Bender’s Leading Movies: Pulp Fiction (1994)

Lawrence Bender was born in The Bronx, New York City, on a chilly October night in 1957. He is regarded as one of the foremost movie producers in the entertainment industry and has been constantly creating hit movies such as Django, Reservoir Dogs, and Good Will Hunting. With more than 20 years of proficiency in the movie industry, Lawrence Bender has unquestionably improved the Hollywood landscape.

Lawrence Bender’s efforts led him to earn six Academy Awards and many other nominations for “Best Film” category. Furthermore, Bender has created numerous documentary films, including “An Inconvenient Truth,” which highlights the consequences of climate change in the biosphere.

Lawrence Bender is a graduate of the respected University of Maine, where he followed in the footsteps of his grandfather and earned a degree in Civil Engineering. Since then, however, Bender has extended to other divisions, including dancing and philanthropy. In fact, he is also known for his works in the political and environmental realm as a leading activist persistent on changing the globe. These endeavors have led him to become the Director of CleanSource, Power, LLC, a company that works to provide a clean and friendly renewable energy. Additionally, Lawrence Bender appears in many of his films, choosing to make small cameos.

Bender’s hit movie, Pulp Fiction, entails the story of two hit men tasked with a mission: recover a briefcase for their mafia leader, who correspondingly orders his wife be taken along for the exploit. With a chain of comedic parts and action scenes, the three individuals manage to create a relationship and strong affinity for each other.

Moreover, the movie tracks the story of a fighter who, with strong retribution, accidentally kills his ring opponent. After feeling the scene mysteriously and with complete anonymity, the boxer encounters the mafia leader, who addresses him on the fight and the reason the had bet on himself. After a furious encounter with the mafia leader, the fighter sexually abuses him and then makes a pact, whereby he will leave the city and forget all that happened the previous night in the ring.

Bender’s Pulp Fiction is commonly regarded as the best crime film of the 1990s. Featuring top Hollywood actors and actresses such as John Travolta, Ving Rhames, Uma Thurman, and Samuel L. Jackson, the movie proved that with enough star power and story, any movie can be a box office success. Moreover, it featured the hit music Misirlou.

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