Banker Anil Chaturvedi experience in the banking sector

One of the greatest minds in the banking sector today is Anil Chaturvedi. The India-born banking executive has been in the banking industry for the last four decades. With such experience, he is a reputable guy who can be depended upon to achieve great success in the business sector. He is currently working for Hinduja Bank in Switzerland as the Managing Director. His experience in the banking sector plays a key role in the growth of this bank. The fact that his name appears as the MD of the bank is enough to send investor and clients to the bank. He has a reputation, and many investors trust him.


The trust he earns today has not come easy. He had to work for everything that he has today. From a humble beginning in India to becoming a top banker in the world was never an easy thing. It took passion, hard work and determination to make it in the industry. From his education to his first job, he made sure that he created an impression that would get him started in the right way.


Anil Chaturvedi attended Meerut University where he graduated with a degree in economics. After this degree, he moved to Delhi University where he obtained his MBA. With this education, he was armed with tools to venture into the practical world. His first job was at the State Bank of India. He was working in the development and marketing department of the bank. He performed his role with passion and hard work and in a few years, he had brought a change in the bank. At the end of the fourth year, State Bank of India had made $500 million from his role. After the fourth year, it was time to move to another organization where he would also make an impact.


Anil Chaturvedi moved to ANZ Grindlays Bank where he worked for about two years. He left the bank after creating a business model that would be profitable for the bank in years to come. With that, he was ready to join another banking organization known as Merrill Lynch. At Merrill Lynch, he stayed for 17 years and left with a great record.

Vinod Gupta’s Journey To Success And Advice To His Younger Self

Vinod Gupta is the embodiment of a rages to riches story. Born across the world in India Vinod did not take his reality as how his life would turn out. Gupta worked tirelessly to achieve his dreams of financial freedom with a little elbow grease and a smart college education. One of his biggest victories to date as a businessman was starting a company on a bank loan for just $100 dollars and growing it tremendously. It later sold for an astonishing $680 million dollars. As the Chief Executive Officer,  Vinod Gupta bridged the communication gap between businesses and it spread like wildfire.

The successful businessman has once again dove into the world of entrepreneurship with his current business called Everest Group. They help provide vital resources for database technology companies in their infancy. This mainly includes the capital they do not have access to. Artificial intelligence is going through a lot of growth at this point in time which catches Vinod’s interest. He knows this will positively impact the world by making it easier to do things, this also includes his businesses. When bringing his ideas to life Vinod always tests them. market testing to be exact. This way he knows whether a product is good and what others have to say about it. Since Mr. Gupta is all about technology, it is no wonder he utilizes it to build his business even more and is a sound strategy he uses.

Like any entrepreneur, Vinod has had his share of setbacks. Instead of seeing these experience as complete bombs, he uses these situations as learning lessons to apply to his future endeavors. Mr. Gupta would also give his younger self some valid advice to take more measured risks. If you don’t take risks then you could miss out on a lot of great opportunities.

Vinod Gupta

With Superior Products and Ethics, Waiakea Water has Moved to the Top of the Bottled Water Industry

The best way to build a successful business is from the bottom up; if you build a firm foundation, you will have a stable business. Ryan Emmons, the founder and CEO of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water did just that when he established Waiakea Water at age 22. He entered the bottled water industry with no experience, but, now at 28, he is the owner of one of the world’s most popular ph water companies.

Most bottled water companies are run by those in the Boomer generation, so Ryan, a millennial, has made his decisions and built the Hawaii volcanic water business with his own intuition and perseverance. Not surprisingly, millennials are Waiakea Water main customers, and the slogan: “drink healthy, drink sustainably, and drink ethically” is his foundation and shared with millennials.

Waiakea Water is a refreshing, natural ph-balanced water from a volcanic spring in Hawaii. Waiakea never processes the Hawaii volcanic water, so it has many volcanic water benefits. It is highly alkaline and packed with trace minerals that come from the water flowing over for 14,000 feet inside the volcano.

Ryan Emmons found this natural spring when his family vacationed near there. Ryan leased the volcanic springs for 99 years because he knew then that he wanted pure, high-quality, mineral-infused water for his company. Waiakea’s Hawaii volcanic water is also rich in electrolytes.

