Sheldon Lavin, Legendary CEO of OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of OSI Group, but it took hard work and dedication to get there. Lavin began his career more than 40 years ago as an investor. Lavin has always been in leadership positions. In the beginning of his career he owned a consulting firm. It all began for him in 1970. A company named Otto & Sons, which is part of OSI Group, was about to become the main supplier for the fast food chain, McDonalds. The company was also planning to built a meat facility. However, they had one problem with pursing this idea and that was funding. Lavin helped the company with their funding by becoming a consultant for the company. With that, the company offered him a ownership position in this company. Lavin was hesitant at first, but after a second offer he accepted the position.

After Lavin had been with the company for about 5 years, he had grown it significantly. He took business out of the county and earned different investments overseas. By this time, McDonalds had requested that Lavin and the company worked with them Full time nation wide. Alter this deal Lavin had grew the company abundantly, within the blink of an eye. He had went from banking consultant, to CEO of a multi-million dollar company. As of today, Lavin has personally grew the business to 16 different countries including the Philippians, Australia, India and Japan, just to name a few. There are also countless OSI Group facilities throughout the U.S.

Lavin is a very humane individual. He is constantly volunteering and donating to others. He is an active member of different charities, including the Inner City foundation of Chicago, Evans Scholarship Fund, United Negro College Fund, Ronald McDonald House Charities, The Boys and Girls Club, and many other foundations, just to name a few. He also holds numerous leadership positions for different successful well known establishments. Lavin is the Trustee for the Roland McDonald House. He is a board member of Rush University Medical Center and the Goodman Theatre. He is also the President o Sheba Foundation. He has received countless awards for his kind acts throughout the years.

As of today, Lavin is 81 years old. He has three children with his wife. He was married for over 50 years; unfortunately, his wife passed away. But he still lives humbly enjoying family and keeping his legacy alive.

Who can get financial help from Equities First Holdings?

Equities First Holdings is becoming one of the most trusted names in lending. As their motto says, it is possible to do anything provided you know the right solutions to each particular problem, especially when it comes to investing. Currently, the company holds offices in Australia, the UK, Hong Kong and New York. The company has been in operation for fifteen years and it is during this time that they have grown from a small business to the large enterprise that they are.

The people that can benefit from the services offered by this company include high net worth individuals and also companies who need loans based on their stocks, bonds and treasuries. The company simply assesses the risk that they are taking when offering the loan to the investor. This includes trying to make a prediction of how the company or the individual might fare in the future, that is if their stock will be valuable or not. EFH LinkedIn.

Their main headquarters in the US is Indianapolis in Indiana. However, they also have headquarters in New York where most of the global business correspondence takes place. They have also recently opened branches in Singapore, Thailand and are extending their reach to South Africa. Visit

When applying for a loan from them, you can expect a quick assessment of the state of your stock. After determining the amount that you can qualify for, they will make calculations on how much loan you can get, the interest rate and the precautionary measures to take in case of a default. The interest rate goes between 3 and 4 percent and in case you are unable to repay the loan, they will simply list your shares and cover the money that is in arrears. They are the best source of an alternate form of capital for businesses that aren’t favored by the traditional system.

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Increase Your Wealth With Proven Financial Strategies

Jim Hunt VTA Publications is a great distance learning course that offers their clients tuition assistance and was created by Jim Hunt. Hunt is a successful financial analyst that is known for the precise accuracy of his stock market predictions. In fact, he has a YouTube channel that is committed to using his own money to invest in stocks and this he delivers transparent results to his customers by telling them the act position of his trade. Hunt says that more people need to make more sound financial decisions concerning their money, if they plan to gain true wealth.

He discussed the harsh financial future that is faced by millions of Americans. Jim Hunt VTA Publications agrees that the financial market is declining, but he gives his clients a weekly analysis that will allow them to get advice on the economy. His weekly analysis addresses the stock market, gold prices, and much more. However, Hunt strongly suggests his VTA Publications course to his customers because it is backed with highly interactive CD’s and tutorials to guide you along the way. Their is also live interactive customer service representatives standing by 24/7 online to chat with you live.

