Juan “OG” Perez And Birthday Thrills

Jay-z is a pioneer in the world of hip hop music. He’s a birthday festivities expert, too. He’s no stranger to spending significant sums of money on his pals’ birthday parties. He did so for his collaborator recently as well. This is an individual by the name of Juan Perez. Perez is also known frequently as “OG.”

The thrilling birthday evening began in the Midtown part of Manhattan in New York, New York. Jay-z and his buddies noshed on East Asian delights at a contemporary eatery that’s called Zuma. This was on Sunday. They feasted on sushi, steak, lobster and more. The members of the party all traveled to Made in Mexico afterward. This is an Inwood favorite that’s beloved among some of the hippest individuals in entire city. This isn’t even where all of the festivities ended. The crew went to Playroom Nightclub. They consumed a significant amount of champagne there as well. They all danced the hours away. Time wasn’t an issue for anyone.

Jay-z has been buddies with Juan Perez for many, many years at this point. The duo have teamed up for all kinds of business efforts throughout the years, too. That’s the reason that people who watched all of this enthusiasm weren’t at all shocked by it. Jay-Z went above and beyond to make buddy’s birthday one to remember for the rest of his lifetime. People only turn 50 years old once, after all. It’s a milestone event in any life and Jay-z is more than well aware of that fact. Perez is married to a lady who is known as Desiree. He and Desiree have been at the helm of Jay-z’s in-depth business universe for two decades plus. It doesn’t seem like the union is going to stop in the future, either.

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Ryan Seacrest Always Plans His Next Move

A large number of people know who Ryan Seacrest is because he is so highly visible in the entertainment industry. New York Times has given people a small glimpse into the life of a host, clothing designer and TV show producer that jet sets from one east to the other to do morning shows on television and syndicated radio shows on the radio. This is a busy life for the host that always seems to be on to a another job.

Ryan Seacrest has been able to get connected to a lot of different jobs. It is all because he has been able to manage his time exceptionally well. He is focused, and he knows what he has to do during the day. This was not easy though. Seacrest has stated that he has had to silence his phone on order to get some things done because he had attention deficit disorder. He says that he is easily distracted, but that should inspire everyone that has ADD. Even with ADD Ryan has managed to accomplish so much.

The clothing line called Distinction is one the best sellers when it comes to clothing at Macy’s. He has a net worth of $380 million. This is because he is constantly working and he doesn’t know the meaning of slowing down. He is up early, and he is working out. He gets with his trainer and exercises, and Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest) has also mentioned that he is a vegan. This is great for someone that works so much. It is vital to stay in shape and have the best of health because he is depended on by so many people.

Ryan has revealed the secret to his success with the New York Times. He has stated that he is always one step ahead of the game. He revealed that he is going to need to look at the next business play for anything that he is trying to do. Seacrest looks at the next move from whatever he his producing. This desire to stay ahead of the game has made him a very business savvy host.

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Attorney Jeff Herman, Restoring Justice For Abuse Victims

Jeff Herman is an established lawyer with offices in Boca Raton, Florida and New York City. Every lawyer has an area of specialty, for Herman’s firm, it’s seeking justice for victims of sexual abuse. In one recent case that made national headlines, Jeff Herman represented children and their parents victimized by a serial abuser at an Abilene, Texas church daycare. The worker, identified as 25 year old Benjamin R. Roberts, was subsequently arrested and charged.
The daycare center was one of three run by Wylie Baptist Church. What lead police to Roberts initially was the evidentiary discovery of child pornography in his possession. Following an investigative trail that ended at the North Abilene home where Roberts lived, police discovered computer images that were presented as evidence. From there, more victims began to emerge, some children from his very own neighborhood. One young victim described how he was invited to spend the night, and then began playing around on Robert’s bed and somehow ended up in the spoon position next to Benjamin Roberts. With mounting evidence against him, Roberts pled guilty to possession of child pornography, which was forensically recovered from his computer.