During his first year of sales, Ryan sold 2,304 cases, and in 2016, the number of cases rose to 122,400 cases, and, today, the company is valued at over $10 million. Waiakea uses sustainable/recyclable plastic, and in 2018, the company began using a highly-advanced plastic that will completely disintegrate in less than 15 years! The old biodegradable plastic never completely dissolves, so it is harming the planet. Internationally, this new plastic will make a tremendous difference.

The last phrase of the slogan is “drink ethically,” and Ryan “Gives Back” to communities in need of fresh water. Together with Pumpaid, Waiakea has donated over 600 million liters of water to rural communities in Africa, and as Waiakea Hawaii volcanic water becomes more successful, Ryan donates more.,18.htm

Jordan Lindsey Career

The financial industry is changing rapidly. Many people want to invest in speculative investments. When the economy is strong, many investors are willing to take on additional financial risks. Jordan Lindsey is one of the leading financial planners in the world today. He mangoes JCL Capital, and he wants to improve the lives of his customers.

Most people struggle with their finances. Few people are actively investing for the future. Jordan Lindsey helps customers design an investment strategy that aligns with their future goals.

Early Career

Jordan Lindsey has always enjoyed learning about money. While he was in college, he decided to pursue a degree in finance. Although it was hard to do, he worked for a financial planning company while attending school. Working for a company gave him experience in the industry.

After he graduated, Jordan Lindsey worked for a large hedge fund. A hedge fund is a company that focuses on helping wealthy people reach their financial goals. There is a lot of pressure on people who work at hedge funds. After several years in the industry, Jordan Lindsey decided to start his own company. JCL Capital is now one of the leading financial planning firms in the country.

Teaching Others

One of the reasons that Jordan Lindsey is so popular is his teaching ability. He takes time to teach his customers about the basics of personal finance. Unlike many investment advisors, he does not sell investment products.

Jordan Lindsey had to hire several financial planners on his team. Before hiring anyone, he conducted a thorough interview process to ensure they were a cultural fit. Jordan Lindsey has multiple plans to expand JCL Capital in the years ahead. Now is a great time to work with Jordan Lindsey to plan for the future. Most people can build significant wealth by making a few lifestyle adjustments.

The Philanthropic Work of Stream Energy

Recently, Stream Energy which is a Dallas based company kick-started a foundation to assist the homeless get shelter. This was a combined effort between Stream Energy and Hope Supply Company. After the Hurricane Harvey, the foundation saw a need to step in and assist the people who survived and had been left homeless as a result of the hurricane. They have made profits over the years and they use this as an opportunity to give back to the community.

They have been involved in other philanthropic deeds for over a decade, offering charity to people all over the United States. Opening Stream Cares as their charity branch was a big step for them. They saw this as an opportunity to show their existing and potential clients that they cared about them and they were also loyal to the community needs.

Stream Energy is involved in the provision of clean energy to both personal and industrial needs and their employees are in charge of maintaining good relationships with their clients. The employees are then paid depending on how they perform. They also motivate their employees through taking part in causes that are worthwhile. If one of their employees brings forth an idea that is worthwhile and requires assistance, Stream Energy steps in.

Stream focuses its energy on the homeless. During the Splash for Hope event, they donated a huge amount of money to cover the food costs and entrance fees of the homeless children in Dallas. During this event, which takes place every year, Stream gives away supplies, cash and provide the homeless kids with a lifetime experience at the water park. Some of the supplies handed out include school items and clothes for these children.

Their philanthropic deeds can also be seen by the amount of money they helped raise to assist the victims who were affected by the tornado that occurred in Texas. They have also played a big part in assisting the veterans who are not able to afford to spend time with their families due to financial restraints meet up with their families through providing transportation and covering the lunch costs. It is a great joy for the company to see others benefiting and having life-changing events with the services they offer.

Sahm Adrangi and Kerrisdale Capital Not Confident about Eastman Kodak Company new ICO Partnership

Sahm Adrangi, Chief Investor Officer for Kerrisdale Capital released a scathing report last month regarding Eastman Kodak Company’s (NYSE: KODK) announced partnership with WENN Digital Inc, to develop a blockchain-enabled licensing platform. Since the announcement, Kodak’s stock has increased 187 percent, creating nearly $300 million dollars in value.

Sahm Adrangi insists that the KodakOne and KodakCoin business models are “flawed,” and “nonsensical,” adding that the share increase has been based on “unjustifiable hype,” used to attract potential investors. But will do nothing to offset the company’s fiscal struggles including decreasing revenue, increasing default risk, and negative free cash flow.

