BMG, The Benchmark To Other Financial Institutions

BMG is a Brazilian family-owned financial institution, offering financial services to both individuals and institutions. Pentagon Guimarães family has been in the financial industry in the early 1930s when they started Banco de Crédito Predial. During its early years of establishment, BMG focused on wholesale and consumer financing climbing to the top of the ladder by becoming the leading financial institution providing finances to heavy and light weight vehicles in the 1980s.

The institution, however, took a new turn in 1998 to focus on offering payroll loans, thereby beating all other established financial institutions in the area. They cut their niche by offering services that touch the everyday financial lives of their clients. This development has enabled the institution to become the benchmark for this kind of operation in Brazil.
In its strategy, BMG seeks to increase the profitability of its products by focusing on improving the quality of their customer portfolio and offering helpful credit facilities to their clients. The main focus of the institution is to develop new businesses that meet customer demands while adding value to the institution. As such, the main strategy is based on improving profitability, asset quality, diversification of funding sources, operation efficiency and incorporating the best human capital.
Ricardo Guimarães BMG serves both as the CEO and the President of the institution. With over three decades in the financial sector, Mr. Ricardo Guimarães possess immense expertise in running the huge financial empire for its benefit and that of its clients. He has been instrumental in designing most of the organization’s objectives and goals. Being a visionary leader, he is keen in transforming the whole financial sector in Brazil by carefully steering the institution into the desired direction. Mr. Ricardo Guimarães started off his career at Grupo BMG serving as the chief financial Executive Officer since 1989. By investing in quality human capital, BMG has all it takes to overcome the challenges and lead other financial institutions by designing innovative products.

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