OSI Industries is a Food Company That Strives to Always Improve

Over the past couple of years, the global food processing firm OSI Industries has been keeping itself busy in terms of expansion of its operations. 2016 was a particularly eventful year for the company as it included a list of expansions and acquisitions that were done on both the domestic and the international front.

The big bit of news for OSI Industries on its domestic homefront was the purchase of a 20,000 square foot processing facility from the Tyson company that will serve as a second Chicago, Illinois area processing plant. As the needs of OSI’s clientele have developed over the years, strategic acquisitions like this are critical in order for the company to be able to meet the demand. OSI Executives have expressed a great deal of satisfaction in being able to make this purchase a reality.

In the same 2016 calendar year, OSI Industries has also gone forward with the acquisition of a pair of food companies in Europe. These acquisitions greatly strengthen the overall market share that OSI enjoys in the continent. The first of these companies is Baho Food, a Netherlands based deli meat, snack and convenience food operation that greatly boosts the OSI presence in continental Europe. The second firm OSI acquired is Flagship Europe, a firm based out of the United Kingdom that specializes in the distribution of sauces, marinades and sandwich fillings among other items. This move is a massive upgrade to OSI’s business model in the U.K. market.

Another huge gain that OSI Industries has made during the 2016 calendar year was in its markets in the Spanish and Portuguese areas. The company operates a processing facility in Toledo that is responsible for servicing these areas. A new production line has been added to this facility along with increased storage space, heightened security and sustainability measures and improved facilities for employees at the facility. The effect has been a doubling in the production of processed chicken from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons annually. The facility has also dramatically increased production of pork and beef. This upgrade in Spain was just one more major step in OSI’s banner expansion years of 2016.

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An In-Depth Look At Ryan Seacrest’s Journey To Becoming What He Is Today

Whether you love watching television or not, there is no doubt that you are familiar with the name Ryan Seacrest. He has been the face of various shows all his life, and whenever there is mention of famed shows like American Idol, you can never go past two sentences without hearing his name pop up along the way.

Seacrest has been living in the limelight for as far as we can remember and has held distinguished roles in all media related areas, from cable TV, local radio to broadcast. He is dubbed the king of shows as he began his career as a host for the famed Radical Outdoor Challenge. He played his role exceptionally well, a factor that helped open up an avenue of opportunities for him and within a short time, he was invited to host the renowned kids’ show known as Gladiators 2000 not once, but thrice.

Since then, Ryan Seacrest has never looked back and continues to scale the heights of the entertainment arena. His great sense of humor and charming personality has seen him win the hearts of viewers countless times, a factor that has seen him become the face of big TV shows such as American Idol which he began hosting during its first debut in 2002.

The show helped him gain global recognition, and since then he has gone on to host many other big shows such as American Jurors. He has held on this position for quite a long time now, and once again he will host the show during its 2018 spring season on ABC. Ryan Seacrest also hosts various local radio shows such as On air with Ryan and Live with Kelly and Ryan.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, besides entertainment, Ryan is an entrepreneur and holds a string of businesses in diverse fields. For instance, he is the man behind the Ryan Seacrest Production, a production company that has been behind some of the world’s favorite shows such as Keeping up with the Kardashians and even Netflix’s recent movie, Insatiable. Seacrest has excellent taste when it comes to dressing and keeping his body and skin in shape, a factor that drove him to establish the Ryan Seacrest Distinction, a clothesline company famed for its unique pieces and a partnership company known as Polished by Dr. Lancer which offers men skincare products.

Even though he has bagged numerous awards and boasts a lot of success, Ryan Seacrest has a big heart and understands that his success story would be a mere pipedream were it not for the community’s support. It is in respect to this that he established the Ryan Seacrest Foundation which aims at inspiring and giving hope to upcoming generations by combining entertainment and education focused initiatives.

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Victoria Doramus: The Long and Twisting Journey

A UK transplant to the Big Apple, Victoria Doramus is a vibrant, self-aware woman. But, those qualities didn’t arise overnight. Like many young people, Doramus faced down the demons of addiction not once, but many times. Today, with degrees in journalism and mass communication and experience in companies like Mindshare and Trendera, she has all the makings of a business maven. Back in her mid-twenties, however, Victoria Doramus was saddled with an Adderall addiction. In her profile on Medium, it says that add in cocaine and amphetamines and it’s easy to see how her life spiraled to a place of such chaos she was impelled to try rehab. An Arizona dry-out spot gave her some needed tools, but failed to instill in her a sense that what she had was not merely a series of problems, but a disease. It was inevitable that she would fail again and try rehab again, also unsuccessfully. Afraid she would die, willing to get arrested for a sense of momentary connection amidst a series of burnt bridges, Victoria Doramus tried rehab a third time, arriving at a Texas institution specifically meant for the chronic relapser.