Kerrisdale Capital believes that using blockchain technology to operate an image copyright platform will accomplish nothing for Eastman Kodak and will have virtually no impact on copyright infringement. Claims to the contrary fail to take into account the resources necessary to enforce copyright laws.

Additionally, Sahm Adrangi accuses the board of directors of Eastman Kodak of granting themselves shares of restricted stock the day before the announcement, which could possibly incur an SEC investigation. This behavior has led some to believe the share price in Eastman Kodak may lose value if such an investigation were to occur.

Even more troubling, WENN Digital Inc, the lead developer of KodakOne and KodakCoin, is a company with a shady past and questionable credibility. Sahm Adrangi points out that the concept behind KodakOne has several flaws including the lack of advantage in using blockchain to reduce copyright infringement as well as failure to enforce infringement violations.

Further casting doubt on the company’s credibility is the fact that the executive team of KodakOne is virtually unknown in the blockchain developer community, and AppCoin, an ICO marketing firm hired by WENN Digital to market the KodakCoin is being led by Cameron Chell a stock promoter whose shady past includes being banned from the Canadian Stock Exchange.

Kerrisdale further asserts, that Eastman Kodak Company’s attempt to establish an image-based blockchain to help photographers establish intellectual property rights, is a “hollow attempt,” to join with the ICO mania currently going around and will not improve Kodak’s poor fiscal performance overall.

Kerrisdale has a short position in Eastman Kodak Company, should the company’s share price decrease, Kerrisdale Capital will benefit.

OSI Group Makes A Bold Move By Acquiring A Former Chicago-Based Tyson Foods Plant

OSI Group is an American food company that provides custom food solutions for the food industry in locations all over the globe. The company was founded in 1909 and began as a humble, domestic food company that served customers in the Chicago, Illinois area, but it expanded over the years to become a worldwide food company that is headquartered in the United States. In the last few years the company has been doing even more to continue its expansion into new markets where it knows it will be a competitor. While a lot of these efforts are aimed at overseas opportunities, many of the moves that OSI is making are also aimed at cementing in its place as a leader in the country of its origin.

One of the most recent moves that OSI group has made in this capacity is to acquire a former Tyson Food Plant in the south-side of Chicago. OSI bought the plant for $7.4 million, and while 480 employees stood to lose their job, as the plant closed down, OSI offered many of them new employment opportunities with its company. This is the norm for OSI who cares deeply about its own employees and the communities that it serves in. This 200,000 square-foot plant is expected to offer support to its other business endeavors in the city of Chicago, the state of Illinois, and its overall operations. It expands upon its existing North American manufacturing capabilities and will help to improve what its existing Chicago plant offers.

OSI Group is located in Aurora, Illinois and has more than 20,000 employees on its payroll. The company is valued at $6.1 billion, and Forbes lists it as the #58 top American private company. The Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin, has been credited with a lot of the success of the company and a big part of the reason why it was chosen as a top United States company by Forbes. His contributions to the company initially helped it to grow beyond its humble domestic beginnings into a national food service provider with facilities all over the world. Lavin, along with the rest of the leadership at OSI have pledged to continue to make the kinds of choices for the company that will lead to a larger and more sustainable infrastructure. Remaining a sustainable company is a top priority for OSI, and in recent years, it has taken measures to ensure its continuance as a top American food company.

OSI’s Sheldon Lavin Receives Global Visionary Award

The Education And Work Of Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly received his education through a number of different schools, and he is using the education that received to help him as he writes and completes the work that he does today. He attended high school in the United Arab Emirates. He was a student at Indian High School in Dubai before moving on to college. For college, Paul Mampilly attended the State University of New York at Albany as well as Montclair State University. He spent time learning at Seton Hall University and also at the City University of New York-Hunter College. Paul Mampilly studied at the New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering, and the received an MBA from the Fordham Gabelli School of Business. This man received an education in Financial Engineering, Business, Economics, Accounting, and Finance. He is a well-educated individual who has the authority to share information on a number of topics.

Paul Mampilly has worked as a portfolio manager and as an author. He has worked as an analyst and he is someone who has shared the information that he has gleaned through the years in a number of ways. He is the Founder of Capuchin Consulting and a writer for Banyan Hill Publishing.

