Shervin Pishevar tweet storm reveals looming dangers for the US economy

Shervin Pishevar is one of the most successful and celebrated venture investors in Silicon Valley. Although he makes mistakes at times, there is no doubt that the majority of his decisions have been proved right. He is known for his investments in companies such as Hyperloop One, Airbnb and Uber. These are just some of the companies he has invested in since cumulatively he has put millions into 60 different companies. He has made investments whereby he identifies brilliant startup ideas and grows with them. He has on several occasions being named on the popular Midas list of venture investors by the Forbes.

Shervin Pishevar predicted that the stock market would experience a 6000 point drop. The financial crisis could be created by factors such as the newly approved tax plan, increasing national debt and the rise in interest rates. All these factors will lead to a financial crisis that will be detrimental to the investors.

Shervin Pishevar also took issue with some of the decisions made by the government. He notes that the US government and the private companies have lost the war on infrastructure to China. China today exhibits prowess in this sector that cannot be compared to the US. Currently, China has a technology that can build a railway station in nine hours.

Shervin Pishevar has expressed concerns over the trend at Silicon Valley where every brilliant idea is bought off by the biggest companies in the country. He has taken note that Facebook, Amazon, Alphabet, Apple, and Microsoft are competing for the next big idea and in the process interfering with the growth of fresh ideas. He warns that unless the country takes aggressive measures to spilt these companies, it will take long before we see another Uber or Airbnb.

He recommends the same measures that were taken against AT&T, which was split up to accommodate other companies in the telecommunication industry. These companies also pose a risk to the economy since they control a large portion of the economy. If anything negative happens to them, they will put the economy at risk. To prevent such occurrences in the future, their monopolistic powers should be shred.

“James River Capital’s Advice for Business Employees “

Paul Saunders has been the business industry for decades. Between being a typical worker, to leading a workforce, and overtaking a parent company, he has seen his share of the range of employee motivations. The work life of an individual is connected to how they feel on the job, in addition to outside the job at home. A business is just as responsible for the performance of its workers, as the individuals themselves. In a recent path article, Paul Saunders discusses the common factors leading to burnout and the prevention measures that can be taken.


The most common issue that arises in a busy workplace is when the employee feels they have lost all control over their situation. They find there is too much work, and not enough time to properly complete every task. Paul Saunders strongly encourages each business have an established for the employees to follow. A structured work schedule is essential to a timely and well paced work conditions. An employee is also encouraged to set personal goals for the day. Similarly, when negativity creeps into the workplace it can hamper the mood and productive of the employee and those around them. Paul Saunders is a strong advocate for giving employees the proper resources to live a comfortable life. He always suggests to employees that they consider a new hobby, or find something to bring their morale up.


Over the course of a business’s run, there might be times when the upper management is more strict than others. An employee can begin to feel less motivated when their peers are getting promoted or wage increases for seemingly no reason. Paul Saunders believes that transparency should be a fundamental core of any business operation. An employee who does not feel valued by the work place, will be an employee who will lack the motivation to work hard. Workshops are also a great tool for businesses to have employee bonding and skill increase sessions. Lastly, the lack of confidence is most likely the easiest burnout feeling to find. An employee will feel down at least once over their career. It is up to the team leader to ensure everyone remains on task, and feels like they are contributing a meaning addition to the overarching goal. Learn more:


Throughout the history of Paul Saunders’s career, he has bonded with and rallied workers for his cause. In the late 19902, he lead an internal company revolution that made James River Capital an independent organization. This movie would not have been possible with the support of his team. The company now stands tall among its competition with millions of dollars in assets under watch. A company can not function with the employees working hard.


Unroll Me Simplifies Life

Unroll Me is a service that is geared towards reducing clutter In your inbox for those who use Google Apps and Gmail. Unroll Me offers a feature that makes it easy to unsubscribe from senders so you can reduce that number of emails that accumulate in your inbox. It is estimated that about 183 billion emails are sent every day and if you are not on top of it you can end up with hundreds if not thousands of emails in your inbox. Staying on top of your emails can be a full-time job, and that is where Unroll Me comes in.