Hunt also decided to create a millionaire lifestyle for his mum. He decided to make his mum a tax free millionaire with under ten trades. Jim Hunt VTA Publications was successful in his endeavor to create wealth for his mum. He gives this advice to his clients through his YouTube Channel at You can follow his advice and buy a new home, boat, car, or save more money than ever before. Hunt says that he has to get his clients to understand the value of a dollar and how and when to invest. His also advises his clients to create a cash flow by starting their own business.

You can learn more about Jim Hunt and his VTA Publications course by visiting their exclusive website for more details. They offer over 5,600+ financial strategies through their distance learning course on LinkedIn. In fact, you can get a remarkable learn while you earn with the VTA course.

Jeffry Schneider Financial and Physical Fitness Expert

Jeffry Schneider is the founder and CEO of Ascendant Capital in March 2009. Although he currently makes his home in Austin, Texas, Jeffry Schneider was born and raised in the New York borough of Manhattan. He’s earned his Bachelor of Science degree in finance from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.

Jeffry Schneider has competed in many Half Ironman tournaments. This tournament included a 56-mile bicycle ride, a 1.2-mile swim, and a 13.1-mile run. He has competed in Half Ironman in states such as Texas, California, and Florida. Schneider competed in Half Ironman competitions in such countries as Chile, New Zealand, and Saint Croix. Schneider’s current Half Ironman tournament will take place in Croatia. Ironman and Half Ironman triathlons are among the most grueling. Schneider was physically active as a boy growing up in Manhattan. In addition to biking and swimming, he also played Soccer.

Jeffry Schneider is concerned with healthy eating and wants to share his healthy diet plan with others. He loves to travel with friends and family. Among Mr. Schneider’s favorite places are Thailand and Budapest. Jeffry Schneider is also a philanthropist. He supports such charities as Gods Love We Deliver, Wonders and Worries, the Gazelle Foundation, Camp Honey Creek Summer Dream Program, and Cherokee Home for Children to name a few.

In his financial business, Jeffry Schneider got his first job right after he graduated from college. He worked such places as Smith Barney, Alex Brown, and Merrill Lynch. By 2002, Jeffry Schneider joined Axiom Capital Management. At Axiom, Schneider worked alongside the managers in hedge funds. In 2004, Schneider was employed at Paradigm Global Advisors. At Axiom and Paradigm, Schneider held senior job positions. While he founded Ascendant Capital in 2009, Schneider contributed his time to Virtue Real Estate. Just before joining Virtue, Schneider was the CEO of ONX for three years. At Ascendant Capital, Schneider works with alternative funds. He has grown the business in making $50 million per month a $1billion per year. Schneider has a quarter century of financial experience, working with public and private pension funds, and hedge funds.

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Retail Strategy with Kenneth Goodgame

The world of retail has been taken by storm with all of the online commerce that is occurring today. Kenneth Goodgame is an expert in this area, and he has spent his entire life teaching others about retail. There are a lot of things that companies can learn from his insight. He is the CEO of True Value, which is a consulting company that helps retail companies take things to the next level. Over the next couple of years, he is going to continue to build his brand with clients in the industry.

Kenneth Goodgame

When he was in school, Kenneth Goodgame became passionate about running a business. He has a great business mind, and he has proven his ability to add value in a variety of situations. If you want to take your company to the next level, working with Kenneth Goodgame is a great idea. He has a track record of success in helping companies of all sizes with their marketing and retail merchandising strategies. Anyone who has ever worked with him knows how strategic he can be.

Next Steps

In the coming years, Kenneth Goodgame wants to build on his business success. There are a lot of people who are looking forward to working with him and his company to turn things around. Many retail companies today are worried about the future with online commerce. Instead of fearing change, Kenneth Goodgame recommends that people should simply start preparing for it. This is one of the reasons he has helped so many companies get out of bad financial situations.

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James Dondero to Guide Cox School of Business to Success

James Dondero has been appointed to the Executive Board of the Cox School of Business. Southern Methodist University chose James Dondero for his over 30 years of experience in the credit industry. The Executive Board consist of over 100 members, a majority of whom are non-academics. Dondero will meet with the board three times per year to discuss the strategies and future plans of the Cox School of Business. In addition to joining the Executive Board, Dondero has a lot of history supporting Southern Methodist University. His own Highland Capital Management Tower Scholars supports academics and professionals who pursue avenues of public policy. Additionally, he has pledged consistent donations to the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum.