According to blogwebpedia.com, at the Burning Tree, addicts went old school. There were chores, prayer times and the traditional 12 steps. Group meetings and AA were mandatory. Victoria Doramus was compelled to see herself through the eyes of her peers. She realized the pills were not the primary problem. The root addiction was to an unrealistic self-sufficiency that kept her believing she could control outcomes that were not in her hands. She had to learn how to own her behaviors and be realistic about what she could and could not control. Armed with newfound certainty that addiction is not surmounted without a loving community she has plans to create a halfway house in NYC that utilizes the 12 step model.

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Papa Johns CEO’s Courageous Letter To Customers

Papa John’s CEO, Steve Ritchie’s latest letter to customers may be the much needed game-changer in the pizza giant’s recent self-induced troubles and a first step in the right direction for the beleaguered company.

In contrast to a previous open letter on Papa John’s website, which was kind of lukewarm on compassion and apology, Steve Ritchie confronts the problem more effectively in the new letter by showing empathy, more vulnerability and offering a direct apology.

The well-crafted letter also makes a couple more wise moves in addressing what must be forefront on the minds of most customers or anyone with interest in the matter.

In this direct to customer letter, Steve Ritchie clearly re-states what the company stands for and wisely distances himself and the company from any one individual who may lay claim to ownership of the company. He unequivocally states that, regardless of the context, racism and insensitive language will not be tolerated at any level of the company. According to nrn.com, in addition Steve Ritchie acknowledges the 120,000 corporate and franchise team members around the world, reiterating that Papa John’s is not an individual.

Steve Ritchie Papa John’s also layouts out 3 specific steps to address issues of inclusion and diversity, plus accepts individual accountability by placing himself at the helm of leading the effort. First, in order to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and set clear go-forward goals, they are working on bringing in outside experts to audit the company’s culture, diversity and inclusion practices. Second, their senior management will be dispatched on a listening tour to gather feedback from employees and franchisees on the go forward plan. Lastly, they commit to letting their customers hold them accountable by promising transparency along the way.

Overall, the direct apology, re-statement of values and the 3-step action plan should position the letter as a positive first step toward Papa John’s healing and recovery.

Find out more: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/people/person.asp?personId=116958187&privcapId=325388

Ara Chackerian Is Passionate About Helping People Who Suffer From Issues In The Psychiatric Realm:

San Francisco, California’s Ara Chackerian is a recognized figure if the worlds of philanthropy and entrepreneurship and community-oriented work have been at the forefront of his activity. Ara has an extensive and highly distinguished career in the industry of healthcare. He has devoted a great deal of time and effort toward creating vital links between the world of healthcare oriented services and emerging technologies. Beyond this, he is well known for his devotion to environmental conservation. Ara has recently devoted a large amount of time into a project called Limonapa Teak in Nicaragua that works on the concept of agriculture that is environmentally friendly. Ara Chackerian has also recently entered into an exciting new healthcare field venture called TMS Health Solutions.


According to The News version, the inspiration for TMS Health Solutions came as a result of Ara and one of his long-standing business partners wanting to build on the experience that they have had previously in the area of diagnostic radiology on the basis of out-patient services. TMS Health Solutions is using this experience and applying it to the area of depression treatment. TMS Health Solutions is using a revolutionary treatment based on stimulation through magnetism. This is applied transcranially. The company is seeking to become the third piece in a psychiatric care chain of treatment that also makes use of therapy by speaking as well as medication. You can visit norluyce.com



On the topic of psychiatric health, Ara Chackerian also stresses the importance of Mental Health Month. This awareness month was instituted in 1949. The Mental Health America Organization is the organization that first instituted the observance Mental Health Month is filled if a host of organizations that put on a number of different activities as well as outstanding events that are designed to inform and provide knowledge to the public in regard to the issues of mental health. For more details visit californiablog.org



Ara stresses five critical areas that people can keep in mind during Mental Health Month. The first of these points is that people need to have an understanding of the best ways to help those who are in a crisis of a mental health nature. Secondly, it is critical to make others aware of the mental health issues you may have faced during your own life. The third point is that it is time to eliminate stigmas that have traditionally been associated with mental health issues. Ara’s fourth point is that everyone needs to ensure that they are themselves making sure to control personal mental health. Finally, Ara points out the importance of becoming involved actively with the mental health issues that modern society faces on a regular basis.