As the New Year begins, it is a good idea to take certain measures to make sure that your personal information is secure. Unroll Me offers a few ways that you can do this. You should update your software for starters. Ransomware was behind one of the most damaging cyber attacks last year. Ransomware will potentially lock up your personal and important data and can threaten to destroy it if you do not pay a ransom. You should also read all of your privacy policies. The policy of any company will be written in the fine print, and if you don’t read it, you won’t have any idea what you are agreeing to. More often than not a privacy policy will state that they can collect, use, transfer, sell and also disclose information for any purpose.

Unroll Me also recommends to delete any unnecessary apps because many third-party apps actually leach off of your personal information. Many people have apps and services on their phones that they don’t even use any more that are still helping themselves to all your personal data.

Unroll Me also recommends using a VPN, and protecting your hardware as well with a case and screen protector. VPNs help to cloak your browsing information so that when your internet provider can’t see which devices you are using and which sites you have visited when you browse the internet, you are not giving away information to track your browsing history to track your every move.

OSI Industries Awarded With the Globe Of Honor Award

OSI Industries has been in business for a long time now serving various countries around the globe. The company currently has 65 facilities distributes across 17 countries. Since its launch hundred years ago, the company has aimed to provide the best of services to its clients.

For their remarkable works, OSI was recently awarded the Globe of Honor Award for 2016 from the British Safety Council. To be awarded his honor, the company had to pass specific requirement which included getting a five stars ranking in the British Safety Councils management from August 2015 to July 2016. The company also had to excel in their environmental management programs. OSI provides quality food products such as bacon, chicken, burgers, pizzas and so many more. Learn more about OSI Industries at Bloomberg.

OSI Industries was among eighteen companies to receive the Global of Honor Award. The award was given to Kelly Grimwood, Environmental Manager at OSI by Mike Robinson, the CEO of the British Safety Council.

Apart from the global of honor award, OSI Industries has received many awards over the years. The company was awarded Globe of Honors in 2013 and 2015. The company also got a Sword of Honor award back in 2015.

OSI was also won the McDonald’s Best of Sustainable Supply Award and California Green Business Award.

Some of OSI Industries subsidiaries have been given various tributes for their significant contributions to the societies. These OSI subsidiaries include GenOSI based in the Philippine which was recognized for their efforts to train animal welfare officers. Another branch was K&K Foods, which is located in Taiwan, was recognized for developing an innovative system that recycles and re-purpose wastewater. Lastly, Vista Processed Foods was recognized for two initiatives, one for water conservation in the area and the other one on providing education to farmers regarding the handling of chemicals and pesticides.

Two years ago, OSI Industries was ranked #58 on Forbes list of largest private companies with a sales worth of $6.1 billion. The company has purchased many food companies in different parts of the globe. Among the acquired companies include, Turi Foods, Baho Foods, and Flagship Europe.

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Stream Energy Giving Back to the Society

Over the years, Stream Energy has been one of the leading connecting life services and direct selling companies. Stream Energy offers efficient services to their clients. In the recent past, Stream Energy Patch has created stream care for philanthropy. These foundations in partnership with Hope Supply Co. have been of help to alleviate the homeless people in the streets of Dallas. During the dropping of Hurricane Harvey rains, Stream Cares foundation and some other companies across the United States have stood with families affected by the flooding.


During the Hurricane Harvey flooding, some companies did not help as people lost their lives, pets and properties but Stream Care Foundation opted to give a helping hand. They used the resources earned and money earned from their hard and successful sales of energy, becoming the first company to fund the recovery process. The company used the saving of its clients to support victims of the hurricane to ease their financial burden. Since then, the corporate philanthropy has been part of Stream Energy’s DNA, which has seen the foundation operating for more than 12 years now.

Stream Care foundation proved to other companies that they can join hands and be of great help by giving back to society. Stream care showed a good example, and other Dallas corporations are leveraging aid and compassion. Apart from giving back to the community, the companies also earn respect, gains customer loyalty and gains the loyalty of potential clients and the public at large.

Stream Care Foundation, under Stream Energy Patch, has been able to build up a good, strong and a long-term relationship with other charity offering foundations such as The Red Cross and the Habitat for Humanity to give better services to the community. For the company to bolster their philanthropic track records, they use their direct energy selling and pays its associates to build up a network of loyal clients who help to deliver a variety of goods and services.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel: America’s Emergency Room Crisis

It’s no secret that non-urgent care is starting to take its toll on all hospitals across the country, and according to, an independent news and information platform, Florida emergency rooms are being particularly hard hit as more residents find themselves without insurance. To that point, it has been reported that one-third of Americans visit emergency rooms for non-urgent care. What does this mean, exactly? Basically, those who are not insured or underinsured are treating hospitals like a primary care provider, using valuable hospital resources for non-urgent medical needs.

