Body Of Former White House Chef Found In New Mexico

Former White House chef Walter Scheib, was found dead in a hiking trail near Taos New Mexico this past Sunday. The cause of his death is currently unknown and police are investigating the circumstances of his death. Police report that Scheib went hiking over the weekend and lost contact with family members when he was expected home on Sunday. Family members helped police coordinate the search for Scheib by tracking the GPS feature on his cell phone. Police have not released the cause of death and there has been no report of foul play leading to Scheib’s death. Former White House Chef Found Dead In New Mexico

According to Brian Torchin, Scheib was a long time chef during the final years of the Clinton administration as well as the the first few years of the George W. Bush administration. Scheib was well liked and professional and his skill set was in such demand that Hilary Clinton hired him as the Clinton family’s personal chef for several years. Scheib did not serve under President Barack Obama. There has been no comment from the White House and many do not expect an official statement even though the death of a past White House staff member is very rare. Unless the death is related to the staffer’s duties as a White House aid or there is some threat posed to the President, the White House and U.S. Secret Service will allow local law enforcement to conduct the investigation of the death and the circumstances around the death.

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