Canadian Businessman Louis Chenevert- Career in the aerospace industry

Canadian Businessman Louis Chenevert was born in Montreal in 1958. At a young age, he developed interests in entrepreneurship and business. He also learned at a very young age that only hard work pays. He knew that by working hard, he would be able to live the life he always wished for. When he joined school, he had a clear goal of pursuing a business course that would land him in the businesses sector. Louis Chenevert attended Montreal University where he pursued a degree in Production Management.

As a production manager, he is supposed to see that there is quick production of goods and services and that the goods are produced at the right price. The production department plays the significant role of taking care of the other departments. If there is a flaw in production, all other departments will fail. Knowing the crucial role that he is supposed to play in the businesses sector, Louis Chenevert was ready to do everything possible to make production for the companies he was working with better.

After university, his first job was at General Motors. Here, his role was to make the production of autos faster. He achieved this goal by ensuring that the production line he was responsible for was producing a car every one minute. He worked with GM for 14 years. After the 14 years were over, he did not want to go on with work in the auto industry, he wanted to face some new challenges, and these challenges would only be possible by moving to the aerospace industry.

Due to his experience in the auto industry, it was not hard for him to be accepted ta Pratt & Whitney Canada. This firm was responsible for the production of small jet engines. He showed his skills in managing such kind of businesses. In no time, the production in the company had gone up by a huge margin. After a short time working in Canada, Pratt & Whitney US recognized the role he had played in the firm. They took him from Canada and made him the executive vice president of P&W. Later he was appointed the president of the company after proving his potential in putting in place measures to grow the business.

Mina Ebrahimi Starting Working At A Young Age And Became Successful Because Of That

Those who start working some kind of job while they are still children have a different way of viewing the business world and they get a jump start on learning about business and what it takes to be successful. Mina Ebrahimi started working at her parents’ bakery when she was just eleven years old, and the time that she spent working for her parents’ business helped to prepare her for the work that she does today. She learned about customer service while she was still young and she learned how to keep a business doing well. She is the CEO of a catering company that she founded, today, and she is who she is because of the things that she did when she was young.

Customer service is something that is important to Mina Ebrahimi, not only because she learned about its value when she was young but also because she cares about her customers. She works on making sure that her catering company is good about the service and support that it offers to its clients. She works with her clients, herself, making sure that their needs are met and that they are happy with the experience that they have when they rely on Saint Germain Catering.

Saint Germain Catering is a full-service catering company and one that handles weddings, events, and corporate needs. Mina Ebrahimi is someone who oversees much of what the company does as she works as the company’s CEO. She is careful to make sure that her company is doing all that it can to succeed. She is not just concerned about the work that she does, though, and she dedicates some of her time and efforts to supporting causes outside of the area in which she works. Mina Ebrahimi is a philanthropist who helps out organizations that care for animals and those who are facing cancer. She has found success because of the young start that she got in the business world, and she uses her success to better the lives of other humans and of animals in need of help.

Glen Wakeman CEO LaunchPad Holdings Finds Solution for Failing Startups

Glen Wakeman is the CEO and the co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings LLC. Wakeman and his other co-founders started LaunchPad Holdings which targets different entrepreneurs that are at the initial stages of starting their businesses. They assist the entrepreneurs to organize their different business ideas so as to come up with workable plans.

Glen understood what he wanted to do with his life at an early age. That is why he enrolled at the University of Scranton where he did an undergraduate degree in Economics and Finance. Soon after he had graduated with his degree, he earned an MBA from University of Chicago. Glen Wakeman an opportunity to work for GE Capital for more than two decades. During this time he had increasing responsibilities including being the CEO at GE Money Latin America. In his long career at GE Capital, he worked and lived in about six different countries in Europe, Asia and South America. This experience gave him a chance to understand what it takes to start and run a business in these countries.

In Glen’s line of work, he had to match money and ideas. And basically that is how he got the idea to start LaunchPad Holdings. In his investigations, he could not quite understand why startups were failing at a very high rate yet they have the best ideas behind them. His investigation uncovered that the high failure rate was due to lack if structure around the startup idea.

In an interview, Glen revealed his secret on how he usually manages to bring new ideas to life. He said that he usually fully engages himself as he explains his ideas to those around him. It is a process that starts by him outlining his thoughts to those around him. He then takes the time to think them through the ideas and the steps it would take to bring them to life. He also says that one has to be ready to defend their ideas. He also says that you should surround yourself with people who will not blindly agree with you but will also ask why. By answering their questions you can breathe life into your ideas.


David Zalik, Destined For Greatness

GreenSky Credit is the place to be when looking into purchasing a loan or a financial credit line that could make the whole process easier with gaining capital for a venture or other investing endeavor.