Before co-founding Highland Capital Management with his partner Mark Okada, James Dondero spent decades gaining valuable experience in the credit and financial industries. He attended the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce and graduated with double majors in Accounting and Financing. Dondero also attended the Morgan Guaranty training program as an analyst. American Express hired Dondero soon after his graduation from the program. He held a position as a Corporate Bonds Analyst before being promoted to Portfolio Manager. At one point, Dondero had over $1 billion of assets under his management. His consistent success led Protective Life to hire Dondero to help their GIC subsidiary grow from inception. Dondero turned the business around and grew it to be valued at over $2 billion. Dondero has received qualifications as a Chartered Financial Analyst, a Certified Management Accountant and a Certified Public Accountant.

Highland Capital Management was founded in 1993 by James Dondero and Mark Okada. James Dondero currently runs the company as active president. Under his guidance, Highland Capital Management has grown to become one of the industry-leading providers of alternative credit solutions. They offer a wide range of award-winning services including mutual funds, hedge funds, private equity funds, institutional separate accounts, ETFs and more. James Dondero has led Highland Capital Management in their pioneering development of the Collateralized Loan Obligation market. As a result, Highland Capital Management has established themselves as one of the leading providers and experts regarding CLOs.

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Dallas Foundation Selected as Highland Capital Management Partners to Execute its Philanthropic Budget

According to James Dondero, Highland’s Capital Management search for a partner to manage their $ 3 million philanthropic budget has ended. Its search led it to the President and CEO of the Dallas Foundation, Mary Jalonick. In a statement, James Dondero described the Dallas Foundation as an achiever in the nonprofit community and a firm that had deep roots in the North Texas community. After settling on her, Mr. Dondero and Mary had a sit down to look into strategies that would be both effective and bold to execute the philanthropic budget. Their discussions led to the birth of the Highland Dallas Foundation Inc.

For a long time, Dondero’s focus regarding charitable activities in the Dallas community has been on healthcare initiatives, education and veterans. His collaborating with the Dallas Foundation has allowed him to spread his philanthropic engagements to civic organizations. Some of the organizations that have since benefited are The Dallas Zoo, The Perot Museum and The Bush Presidential Library.

According to Mary Jalonick, employment of multiyear grants in nonprofits organizations is of utmost importance. This is because they act as a sustainable source of money for the organizations in the long-term. In her opinion, Mr. Dondero’s business acumen has helped him perfectly employ this strategy to his charitable activities.

In a bid to ensure that the Highland Dallas Foundation Inc. successfully betters the life of the people of North Texas, Jim Dondero and the Dallas Foundation hired Linda Owen. Jim believes that her guidance will allow the newly formed foundation achieve his vision of a better North Texas Community.

James Dondero currently lives in Dallas, Texas. He is a guru in the world of credit and equity markets boasting of over 30 years’ experience in the field. He backs up his expertise in the field with a rich education background having attained CMA and CFA certification and is a graduate of the University of Virginia.

Other than being the President and Co-Founder of Highland Capital Management, Mr. Dondero also serves as the chairman of Nexbank, Cornerstone Healthcare and CCS Medical He also serves on the board of MGM Studios and American Banknote. The journey to his current position in his career started as an analyst.

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John Goullet: The Talent behind Diversant’s Success

Diversant, LLC is a reputable IT staffing firm based in the United States. Its owners are African Americans and the company is certified as an MBE (Minority Owned Business Enterprise). Diversant is in the business of offering innovative diversity solutions, direct hire and IT staffing augmentation. Their products and services stand out since they are based on outstanding policies and the need to fulfill the needs of the clients. In addition to that, their products and services also protect the needs of their affiliates and community. The strategy that has led to Diversant achieving so much success with their clients is their consultative approach while dealing with them and their involving the clients as equal partners.

Diversant strives to conduct its business in line with certain core values and integrity. Its core values are respect for others, disciplined teamwork, ethical behavior and professional development. It being an African American owned company, it believes in the strength of diversity at the workplace. According to it, diversity fosters innovation, leads to more efficient problem solving and encourages creative thinking. It is for these reasons that Diversant offers programs that promote diversity at the workplace and in the supply chain of acquiring talent.