After the search of his home and by admission of his own incriminating remarks, law enforcement officials decided to look at the surveillance tapes from the daycare where Roberts was employed. The tapes revealed additional victims, for a total of eight young children, all under 14 years of age. In April of this year, the Child Advocacy Center (CAC) was asked to assist with the formal interviews of the victims. As the case was being put together, the children provided graphic details. The information was sufficient to charge Benjamin Roberts with additional counts of sexual abuse.

In the end, Benjamin Roberts was jailed and held on $500,000 bail. The CAC said that the parent of one of the victims said she was left feeling ill at ease when her child sat on Roberts’ lap. Her daughter mentioned behaviors that could only be described as a disturbing pattern of inappropriate touching by the former daycare employee.

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Vinod Gupta’s Journey To Success And Advice To His Younger Self

Vinod Gupta is the embodiment of a rages to riches story. Born across the world in India Vinod did not take his reality as how his life would turn out. Gupta worked tirelessly to achieve his dreams of financial freedom with a little elbow grease and a smart college education. One of his biggest victories to date as a businessman was starting a company on a bank loan for just $100 dollars and growing it tremendously. It later sold for an astonishing $680 million dollars. As the Chief Executive Officer,  Vinod Gupta bridged the communication gap between businesses and it spread like wildfire.

The successful businessman has once again dove into the world of entrepreneurship with his current business called Everest Group. They help provide vital resources for database technology companies in their infancy. This mainly includes the capital they do not have access to. Artificial intelligence is going through a lot of growth at this point in time which catches Vinod’s interest. He knows this will positively impact the world by making it easier to do things, this also includes his businesses. When bringing his ideas to life Vinod always tests them. market testing to be exact. This way he knows whether a product is good and what others have to say about it. Since Mr. Gupta is all about technology, it is no wonder he utilizes it to build his business even more and is a sound strategy he uses.

Like any entrepreneur, Vinod has had his share of setbacks. Instead of seeing these experience as complete bombs, he uses these situations as learning lessons to apply to his future endeavors. Mr. Gupta would also give his younger self some valid advice to take more measured risks. If you don’t take risks then you could miss out on a lot of great opportunities.

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How EOS Reviews on Social Media Boost Sales

The Evolution of Smooth has totally changed the way that people look at lip balm. There is a different day in the lip balm industry because this company has made some concrete changes. More people are in favor of the sphere shaped tubes so this makes it easier for this brand to stand out.

The thing that makes this great for this EOS lip balm review is product placement. It is just placed in stores and it stands out from all of the other small lip balm tubes that are in place, see (Mapleholistics.com).

People have tried various flavors of lip balm from the Evolution of Smooth, and the reviews have been good as posted on Amazon.com advertisement. Children are definitely excited about it because it gives them access to a multitude of different flavors.

The Evolution of Smooth has continued to be one of the more successful brands of lip balm based largely on the reviews from consumers. When they know that they are able to get lip balm that has long-lasting flavor they are much more inclined to make purchases for this type of lip balm.

There is also a great amount of interest in this lip balm because it speaks to a consumer base that has become more obsessed with celebrity worship.

Kim Kardashian has been spotted utilizing this balm. Other artists like One Direction members have been spotted with this type of lip balm. Selena Gomez has been singing the praises of her EOS lip balm favorites, refer to https://imabeautygeek.com/2017/08/14/eos-crystal-lip-balm-review-and-chemist-interview/.

When celebrities get to a point where they are talking about certain products online it makes it so much easier for the company to thrive. People are interested in checking it out just because celebrities are utilizing it. Their reviews have been great for this, and this allows a whole lot of exposure through Pinterest, Instagram, Twittter and Facebook.

Hussain Sajwani’s Leadership leads to the Success of DAMAC Properties

An entrepreneur is always geared towards achieving success through all means possible. Nevertheless, excellent leadership skills come in handy. By making an example out of Hussain Sajwani, it is notable that his superb leadership is what has led DAMAC Properties to where it is today. Far from that, it is evident that media houses like to engage various successful individuals in interviews. With that as the case, Hussain Sajwani was recently interviewed by Ideamensch. In this context, more light will be shed on what Hussain Sajwani had to say during the interview.

