Boraie Development’s Expansion into Atlantic City

Boraie Developments LLC, is a family run real estate development, management and marketing company run by Sam Boraie and his son Sam Boraie. The company’s aim is not only to construct and manage residential buildings, but also to improve local communities by increasing employment and attracting newcomers to underdeveloped localities. Its first major development was in the New Brunswick area, which initiated the development of the entire community. After the initial Boraie construction was completed in New Brunswick over $2 billion was spent on other constructions and developing the New Brunswick neighborhood.

Boraie Developments newest construction and community project is in Atlantic City. In recent years, Atlantic City has seen a decline in tourists, development projects and casino goers, mostly due to the development of casinos in neighboring States. Boraie believes this trend will soon reverse and more visitors will return. Once complete the apartment building will be the first development project ot come up in Atlantic City in 25 years. Check out Bloomberg to see more.

Boraie’s Atlantic City project consists of an $81 million, 250-unit apartment building complex with the most advanced and luxurious technology, amenities and stunning views. The unit will be called The Beach at South Inlet and is on schedule to be complete by the summer of 2018, just in time for the rush of tourists. The new complex will serve many of the 50,000 inhabitants of the small resort and casino town. The new building is a welcome site as many of Atlantic City’s houses are over 40 years old an in need of some serious refurbishment.

According to NY Times, recently, many casinos and local businesses have closed due to the poor economic conditions, but many believe it has improved the local community for several reasons. The intense gambling and alcohol consumption in the area made it a dangerous town with a lot of crime and theft. Now, the increased investments in non-gaming establishments and entertainment parks have led to a massive change in the ambience of Atlantic City. It has become a family destination that has activities for everyone.

Boraie Developments has partnered with some of the most famous and respected celebrities in the world including Shaquille O’Neal. Shaquille O’Neal has been involved with Boraie’s construction of the CityPlex movie theater in Newark, where O’Neal grew up. Shaquille O’Neal is also expected to join Boraie in Atlantic City with an entertainment center right next to the new apartment complex, the Beach at South Inlet. You can search on Yahoo to see more.

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