sales worth of $6.1 billion. The company has purchased many food companies in different parts of the globe. Among the acquired companies include, Turi Foods, Baho Foods, and Flagship Europe.

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U.S. Money Reserve Has Put Out Yet Another Amazing Coin Through Its Legendary Precious Metals Branch

The long-anticipated release of the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them coins from legendary government issued coin distributor and precious metals dealer U.S. Money Reserve is finally here.

The company has released this exciting new offering through its branch called Legendary Precious Metals. This new offering is based on the work of the famous and celebrated author J.K. Rowling who is best known for the creation of the Harry Potter series. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

This new U.S. Money Reserve release is in commemoration of the newest film that will be released based on the author’s works. This film is entitled Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and thus the coins released by U.S. Money Reserve bear the same name.

This exciting new U.S. Money Reserve release comes in the form of a silver coin that weighs one ounce and is a .999 silver black proof. This exclusive mintage will be a rare and limited one indeed as only a grand total of ten thousand will be created and made available to the public.

Whether a person is a die-hard fan of the Harry Potter universe or just a die-hard coin collector who tried to get their hands on every commemorative set that is released, these coins are sure to please.

The will be available until the end of October 2018 by the way of the Legendary Precious Metals website that is a part of the U.S. Money Reserve family.

U.S. Reserve’s team is really proud of this latest offering and the firm’s Chief Numismatist, John Rothans, has expressed the fact that this coin was designed to appeal to all coin collectors as well as Potter fans alike.

This is also only the beginning as this coin is the first release of what will be a series of commemorative style coins that will come out under the Legendary Precious Metals moniker.

The whole idea behind the founding of U.S. Reserve back in 2001 was to offer outstanding customer service in the field of government issued, precious metal coinage. The company has developed an impeccable reputation doing exactly that and is one of the world’s largest firms of its type today.

U.S. Money Reserve offers its customers a unique opportunity to add some great, diverse assets to their investment portfolio and the company’s commitment to outstanding service has garnered it a customer base that is into the hundreds of thousands.

Stream Energy Giving Back to the Society

Over the years, Stream Energy has been one of the leading connecting life services and direct selling companies. Stream Energy offers efficient services to their clients. In the recent past, Stream Energy Patch has created stream care for philanthropy. These foundations in partnership with Hope Supply Co. have been of help to alleviate the homeless people in the streets of Dallas. During the dropping of Hurricane Harvey rains, Stream Cares foundation and some other companies across the United States have stood with families affected by the flooding.


During the Hurricane Harvey flooding, some companies did not help as people lost their lives, pets and properties but Stream Care Foundation opted to give a helping hand. They used the resources earned and money earned from their hard and successful sales of energy, becoming the first company to fund the recovery process. The company used the saving of its clients to support victims of the hurricane to ease their financial burden. Since then, the corporate philanthropy has been part of Stream Energy’s DNA, which has seen the foundation operating for more than 12 years now.

Stream Care foundation proved to other companies that they can join hands and be of great help by giving back to society. Stream care showed a good example, and other Dallas corporations are leveraging aid and compassion. Apart from giving back to the community, the companies also earn respect, gains customer loyalty and gains the loyalty of potential clients and the public at large.

Stream Care Foundation, under Stream Energy Patch, has been able to build up a good, strong and a long-term relationship with other charity offering foundations such as The Red Cross and the Habitat for Humanity to give better services to the community. For the company to bolster their philanthropic track records, they use their direct energy selling and pays its associates to build up a network of loyal clients who help to deliver a variety of goods and services.

A Top Name in the Hair Care World

When you care for your hair with the right products, you’ll notice healthy strands that enhance your appearance and make you feel prideful of yourself, as you always should. The Wen by Chaz Cleaning Shampoo is a product that you should have in your shower. This shampoo is a 5-in-1 product that cleanses and conditions and detangles the hair in ways that other products couldn’t fathom. Use the QVC advertised product for just three weeks and notice amazing differences in the look and feel of your hair.


