Bullied Student Says Teacher Fired For Sticking Up For Him

This is actually kind of ridiculous. Not only that a group of racist children are targeting a black boy at school with slurs and violence, but also that a teacher of the school for 25 years was fired for stepping in and defending him. These events took place at Four Peaks Elementary in Fountain Hills, AZ. Apparently, the 9 year old boy has been the subject of racial bullying since he started there in March.


The mother claims that she has approached everybody with the issue from the teacher to the principal to even the recess monitor, yet there were no actions taken. I smell a lawsuit.
Oh wait, one is in the works. Pam Aister, the teacher who was fired, says that she plans to retaliate with a lawsuit. What happened was the boy was surrounded by his bigot classmates on the playground and was having rocks thrown at him.
Those words haven’t been made clear, but in my opinion, I feel like there are no words that can be used in that situation against those evil kids that could cause someone to lose their job. She should have been given an award and a 2 week vacation to Disneyworld.

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