There are different ways that different individuals choose to start up their days, and Paul Mampilly is someone who likes to spend the start of his day getting caught up on the news and all that is going on in the world. He needs to know what is going on so that he knows what kind of work to do and what kind of information he should share in the writing that he does. He has said that he has kept the same routine for over fifteen years, checking out the news at the start of the day and using that in all that he does throughout the day.

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Anthony Petrello Leads Nabors Industries on to Market Domination.

The petroleum extraction industry has long been one of the most competitive and dynamic businesses in the United States. Going through cycles of boom and bust that would leave most other industries shaking in their boots, the wildcatters of the petroleum extraction business in the United States have long been hard men of strong character, willing to do what it takes to make a buck and go the extra mile to make sure that the country has the energy on which it can thrive.

Of all the roughneck CEOs of oil businesses throughout the United States, perhaps nobody fits the archetype better than Tony Petrello. Although he looks the part, Tony Petrello is also one of the most highly credentialed and well-educated CEOs in the entire petroleum business. With a Juris Doctor degree from Havard Law School and an MS in mathematics from Yale, Petrello maybe the most intelligent CEO of any petroleum firm in the United States.

And he has used his intelligence to his benefit and to the benefit of stakeholders in his firm. Petrello first came to work for Nabors Industries while still a junior partner with bankruptcy workout specialist law firm Baker McKenzie. Nabors Industries had fallen on extremely tough times and was going through a period of financial restructuring. The board of directors noticed that Petrello had many of the qualities that they were looking for in the next CEO. They also realized that they would need a special kind of person to lead them out of their corporate restructuring, someone who would be able to see the contours of the future and lead the company into areas of high profitability.

They selected Petrello to join the executive team. Throughout the 1990s, this proved to be a highly propitious bet, with the company entering some of the most high-tech fields in the petroleum extraction business. To know more, click here.

Under Petrello’s leadership, Nabors Industries was able to successfully enter the realm of hydraulic fracturing. At the time, this was a little-known technique of oil extraction that was hardly in use at all. But throughout the 1990s, Nabors Industries was able to perfect platforms that were able to highly effectively and efficiently extract oil from some of the more difficult shale deposits across the North American landscape.

This bet would prove to be incredibly profitable, with the opening of the Bakken Shale formation in North Dakota providing a windfall of hydraulic fracturing opportunities for Nabors Industries.

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Boraie Development’s Expansion into Atlantic City

Boraie Developments LLC, is a family run real estate development, management and marketing company run by Sam Boraie and his son Sam Boraie. The company’s aim is not only to construct and manage residential buildings, but also to improve local communities by increasing employment and attracting newcomers to underdeveloped localities. Its first major development was in the New Brunswick area, which initiated the development of the entire community. After the initial Boraie construction was completed in New Brunswick over $2 billion was spent on other constructions and developing the New Brunswick neighborhood.

Boraie Developments newest construction and community project is in Atlantic City. In recent years, Atlantic City has seen a decline in tourists, development projects and casino goers, mostly due to the development of casinos in neighboring States. Boraie believes this trend will soon reverse and more visitors will return. Once complete the apartment building will be the first development project ot come up in Atlantic City in 25 years. Check out Bloomberg to see more.

Boraie’s Atlantic City project consists of an $81 million, 250-unit apartment building complex with the most advanced and luxurious technology, amenities and stunning views. The unit will be called The Beach at South Inlet and is on schedule to be complete by the summer of 2018, just in time for the rush of tourists. The new complex will serve many of the 50,000 inhabitants of the small resort and casino town. The new building is a welcome site as many of Atlantic City’s houses are over 40 years old an in need of some serious refurbishment.

According to NY Times, recently, many casinos and local businesses have closed due to the poor economic conditions, but many believe it has improved the local community for several reasons. The intense gambling and alcohol consumption in the area made it a dangerous town with a lot of crime and theft. Now, the increased investments in non-gaming establishments and entertainment parks have led to a massive change in the ambience of Atlantic City. It has become a family destination that has activities for everyone.

Boraie Developments has partnered with some of the most famous and respected celebrities in the world including Shaquille O’Neal. Shaquille O’Neal has been involved with Boraie’s construction of the CityPlex movie theater in Newark, where O’Neal grew up. Shaquille O’Neal is also expected to join Boraie in Atlantic City with an entertainment center right next to the new apartment complex, the Beach at South Inlet. You can search on Yahoo to see more.

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