Wen isn’t a new brand or a run of the mill company. Instead, it is a trusted, well-known brand that’s been happily serving the needs of clients for more than 20 years, see Founder Chaz Dean is a stylist to the stars and has a Beverly Hills based salon. He created the Cleansing Shampoo with the help of a team of scientists, ensuring that it delivers the results that it promises. Besides, there is a money-back guarantee offered just in case the shampoo does not surpass expectations.


The Cleaning Shampoo is the best-selling Wen by Chaz product, but certainly not the only item that you can find in the product line. If you need a product to make your hair look great, rest assured it is found in the WBC line. From styling tools to conditioners and tons of other items, this brand has what you need to maintain gorgeous locks of hair. Check out the products and get ready to experience haircare on a whole new level. Purchase WEN products on Amazon.

HCR Wealth Advisors and Its Work

HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm that works with high-end clients on their investments. The company helps their clients to invest in a variety of products, and they provide a high level of customer service. This is a boutique-style firm that is registered to help clients with their wealth management needs.

  1. HCR Wealth Advisors And Clients

Clients come to HCR Wealth Advisors because they want to work with a registered firm that offers a variety of services.  HCR Wealth Advisors assigns a team of advisors to most of its clients. The client is given a chance to learn about their finances, and they can turn to the team for help with new investment ideas.

  1. Diverse Trading

HCR Wealth Advisors helps people diversify their investments, and investors are shown how their options are performing any time that they like. The investors can move into places like stocks, bonds, commodities, and currency. HCR Wealth Advisors also helps people invest in real estate, and they send reports to their clients on their portfolios.

  1. Security

Security is a large part of what HCR Wealth Advisors does, and they protect every client using practices that are common throughout the industry.

  1. Education

HCR Wealth Advisors (@HCRwealth) establishes relationships with its customers through education. The company wants their clients to know about what they are investing in, and they are willing to answer any question that the customer wants. Customers who get confused by an investment or want to branch out can call this firm for help.

  1. Financial Goals

Financial goals are addressed by the staff at HCR Wealth Advisors, and they talk to their clients about what they want their money to do. Someone who wants to grow their portfolio should consider working with an HCR Wealth Advisors advisor because the firm can help a client reach their financial goals.

  1. Conclusion

The HCR Wealth Advisors team has worked with countless clients over the years, and they have created a boutique customer experience for their clients. There are many clients who come there to start investing or to build their existing portfolio. The atmosphere and security help the client feel as safe as possible.

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Victoria Doramus Is The Marketing Consultant With Ambition

Victoria Doramus is a high-level marketing professional who has an extensive background in creative works ranging from media and communication all the way to branding. Doramus has a strong history in the field of mass communication and she has collaborated with such high-profile companies as Mindshare, Creative Arts Agency and Trendera where she was brought on as a marketing expert and consultant. As a rising star in the field of marketing, Victoria Doramus has plenty of information and advice to share with people who are seeking to follow in her footsteps. let’s learn a little bit about Doramus as well as her take on being a career entrepreneur.

As an entrepreneur, even in the field of marketing, Doramus knows that she needs to be looking toward trends in order to make sure that she doesn’t fall behind her competition. Right now, Doramus is in love with the data revolution that is going on in the pockets of people all around the country. She is obsessed with data collection applications and tools and believes that the field has plenty going for it in the future.

When she isn’t working on a project, Doramus knows that she needs to keep her nose to the grindstone. In order to stay focused, Victoria Doramus keeps her own handwritten to-do list on her at all times. She’ll add to the list when projects arise and cross things off as she completes them. This tool effectively acts as a grounding mechanism, allowing Victoria to stay focused at almost all times.

Victoria Doramus got into marketing after gaining an extensive education. She earned a B.A. in journalism and mass communications from the University of Colorado in Boulder, CO. After graduating, Doramus would get right to work and through her own passion and drive she managed to score several high-profile jobs’ a marketing professional in a variety of different industries. She even worked as an assistant to Peter Berg, a world-renowned Hollywood director. When she isn’t working on creative endeavors, Doramus is focused on providing for people in need through her philanthropic outlook. Doramus is tied close to the Amy Winehouse Foundation, the Best Friend’s Animal Society and the Women’s Prison Association.

