Brazil And Beyond: Fersen Lambranho Is A True Investment Leader

Brazilian companies have experienced amazing expansion in recent years due to the diligence, expertise, and vision of entrepreneurs like Fersen Lambranho. He is the Chairman of the Brazil-based GP Investment Group. This company is an emerging powerhouse under Lambranho’s direction, and has weathered recent rough patches in the economic sector.

Fersen Lambranho

Recently, the Petrobus scandal rocked the Brazilian and international markets. This scandal involved an in-depth investigation into construction contracts in Brazil. Prosecutors allege that certain construction companies were able to sidestep normal markets, and receive state-funded contracts. This controversy involved brides and major trade deals involving some of Brazil’s most valuable resources like oil. Under the direction of Fersen Lambranho, GP Investments was able to completely avoid involvement in this high profile scandal. This is a prime example of great leadership and ethical management.

Fersen Lambranho’s Commitment To Sharing Knowledge

GP Investments has turned its focus to other worthy causes. Mr. Lambranho has helped to establish a proper fiduciary balance at GP Investments that includes profitable ventures, and a noteworthy amount of humanitarian work. These projects are aimed at the equitable expansion of both GPI, and other homegrown Latin companies.

Lambranho’s expertise lies in analyzing and predicting the value of real estate against current international market trends. He has been a vital part of a team that has partnered with international investors. These investors have contributed to the lagging Brazilian marketplace, and added extremely helpful catalysts for market growth. The Brazilian Real has been losing value as a currency, and the only thing that has saved it is international investment in Brazilian property and industry. Fersen Lambranho has used his influence as a prime force at GP Investments, to support his country’s economy.

Fersen Lambranho

Fersen Lambranho has recently been featured in some of the world’s leading publications for business and investment. His philosophies regarding internal management of investment groups, and dealing with foreign investors, is refreshing. It is also interesting to business professionals who are eager to learn about the winning strategies of CP Investments. Lambranho’s name and reputation is golden throughout the investment world, and invokes an affinity for entrepreneurial success.

Interwoven with his career as a company Chairman, Lambranho has a busy worldwide speaking engagement schedule. Adhering to his philosophy of passing-on expertise in person, Lambranho is a star on stage. His speaking schedule brings him to the business and academic stages of first world countries, and the expertise-hungry arenas of developing countries. He is faced with many difficult questions regarding the state of international investments and economics, but answers them with insights only privy to a person with years of management experience. In Brazil, his home country, he is an icon for every student studying to enter the world of international business and economics. He is an unofficial national treasure for those entities in Latin America growing from leadership that has taken a cue from his indelible past in the business world.

Lambranho’s Involvement In Charitable Organizations

The latest charitable project that GP Investments has been involved in, is a wide campaign of acquisition throughout Latin America. This includes support and management of funds and property that bolsters the vitality of construction, real estate, general investments, and the infrastructure in a majority of the western hemisphere. Fersen Lambranho is a part of the team who is structuring every major movement in this project’s completion.

Fersen Lambranho’s rise to prominence as a market guru and leader, includes education at some of the most selective business schools. He holds a degree in civil engineering from the National University of Rio de Janeiro, and MSc in business administration from the COPPEAD-UFRJ, and a certificate from the Harvard Business School’s Owner Management Business Program. This eclectic educational background, combined with a passion for helping entrepreneurs in his home country of Brazil, fuels Lambranho’s success in the field of international business.

Fersen Lambranho

With the backing of a partner, Lambranho was able to secure majority ownership of GP Investments in 1998. He is currently Chairman of the Board at this company, and has seen it grow into one of Brazil’s most influential investment groups. This company is active in the economies of over 20 countries worldwide, and Lambranho is at the center of each relationship.

Currently, Fersen Lambranho is involved with important management mentoring projects through the non-profit group Endeavor. He has been invited to speak at Endeavor summits because his work as a master in the investment field is so valuable for emerging businesses and business leaders. Lambranho’s reputation in the Brazilian market is near legendary, and is highly sought as a model for investment professionals active in their home marketplaces.

The Endeavor Project is currently sponsoring many programs aimed at helping Latin countries capitalize on the power of their own market potential. Fersen Lambranho is working to support many of them. One project is a $2.7 million grant through the IDB Fund to support specific entrepreneurs in Latin American countries including Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Columbia, and Chile. This is a grant that has eyed potentially powerful entrepreneurial ventures that are worthy of international support. Lambranho has the experience to identify a worthy venture, and is at the forefront of making these business grants possible. His decision as the head of one of the major Latin American Investment firms will benefit tens of thousands of people in these countries.

Fersen Lambranho

Along with monetary support, Endeavor also provides mentoring in the realm of business management. Lambranho is also quick to offer expert knowledge in the fields of banking, real estate, capital procurement, portfolio management, and currency trends. He is a genuine treasure trove of professional knowledge that has been dedicated to bright and promising business talent throughout the Latin world.

A Mixed Background Is The Source Of Fesen Lambranho’s Passion For Business

Fersen Lambranho is also proud to be a Portuguese Brazilian citizen. From his earliest years of training, he has always nurtured a passion for the success of people in his native country. He has served for more than two decades as the head of, or chairman of major investment groups. He considers his knowledge to be at the disposal of entrepreneurs who also want to support the growth of Latin America on the international economic stage.

Fersen Lambranho

Lambranho also recognizes the importance of what certain powerful people call the “mastermind alliance.” He always uses the talents of other professionals, to create investment and business plans with skill and temperance. Lambranho is a master of organization, and realizes that the best business and investment plans are born from a consensus. Like many countries coming together to form an international offering, his projects are always supported by the contributions of diverse minds and talents. Though he is an expert financial strategist, Lambranho understands the importance of working with other talented people for the greater good.

Projects like Endeavor and other GP Investments undertakings, will certainly become important in future Latin American economic growth. The entrepreneurs and groups that Fersen Lambranho coaches receive the insight to become the envy of other world market entities. It’s the passion and leadership of people like Fersen Lambranho that will help Latin American businesses earn their place in the international marketplace. Lambranho’s leadership, ethical management, and investment vision is exactly what is needed for a bright business future in Latin America.

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