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How HCR Wealth Advisors Helps Retirees Enjoy Financial Freedom

Since people know they won’t stay productive and energetic for a long time, they find it good to come up with a retirement plan. This is because retirement can seem to be very far off. However, time runs very fast, and this is why HCR Wealth Advisors advises people to start planning for retirement early. According to the wealth advisors, people who plan for their finances during the retirement period in mind enjoy life even after retirement. Retirement should not be a doorway to financial problems and dependency. Investing your money after retirement ensures you do not deplete your savings.

Although people make budgets, few individuals stick to them. The desire to buy more than one needs is very compelling. To enjoy financial freedom, one should exercise financial discipline. Some retirees deplete their savings within the first year after retirement. HCR Wealth Advisors helps retirees make budgets and live on them. The advisory firm is registered, and those working in this firm have immense knowledge on proper wealth management. To know more about HCR Wealth’s founder, go here.

Everyone is excited about investing. However, most people don’t know how to invest their money in the right way. With dedicated investment firms such as HCR Wealth Advisors, the clients’ retirement plans would not be ditched away. The firm assists clients to come up with strategies that work well for their assets so that they can achieve their goals. According to their blog, the firm also helps people plan for a solid retirement, as a way to safeguard the future. The firm has helped many people achieve their financial goals, and many people seek assistance from the firm with their finances.

HCR Wealth Advisors aims at empowering their clients to achieve their goals through education. People face varying investment risks as they invest. Assessing risks before investing helps the investors make a sound investment decision. Knowing the associated risks gives the investors the confidence to invest. Having money to invest is not enough. You need to have the ability to know the pitfalls to avoid. HCR Wealth Advisors has a pool of professionals with knowledge on risk analysis. Even when investing is an area marred by uncertainties, such investment firms help the clients discover new investment strategies and learn how to deal with market fluctuations.

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Ryan Seacrest And Spider-Man

We all know Ben Parker’s iconic yet overused line: “With great power comes great responsibility.” Now, Ryan Seacrest may be no Spider-Man but he certainly exemplifies this truth. Hosting various shows and running his own clothing line and foundation, Seacrest is undoubtedly one of the most influential individuals in the entertainment industry. His power, however, has only been gained through a difficult cost- responsibility towards time and himself.

Through her article Ryan Seacrest Is Just One Man, He Can Only Do So Much in This Life published in The New York Times, Bee Shapiro details how Seacrest keeps up with a demanding workload. Shapiro focuses on Seacrest’s morning routine, workout habits, and key life principles. Seacrest gets up at about 6 AM, then drinks matcha tea and coffee. Before Seacrest heads to work, he also exercises through Peloton bikes and browses the news and TV. To stay in shape, Seacrest religiously works out at noon, runs, boxes, and values his physical fitness. When it comes to his life principles, Seacrest believes in prioritizing tasks, following people’s demands, enjoying food and wine, setting aside electronic devices for meditation, and adhering to Dick Clark’s advice regarding broadcasting and hosting- making it look easy. This responsible outlook has allowed Seacrest to accomplish a lot in his life.

Seacrest hosted the music competition series American Idol for its first season on ABC last spring 2018. He also produces and hosts his radio program On Air with Ryan Seacrest which runs weekdays from E! Studios. Recently, he has joined Kelly to host the Live with Kelly and Ryan morning program. On top of his hosting career, Seacrest also has his Ryan Secret Distinction clothing line which is available solely at Macy’s. To top things off, he even runs the Ryan Seacrest Foundationa non-profit organization which seeks to motivate the youth through entertainment and education.

Seacrest has attained all these achievements through self-discipline and balance. While he is not a perfect hero, as no man ever is, he is laudable for proving that Uncle Ben was right: power and responsibility always go hand in hand.

Reference: forbes.com/profile/ryan-seacrest/

Hussain Sajwani Has Become One Of The Middle East’s Most Iconic Entrepreneurs For A Good Reason

Hussain Sajwani is one of the leading business figures in the bustling commercial capital of Dubai and one of the most respected real estate developers in the world today. His company DAMAC Properties is the largest real estate development firm in the Middle East and is responsible for some of the most famous constructions that have gone up in that region of the world over the last several decades. Hussain has a truly interesting and inspiring story as to how he got to where he is today.

Hussain’s Rise Up The Ranks Of The Entrepreneurial World:

Born in 1952, Emirati businessman Hussain Sajwani work in his fathers family owned shop during his youth and eventually attended college at the University of Washington in the United States. While at Washington, earned his degree in economics and industrial engineering. His economics degree quickly helped him gain a position in GASCO’s finance department. A few years after this, Hussain went fully into business for himself opening up his own catering operation, an operation that he still runs today. Hussain had the foresight in the 1990s to realize that there was a great market opportunity for providing accommodation to the numerous entrepreneurs coming into Dubai regularly to do business. It was then in 2002 that Hussain Sajwani founded his DAMAC Properties firm that has grown to be an industry leader in the world of luxury real estate development.