A Brief Overview of the Life of Scotland’s Titans, Alastair Borthwick

Before Alastair Borthwick came into the picture, Scotland’s outdoor activity arena remained a mystery to many. However, when he joined the Glasgow Herald and got promoted as editor, he helped change the story by depicting a better picture of the region’s outdoor activity through his piece, titled, “Always A Little Further.”This piece was just one in his collection of the pieces that he had initially written for Glasgow’s Herald.

Alastair was born in Rutherglen on 17th February 1913 but grew up in Troon prior to relocating to Glasgow where he enrolled for his high school education in Glasgow High school. In 1929, Alastair joined Glasgow Herald where his initial role was to take down copies from correspondents. That was quite a huge responsibility considering he was only sixteen. After a few years, he was promoted, and he began serving as the paper’s open-air editor. Thanks to this role that pieces like “Always A Little Further” were born because it exposed him to Glasgow’s hillwalking and climbing scene. This gave him the inspiration to start writing about the wider picture of Scotland’s outdoor activities.

In 1935, author Alastair Borthwick moved to London where he worked for the Daily Mirror. Even though it’s an opportunity many would kill for, London just wasn’t the place for him, and after twelve months, he relocated back to London where he began working as a radio correspondent at BBC. At the starting of the Second World War, Alastair joined the 5th battalion, known as Seaforth Highlanders in which he was appointed as the intelligence officer. The battalion traveled to different parts of the world during the war including North Africa, Germany, Sicily among many others.

After the war, he wrote the book, “Sans Peur, the history of the 5th (Caithness & Sutherland) Battalion, the Seaforth Highlanders” which talked about the battalion which he was part of, and the copy that was published in 1946. It is also after the war that he and his wife Anne moved to Jura where he again worked at BBC. Alastair Borthwick loved fishing and crafting, and he indulged heavily in these activities when he was not working. In 1952, he again moved back to Glasgow before moving into television in the 1960’s. After a decade on TV, Alastair moved to Ayrshire where he lived with his wife on a farm before moving to a nursing home in Beuth where he stayed until his death in September 2003.

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Aloha Construction Offers Invaluable Home Remodel Services

Many homeowners would agree that they encounter challenges in home improvement. But, finding the right contractor is the main issue. From installing kitchen cabinets to knocking down a wall or fixing the gutters, a general contractor understands your remodel needs. Aloha Construction is one such general contracting firm situated in Lake Zurich. The company was founded to provide clients with the highest level of construction at competitive prices. Aloha Construction maintains professionalism and honesty to ensure longevity through repeat as well as referrals acquired through customer satisfaction in various departments including timeliness and customer satisfaction.




Aloha values teamwork. The management offers life-long stable careers coupled with high grossing figure incomes. The team consists of people with an entrepreneurial spirit trained to take initiatives. Through their viable system, Aloha Construction has created intense volume. The team members are ready to handle apparent opportunities. The firm’s philosophy has been to offer quality products within the client’s budgets. The success of Aloha Construction lies with Dave Farbaky. He’s the founder and CEO. As a family-owned enterprise, the Lake Zurich -based company strives to deliver its services at affordable prices. With the help of Farbaky, Aloha has adopted effective policies to govern its operations.


Aloha’s Services


Aloha Construction will repair your home regardless of your needs. The firm is always available to manage minor or significant remodels or upgrades. It’s a one-stop unit that attends to every part of your home. The company specializes in:


Free property inspections

Gutter services

Window replacement

Free Property Inspections


Aloha provides free property inspections to homeowners located in Southern Illinois. If you need their services, you can contact it for risk-assessment.


Roof Repairs as well as Replacement


You may need to remodel your home since normal aging can destroy your shingles as well as the cedar shakes. Aloha has experts to repair such damage.


Gutter Services


Gutter services are necessary for protecting your home from water damages. They also prevent the need for investing in pricey repairs.


Aloha has mastered the art of providing clients with timely and affordable services. The management boasts of giving the best services in different capacities.