Background Data

Hussain Sajwani has come a long way while trying to shape his life into what it is today. As for education, Hussain Sajwani went to the University of Washington where he studied Economics and Industrial Engineering. Far from that, Hussain Sajwani had a passion for entrepreneurship. While embarking on his journey as an entrepreneur, Hussain Sajwani saw it fit to delve into the catering industry. Fortunately, the catering business had a huge client base, and Hussain Sajwani’s dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur was already unfolding before his eyes. Nevertheless, Hussain Sajwani felt that he could achieve more, that is why he also resorted to launching a real estate company in 2002.

DAMAC Properties is founded

In an article from arabi21.com, an entrepreneur is always tasked with identifying opportunities when it comes to business. As for Hussain Sajwani, he had the ambition of becoming a billionaire one day. Since the catering company only rendered him as a millionaire, he did not have the sense of self-fulfillment. With that as the case, Hussain Sajwani knew that he had to rack his brains and come up with a more viable plan. After foreigners were given the go-ahead by the Dubai government rendering them capable of owning property and land in Dubai, Hussain Sajwani saw the opportunity that had presented itself. In such a case, hesitation is not an option, Hussain Sajwani immediately founded DAMAC Properties. The property management company has been dealing in luxury apartments and such properties since 2002. Their client base has been expanding day in day out, thanks to their handy work over the years. After all, what matters most is customer satisfaction. Whenever the clientele is satisfied, those are always bonus points as per the company’s portfolio.

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Invention And Necessity: The Brilliance Of Dr. Saad Saad

Innovation and creation are two words that a trusted and qualified pediatrician would utilize in their practice. Doctor Saad Saad has displayed such qualities with his dedicated service and his life-saving medical inventions. Aside from being phenomenal in his practice, Doctor Saad Saad has become a very popular figure in pediatric circles the world over.


For more than 40 years. Doctor Saad Saad performed complex pediatric surgery on patients the world over. Aside from participating in 4 medical missions in the United States as well as 8 medical missions to Jerusalem in the West Bank to provide his services to poor children in need of complex surgeries. It is to be noted that he did this for free. A rare quality is that when a doctor makes an invention the patents are usually given away or some other instance may take place. But such is not the case with Doctor Saad Saad as he presently holds both patents for his medical inventions.


His first invention is a device that allows the doctor to locate a catheter in the patient’s body in a new way. This is basically tubes placed into the human body to deal with medical conditions or assist with performing surgical procedures. Doctors would usually find the catheter by using an MRI( magnetic resonance imaging) or an x-ray to track the Catheter. What is obvious about an MRI machine is that they are not compact in size and therefore not able to be moved around. This is where Dr. Saad Saad invention became the star of the show.


His second invention deals with the doctor being able to provide suction through the endoscope. With this invention, Dr. Saad Saad developed an invention to improve the use of endoscopes. With an endoscope, a doctor has a device that is able to look inside the body of a patient during examination with surgery. Whether it be the windpipe, the colon, the stomach or even the throat. The doctor has a visual of what is going on in the body without using surgical tools or any type of body scan. With such an operation there is always the possibility of the lens being fogged up due to liquids within the body, so Dr. Saad Saad addressed that very issue. As the inventor he clearly is, he resolves that issue with his invention. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/saad-saad-524707159/


Dr. Saad Saad understands that prior to any invention must be a need for such invention. The doctor has given to the Pediatric world at large two great inventions that are sure to stand the test of time today. The recovery process of the patients is the goal that motivated the Doctor to beautifully design such inventions with patience.

David McDonald Is Pleased With The Merger Of The OSI Group And Turi Foods

The merger of Turi Foods and the OSI Group have been completed for their operations in Australia. The new name for the business is now Turosi Pty Ltd. Sam Cuteri serves Turi Foods as the Chairman. In a statement he said he feels the shared ownership of the company will result in a food solutions group that is world class due to both the expertise and similar cultures. He spoke of his anticipation in bringing the dedicated teams of both Turi and the OSI Group together.

