Be Proactive in Building Your Online Reputation

Online reputation management must move from being reactive to being proactive, according to an article published on Business 2 Community. Author Elena Prokopets says that most companies use various tools to monitor what customers are saying about the company, its products and services and key people and then reacting when something goes wrong. Instead, she believes that business owners should take an proactive role in building positive online reputations.

She says that business owners should use tools to monitor what customers are saying about their experience in real time. Then, if someone posts something negative, the business owner can react to that comment calmly within minutes. She urges that this is important because a solution can usually be found that turns a hostile customer into a loyal one. Even when this is not possible, other potential customers see that the business owner truly cares and is offering steps to correct the situation.
Elena also says that it is important to get happy customers to post reviews about you, your company or your products. While it is human nature to voice opinions more often when not happy, it is important to reach out to happy customers and encourage them to say positive things. She says this happens more often when the owner asks the satisfied customer personally and when the customer is shown where to post their opinion on third-party sites.
When owners stop responding to others and start driving the conversation, then positive results occur. Stop for a moment and consider how you can build your online reputation.



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