BMG, The Quality Bank To Choose

BMG is a financial institution that is privately owned by a well respected Brazilian, Pentagna Guimarães family. This family, for over 80 years, ever since 1930, has been involved in the financial industry. The products that were offered through this financial institution were open to both institutions as well as to individuals.

The BMG financial institution is currently focused on providing payroll loans. Before this, BMG specialized in both heavy weight and light weight vehicles. As of 2012, BMG has announced that the institution is dedicated to both the distribution as well as the commercialization of payroll loans in Brazil.

In 2014, BMG expanded by forming a joint venture called the Banco Itaú BMG Consignado S.A.. This business venture has benefited the institution in several ways. Some of the benefits include the enabling of the company to focus more so on Payroll Credit Card, BMG Empresas, as well as used vehicles financing.

One of the leading members of the BMG financial institution is Marcio Alaor. Marcio Alaor has contributed to BMG by stressing the importance of seeking to increase the profitability of any product. This means that the quality of the work is always put above the quantity. In addition to this, Marcio Alaor is working hard to initiate more BMG businesses that will further benefit the customers of BMG.

BMG is a business that stresses the importance to continue monitoring a high quality credit portfolio. This factor is stressed through BMG’s credit policy. The policy includes a well defined approval level.

One of the main goes at BMG is to also diversify the financial institution’s funding. This is done through investing in a fixed income platform that is aimed at both individuals as well as companies. This also means that there is a lower liquidity risk for the bank. The structure of the funding process consists of Deposits, Letras Financeiras, External Funding and securitization.

The goal of BMG is to always produce quality over quantity. That is why this bank aims to provide teams that show a high performance rate. Not only are the people who work for BMG happy but the customers are also always happy with the results that have been given. What makes this bank a long lasting bank is the fact that this bank puts tradition over everything else. Despite the few changes that have been made to the bank, BMG will continue to produce quality in the future.

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