The headquarters for Turi Foods is located in Thomastown, Victoria in Australia. The company has facilities all over the state of Victoria. The business is the supplier for quick service restaurants, supermarkets, roast chicken outlets, butcher shops and specialty chicken retailers. One of Australia’s biggest poultry processors is Turi Foods. The OSI Group Australia is classified as a privately owned business. The President of the company is David McDonald. He is involved with the supply chain for retail outlets, foodservice markets and quick service restaurants across the entire region of the Asia Pacific. The OSI Group provides a large range of proteins with their food solutions.

David McDonald spoke of the strong reputations of both Turi Foods and the OSI Group with the customers served by both companies. David McDonald serves the OSI Group as the COO. This the OSI International Foods parent company in Australia. He spoke of the tremendous potential in the merger between Turi Foods and the OSI Group. He believes they will be able to provide innovative new ways to serve their customers. He also believes the merger will create new opportunities for both teams to create excellence. David McDonald referred to the new company as an exciting new organization.

The plans of the OSI Group and Turi Foods include the continuation of the operations of their Geelong, Victoria and Thomastown plants. Products requiring further processing will be manufactured at the plants located in Blacktown, Broadmeadows, Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales and Eagle Farm. Various farming operations for the business are located in Victoria. The expectations are this will be a profitable and successful merger.

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Heather Russell Joins Transunion as Their Chief Legal Officer

For years, Heather Russell has served as a respected and notable legal executive. But on June 4th, she began a new chapter in her career, starting as the Chief Legal Officer for Transunion. Previous to her appointment with Transunion, Heather headed up the Financial Institutions Regulation, Supervision, & Technology (“FIRST”) practice at Buckley Sander, LLP.

Heather Russell also has extensive experience working at other financial institutions, such as Fifth Third Bank, Bank of New York Mellon, and Bank of America, holding executive-level positions at all three of these firms. She also has experience as a Chief Legal Officer, holding that same title during her time at Fifth Third Bank. At all three of these companies, she worked with financial regulation, and even founded and led Bank of New York Mellon’s international Office of Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs. Between all of her work experience, she has over 20 years of experience working in the field of global financial services.

According to Crunchbase, just like her professional career, Heather Russell also excelled in her schooling. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Biology and English from the College of William and Mary, and then went on to receive a law degree from American University’s Washington College of Law.

During her time at American University, she served as the senior editor for the school’s Law Review and received the honor of “Most Outstanding Graduate.” After this, she spent some more time in academia, serving as an adjunct professor at Boston University’s School of Law, where she taught classes on the future of banking and fintech.

Transunion is very excited to welcome Heather on their team, with their CEO, James Peck, saying, “I’m confident Heather will be a strong addition to Transunion’s leadership team…”.

Source: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/heather-russell-koenig

Canadian Businessman Louis Chenevert- Career in the aerospace industry

Canadian Businessman Louis Chenevert was born in Montreal in 1958. At a young age, he developed interests in entrepreneurship and business. He also learned at a very young age that only hard work pays. He knew that by working hard, he would be able to live the life he always wished for. When he joined school, he had a clear goal of pursuing a business course that would land him in the businesses sector. Louis Chenevert attended Montreal University where he pursued a degree in Production Management.

As a production manager, he is supposed to see that there is quick production of goods and services and that the goods are produced at the right price. The production department plays the significant role of taking care of the other departments. If there is a flaw in production, all other departments will fail. Knowing the crucial role that he is supposed to play in the businesses sector, Louis Chenevert was ready to do everything possible to make production for the companies he was working with better.

After university, his first job was at General Motors. Here, his role was to make the production of autos faster. He achieved this goal by ensuring that the production line he was responsible for was producing a car every one minute. He worked with GM for 14 years. After the 14 years were over, he did not want to go on with work in the auto industry, he wanted to face some new challenges, and these challenges would only be possible by moving to the aerospace industry.

Due to his experience in the auto industry, it was not hard for him to be accepted ta Pratt & Whitney Canada. This firm was responsible for the production of small jet engines. He showed his skills in managing such kind of businesses. In no time, the production in the company had gone up by a huge margin. After a short time working in Canada, Pratt & Whitney US recognized the role he had played in the firm. They took him from Canada and made him the executive vice president of P&W. Later he was appointed the president of the company after proving his potential in putting in place measures to grow the business.