Canadian Businessman Louis Chenevert- Career in the aerospace industry

Canadian Businessman Louis Chenevert was born in Montreal in 1958. At a young age, he developed interests in entrepreneurship and business. He also learned at a very young age that only hard work pays. He knew that by working hard, he would be able to live the life he always wished for. When he joined school, he had a clear goal of pursuing a business course that would land him in the businesses sector. Louis Chenevert attended Montreal University where he pursued a degree in Production Management.

As a production manager, he is supposed to see that there is quick production of goods and services and that the goods are produced at the right price. The production department plays the significant role of taking care of the other departments. If there is a flaw in production, all other departments will fail. Knowing the crucial role that he is supposed to play in the businesses sector, Louis Chenevert was ready to do everything possible to make production for the companies he was working with better.

After university, his first job was at General Motors. Here, his role was to make the production of autos faster. He achieved this goal by ensuring that the production line he was responsible for was producing a car every one minute. He worked with GM for 14 years. After the 14 years were over, he did not want to go on with work in the auto industry, he wanted to face some new challenges, and these challenges would only be possible by moving to the aerospace industry.

Due to his experience in the auto industry, it was not hard for him to be accepted ta Pratt & Whitney Canada. This firm was responsible for the production of small jet engines. He showed his skills in managing such kind of businesses. In no time, the production in the company had gone up by a huge margin. After a short time working in Canada, Pratt & Whitney US recognized the role he had played in the firm. They took him from Canada and made him the executive vice president of P&W. Later he was appointed the president of the company after proving his potential in putting in place measures to grow the business.

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