Brian Bonar’s Dalrada Corp is a Very Tight Ship

Brian Bonar has held official status within the Dalrada Corporation in one form or another since 1995. He is presently CEO of the industry and holds the responsibility for maintaining the company’s business track and ethical standards, which applies to every employee.

Ethics Violations Forbidden
The ethical standard of Dalrada are written plainly and no violation is tolerated, Any employee who sees or suspects a violation of the company’s standards and ethics is duty bound to report the violation to the management, and in turn management is duty bound to not permit any retaliation or negativity to be placed on the employee who reported it.

Legal Action Forbidden
The company led by Brian Bonar has strict policies regarding obeying the various government mandates on sexual harassment, racial or ethnic issues or other sensitive company compliance issues. Any legal activity or suspicion of legal action being taken by an employee is to be reported to management by the employee who suspects the action or has information concerning it. Management will maintain the credo that no retaliation or harassment will be cast on the employee informing the company of legal action or activity.

Brian Bonar, a Man to Look Up To
The man at the helm of that tight ship Dalrada has held the helm of a score of tight ships over the years, always in the position of leader, director, or Chairman of the Board. His particular career abilities are in the corporate and natonal advice giving category and his advice has been taken by major Chinese and Korean financial industries in recent years. His voir dire listed on Wall Street is mammoth, prestigious and awe inspiring. Brian Bonar is quite the financial genius.

Natural Gift for Finance
Brian Bonar has always exhibited a natural aptitude for high finance and dealing with major interests regarding financial innovations and objectives. That has paved the way for him to be involved with Wall Street’s elite powers that be through many important ventures and decades. The ethical convention he has emphasized and maintained with DalRada shows no sign of waning. Keeping a firm hand on the well being of not only his company adminiistration but the personnel of said company has placed him as one of the most financially influential advisors in our nation.

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