John Goullet currently works as the principal of Diversant. Before working as an IT staffing executive, Goullet was an IT consultant. In his early years, his career change prompted Mr. Goullet to form Info Technologies. The main role of the company was to link up I.T professionals with firms that were in need of their services. Info Technologies also provided Fortune 500 companies with I.T solutions. He worked hard to grow the company and in a five year period managed to make it worth thirty million dollars. The growth was so significant that Info Technologies was ranked eighth among the top 500 fast rising private businesses in the United States in the Inc. Magazine.

Mr. Goullet was behind the merger of Info Technologies and Diversant Inc. The success of Diversant, LLC is attributable to his rich education background and experience in I.T. He attended Ursinus College from 1979 to 1983.

Things You Should Understand About the Legal System of Brazil

Brazil is a federal state that is governed through a federal system of governance. The Federal Constitution, which came into force on October 5, 1988, outlines the several courts that make the whole justice system in the country. These courts are created based on different criteria like the number of judges and the subjects each can handle.

Is mediation regarded as an option for parties?

There is no law that makes it mandatory for parties to go through mediation or conciliation or other methods of resolution before presenting the lawsuit. The current CPC is open and allows the parties involved in a case to arrive at a solution before moving to the evidence phase and judgment.

At any time, the parties involved in the case may engage in negotiations in a bid to settle the case amicably. Under the system, if the parties deem it fit to use amicable methods to settle their case then they must state if they intend to use this method of settlement.

Enforcing a foreign judgement

Like it is provided for in the foreign arbitration award, the Superior Court of Justice shall be responsible for sending a confirmation of the foreign judgment, either through the Homologatation of Foreign Judgment as provided for under the constitution.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho
Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a highly qualified litigation expert who is recognized as a market leader and a problem solver especially when it comes to the question of complex litigation. Mass litigation is one of the newest methods of solving legal suits and Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has come up with a system that many have admired. His office is efficient and offers a strong background for his work as a lawyer.

As an established lawyer with more than 10 years in the industry, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has been sharing solutions on various platforms. He is a prolific author who has posted articles on journals addressing various topics on the legal system and the business world. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho also writes articles for newspapers and has perfected his skills in electoral and international laws.

The Midas Legacy’s Brilliance in guiding its Clients to Success

The Midas Legacy is a consultative organization that is devoted to offering advice on success and fortune management. The company offers guidance to a vast array of clients from its headquarters in Winter Garden, Florida. The most frequents customers who use the company’s services are developing entrepreneurs, investors, individuals who need to be treated using natural cures, and anyone who would like to be successful in various ventures. All experts who work at the firm have a mutual goal of helping its clients to be prosperous. The Midas Legacy’s mission is accomplished by offering capital to individuals who believe and are capable of bringing positive changes in various sectors such as entrepreneurship, natural health, real estate, and retirement.

The company and its staff start working to ensure the prosperity of the member from the moment when they hire it for guidance. They offer members with The Midas Code, which is an instructional manual, during the time of registration. Individuals who acquire membership get useful advice from the organization’s specialists, who include authors, entrepreneurs, stock marketers, and many other.

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Working at The Midas Legacy

Midas Legacy Experts

The leading professionals who work for The Midas Legacy include Jim Samson, Mark Edward, and Sean Bower. Mark Edward is a specialist in natural cures and therefore, serves clients who need to be healed through normal means. Jim Samson is an expert in book writing, stock markets, and entrepreneurship. Jim has been bestselling writer several times and has outstanding knowledge in the real estate sector where he has been working for the past twenty years. Sean Bower is a professional journalist who has specialized in business and therefore, has a lot of information on finance. He serves as an adviser to the company’s clients on capital markets and in making appropriate business decisions. Mr. Bower has various works, which have been quoted in Japan’s Nikkei, the International Business Times and other global magazines.

Apart from its business undertakings, The Midas Legacy is keen on its corporate social responsibility activities. The company is a benefactor of various community projects such as the Florida Sheriffs Association. The Association has named the firm as a Gold Business Member. The St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Give Hope Foundation, which is located in Central Florida, are funded by The Midas Legacy to help in the reduction of detrimental diseases such as cancer. The Wounded Warrior Project and the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals are also part of the company’s charity programs.

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