So when did this problem in America’s hospital emergency rooms become a problem? Well, according to AJMC (American Journal of Managed Care), this problem can be traced back to the 1990s; however, as of 2014, hospitals across the country began seeing an uptick in the number of non-urgent emergency room visits. In this article, we will detail Dr. Eric Forsthoefel’s thoughts on this crisis. If you’re not familiar with Dr. Forsthoefel, he is a Florida-based physician who has experienced firsthand how non-urgent emergency rooms visits can drain valuable hospital resources.


Having worked as an emergency room physician at Florida’s Bixler Trauma and Emergency Center, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has personally witnessed, not to mention treated, countless non-urgent care visits. In saying that, he attributes the greater majority of these visits to individuals not having access to primary care providers or much-needed medicines, perhaps both. Before we delve too much further into Dr. Forsthoefel’s stance on the country’s emergency room crisis, let’s take a moment to explore his background.


Dr. Forsthoefel attended Florida State University where he studied religion; after graduating in 2004, he enrolled in the University Of Louisville School Of Medicine, earning his MD degree in 2009. After completing his formal education, Dr. Forsthoefel began his residency with LSU Health Sciences Center, before joining Florida’s Bixler Trauma and Emergency Center as an emergency room physician in 2012. Needless to say, Dr. Forsthoefel is more than qualified to weigh in and share his thoughts on America’s hospitals being treated as a primary care provider’s office.


For many Americans, the costs of health care can be a challenge, and in many cases, paying health care premiums is not always as critical as keeping a roof over your head or food in the refrigerator, for example. This is a sobering truth that not everyone can identify with; however, those who face these challenges head-on also know that making the right choice is not always easy.

That aside, Dr. Forsthoefel candidly shares the protocols in place at Bixler Trauma and Emergency Center when a patient requests to be seen for a non-emergency, stating that although these visits can place a financial strain on hospital resources, it does not negate their obligations as emergency room doctors and nurses. He further states that he recognizes that health insurance can be outside the reach of what many can afford, but he, along with his colleagues, have made it their mission to ensure that all patients receive the treatment they need.

Doe Deere: The Immigrant Success story Retold

Doe Deere, the founder of Lime crime cosmetics, wasn’t always the successful entrepreneur she is today. Before she was Doe Deere, she was Xenia Vorotova, an immigrant from Russia who had moved to America with her family in the hopes of achieving their dreams of a better life and her own personal dreams of being a fashion designer. When she first arrived in America; at the age of 17; with her mother and sister she quickly found out how difficult life in the big city could be. With only a limited amount of savings, Deere and her family soon found themselves living in a shelter.

Despite her hardships, Deere never gave up on her dreams of being a fashion designer. Though she knew she had to put them on a temporary hold, she took to placing her dreams on paper, in a series of sketches she kept as she worked odd jobs to help her family. She knew that nothing in life came easily and was willing to put in the work required to make her dreams come true despite her setbacks.

Through her families hard work and diligence they were able to meet a legal community activist named, Dorchen Leidholdt who began to assist her family. Recognizing Deere’s talent Leidholdt helped her get into the Fashion Institute of technology. This was the beginning of Deere’s turnaround. With her inspiration and drive renewed Deere when on the founding Lime Crime, an online based cosmetics company, which went on to become a huge success. She had finally opened the door to what she desired most, a better life for her family and a doorway into her dream. Doe Deere is proof that where you begin could be miles away from where you end up if you are willing to fight for your dream, shouldering the storms that come with the understanding that tomorrow will bring something better.