DAMAC Properties – A World Leader In Luxury Real Estate Development:

Dubai based DAMAC Properties is a luxury real estate development firm that is involved in activities ranging from commercial, residential and leisure use developments. The company is highly active in Dubai as well as Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the United Kingdom. DAMAC is also the first company of its type to list with London’s stock exchange.

On Hussain Sajwani’s Great Business Relationship With President Donald Trump:

According to Bloomberg, Hussain Sajwani has built up an outstanding business relationship with U.S. President Donald Trump and well as the rest of the Trump family over the years. The pair of businessmen has collaborated on several high profile real estate development projects including Trump International Golf Club Dubai which opened up in 2017.

Hussain Sajwani’s Philanthropic Spirit:

Hussain Sajwani is well known in the business world for his generous philanthropy. He routinely gives to charitable organizations that help to provide clothing for children in need and also recently joined the One Million Arab Coders project aimed at providing young Arab children with the opportunity to learn the valuable skill of coding.

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Hussain Sajwani: The DAMAC Owner on The Rise

Hussain Sajwani has sole ownership of the AYKON Maldives Resort. His DAMAC Properties international company limited will design one of its major developments right in Maldives archipelago that sits on the exquisite island. Guests will enjoy visiting a five-star hotel that has 100 top-quality suites along with beautiful water villas and bungalows. The amenities run from dining, entertainment and state of the art spa and fitness locations.

Hussain Sajwani has a plentiful portfolio he has built from the ground up over several years of hard work. He is an investor as well with his business called DICO investments. They handle an astonishing 3 billion dollars in assets that is managed throughout the corporation. They deal with transactions such as buying subsidiaries in moving industries, long-term investments in the region of successful banks and debt instruments.

Hussain Sajwani started with DAMAC Properties in 2002. As the chairman and leading shareholder, he continues leading the company to success. DAMAC Properties overall structure is a luxury real estate business that creates wonderful living areas in the United Arab Emirates and Dubai. The organization has taken the lead as a luxury developer with real estate construction in the United Kingdom, a big part in the Middle East and the GCC. DAMAC Properties is determined and has been successful in making top development designs. Their locations are deemed to be iconic and sought out from many residents in the surrounding areas.

Mina Al Sultan Qaboos is one example of the DAMAC owners ventures. The Omano Government tourism promotion department and Mina Al Sultan Qaboos has joined forces to create a lifestyle and tourist destination of relaxation and fun. The entire project is worth 1 billion dollars and runs through DAMAC Properties international company limited. This area will feature retail, dining, hotels, leisure locations and residences.

Nine Elms Property Limited is another DAMAC joint venture. DAMAC Properties International Company Limited is also creating AYKON London One. This sophisticated and attractive location is expected to be the tallest building in the London residential area.

Hussain Sajwani success is continuing to grow with new developments on the horizon. The DAMAC owner is gifted at seeing opportunities and leading in the real estate development industry.

Recommended site: https://dubai.dubizzle.com/

Victoria Doramus – To Being A Philanthropist, An Incredible Journey

Drug addiction is something that is a harsh reality for more than 20 million Americans year after year. While the drugs, society’s perception of drugs and accessibility to these drugs change, the struggle to come clean from the addiction and stay clean has always been a lifelong struggle to which only a few are able to stay honest.

According to visualcv.com, Victoria Doramus was one such American who struggled with addiction to substances like Aderall and Cocaine. Her struggle would see her try and get clean through short term rehab programs only to fall off the wagon. It would take her more than 15 years of being a user to reach rock bottom before committing to a long term program that helped her get clean and stay clean by empowering herself through constant interactions, which helped her see through the defense mechanism of playing the victim.

Her determination to show the world and her ailing mother would win out in the end and help her become a self-reliant adult. Her work with several non-profit organizations like the Amy Winehouse Foundation which fight to help young people in their battle against drug and alcohol abuse, using her experience to not only empower herself but others going through the same struggle she once did.

With experience in many forms of media, Victoria Doramus has dedicated her new life to many philanthropic ventures, calling herself the ‘Director of Philanthropy’ as she works with charities like Room to Read which works to provide equal opportunities for education as well as the Best Friends Animal Society and Women’s Prison Association, where she works as a community volunteer, try to provide alternative ways to make amends for the crimes committed that will allow them to be productive part of the society and support women in jail.

Victoria Doramus has not only turned her life around but has used her new lease on life to make sure that others can do the same.

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