Clayton Hutson – entrepreneur and business owner

Business owner and entrepreneur Clayton Hutson has a passion for music and works in the industry as he did an interview with Ideamensch. After going to college and majoring in theatre design, he worked for various companies as a Sound Engineer and Project Manager, where he learned essential skills needed in the business. Hutson then went to found his own company. The entrepreneur has worked with some of the biggest artists of today’s time that include Pink, Kid Rock, and notable Guns’n’Roses. The idea to create his own production management company stemmed from his experience in the music industry after a company he worked for was having its own issues financially. His days start pretty early at about 6:30 AM working with storage plans, mapping out the day, and working with different artists. Clayton Hutson also directs his team to know what their responsibilities are and making sure the shows run smoothly. He brings ideas to life by using his vast knowledge in the industry and knowing the area to fit equipment where it needs to be placed. Hutson is specifically interested when it comes to the advancement of technology, but the improvement in live music equipment when it comes to lighting and videos. He also enjoys artists who are doing more today with aerobic/aerial stunts and who are pushing special messages in their art. Lights he believes have gotten to be better in size and power, along with them now weighing less than they used to be. One trait that Clayton believes that he has that other entrepreneurs don’t is planning ahead and visualizing events for the day. Some advice he would give to his younger self would be to put family first and to be honest. Clayton Hutson makes an interesting claim that talent can’t be taught into someone and that for people who are talented, it is because they have a relentless work ethic, it’s just there, and have a passion for what they do. He would rather have someone who does their job effectively. He notes something he always does in his daily routine is double checking everything, working hard, and being confident.

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade Brings Cars To Brazil

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade brings cars to Brazil often, and he has been a big part of expanding the country’s economy. There are a lot of people who want to buy better cars to move through the country, and someone who has a hard time getting reliable transportation could get it from his dealerships. Someone who is trying to change the way that they travel could buy from his dealers, or they could get a job at one of the factories he manages.

  1. Bringing In Cars

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade started new dealership in the country because wanted to be able to sell cars to people that they need. The people who buy the cars are getting the best car possible for them, and he has been doing this for decades. This makes it so much simpler for someone to buy a car for a better price.

  1. Making Cars

Dr. Carlos has invited carmakers to the country to start these factories, and he helps manage those factories. He wants to bring more jobs to the economy, and he has chosen to make these cars in places where people need jobs. The people who need better jobs come to these factories, and these factories help grow little communities that need assistance. Someone who wants to learn about making cars might go to school only to get a job in management at these plants.

  1. Why Does Brazil Need Dr. Carlos?

Dr. Carlos is one of the best businessmen in all of Brazil, and he has done a very good job of helping people get jobs, drive safely, and make it around the more remote parts of the country. Someone who wants to use the cars could buy right now, and they probably have family members who have jobs with Dr. Carlos.

  1. Conclusion

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is a masterful businessman who has done a good job of helping Brazil’s economy grow. He has brought in cars for ages, and he has been selling cars to the public so that they can get around much more easily in the countryside. Read this article from to know about Dr. Carlos and Hyundai.

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Ryan Seacrest Was Dragged To New York By Life

American Idol was a widely watched show in the 2000s. People would tune in to watch contestants sing and compete to be the one “American Idol.” Americans would vote for which contestants would go on to the final rounds. The singers on the show had to be top notch. There have been many successful singers in show business who would never had made it past the auditions if they tried out for American Idol. There were different personas on the show. Simon Cowell was the guy who harshly criticized and made fun of people. Paula Abdul added a feminine touch to the show, and Randy was the black guy. On his facebook account, it shows that Ryan Seacrest was the host with the youthful, vibrant voice who came off as being rather neutral and upbeat.

The days of American Idol have come and gone through the sands of time. Now, Ryan Seacrest has moved on to host “’Live!’ With Kelly Rippa.” The show has dragged him to New York City where, as of 2017, he lives in a really expensive townhouse. The monthly cost of the townhouse, $75,000 is not surprising for Manhattan. Manhattan is notorious for its high cost of living and the ludicrous amounts of money that houses cost. Even in cheaper areas that aren’t as safe, the rents are going up and the costs of living are surprisingly high. For someone like Ryan Seacrest, founder of his own foundation, this is not a problem because his successful career provides him with enough money to make it in New York or anywhere else.

The host whose name is now known by everybody used to live in Southern California. However, he had to relocate to the East Coast because of the show that he hosts with Kelly Rippa. New York is temperate and has weather that shows itself to be rather erratic. Ryan Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest) like to occasionally take a gander at weather forecasts because the weather frequently changes. Even in one day, the temperature can drastically drop 10 or 20 degrees—whether it is warm or cold.

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