GreenSky Credit is basically profitable above and beyond the normal expectations of a financial firm such as this because they hold up to three billion and fifty hundred million dollars already inside of the bank account. The heart of the matter is that David Zalik is a professional at what it is that he does and his knowledge and experience in creating business systems go far back in his life when GreenSky Credit was not even a business venture, to begin with yet. It was at an early age of thirteen when he began his first business inside the realms of building and repairing computers.

David Zalik would practice by taking all forty pieces of a computer and reconstructing it so that it would become the product sold in his business endeavor. It was a golden time for the young man to begin this journey because this was back in the 1990s when dot com was still a stick that everyone was going bonkers about. The computer industry fits very nicely inside that same niche and he made a lot of money out of it, especially when he reached his twenty-second year of life when he sold the business right before dot-com crashed for a total amount of 3 million dollars cash.

He got smart at a very young age and was even able to attend college at the age of thirteen bypassing the college exams required to enter into Auburn University which is where his father worked at the time. The genius studied for nine years prior to taking the test at the age of four which is when his parents and David Zalik moved from Israel to the United States. There is no question that David Zalik had the capabilities and the aptitudes that it took to achieve great and memorable things with the world of the financial industry. Because of David Zaliks efforts throughout his life, he is now a registered billionaire who is the CEO of GreenSky Credit.

How Dr. Mark McKenna Is Introducing New Ideas Into The Cosmetic Surgery Industry

Something that Dr. Mark McKenna figured out while earning his medical degree was that being a doctor wouldn’t be a lucrative career. So, when he graduated from Tulane Medical School in 1999, he decided to start a real estate firm. This company was located in New Orleans and he bought properties across this city. However, he lost millions in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina struck that city. He started to rebuild his company but ended up shutting this business down.

After this, Dr. Mark McKenna moved to Atlanta. He started a new business called ShapeMed with eventually had a number of locations. Each office offered cosmetic services like laser hair removal, Botox injections, and helping people eat better and lose weight. He sold this company to Lifetime Fitness in 2015 and joined this company. He left a year later, though, when this company that had been publicly traded was bought by a private equity firm and taken private.

Continuing to be an entrepreneur, Dr. Mark McKenna is now introducing a new concept and business called OVME. It opened its door in March 2018 in Atlanta. It offers a luxury experience to its patients and is located in a high-end neighborhood, Buckhead. He said his office offers minimally invasive procedures using state-of-the-art technology. These procedures include Botox and Dysport injections, dermal fillers, testosterone replacement therapy, hair loss services, and Vivace microneedling among other procedures.

Dr. Mark McKenna wants to make OVME a national brand. He says his industry is very fragmented and there is no business even remotely approaching being across the nation. He says he wants to make OVME a business where the user experience is the difference maker and where people don’t feel like they are going to some doctors office. He said OVME emails a form to patients they complete before they come in so that the patient coordinator is fully up to speed before they come in.

Another big difference with OVME, he says, is that it has a mobile app. Dr. Mark McKenna says this app will enable his company to provide house calls to customers and will also enable virtual consulting.

Sheldon Lavin Has An Inspirational Story In The Business World:

Sheldon Lavin is an American businessman with a very inspirational story. He is synonymous with the food service meat processing and wholesale brand OSI Group. Sheldon has been with the company since 1970 and in that time achieved the impressive accomplishment of turning what was a regional food wholesale business with a few big accounts into a global leader in the industry of creative food solutions for the foodservice and retail industries.

Sheldon has an educational background in business, finance and accounting that he accrued from the University of Illinois, Northwestern and Roosevelt University. After completing his studies he went into business for himself as a financial consultant. This led him to a relationshipo with the food company Otto & Sons. Sheldon helped the firm acquire financing for a major expansion of its operations. The ownership group at Otto & Sons was so impressed with Sheldon’s abilities that he was brought into the food business. A name change to OSI Group occurred in 1975 and Sheldon became the full owner of the company when the original family members of the company retired from the business. A huge push that Sheldon has facilitated during his time running OSI Group has been for growth. He focused the company’s expansion in North America during the 70s, while starting to branch out. Worldwide expansion began in full in the 80s and 90s and now the company is a recognized brand worldwide.

2016 was an award-winning year for OSI Group and for Sheldon Lavin. The company was rewarded with recognition of the constant priority it puts on its operations being environmentally sustainable. The British Safety Council awards its Globe of Honour Award every year to companies who qualify for nomination by attaining a 5-Star rating. OSI Group achieved this rating and was chosen as a recipient of the prestigious British award. That same year, OSI Group’s legendary Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board, Sheldon Lavin, was the recipient of India’s Vision World Academy’s prestigious Global Visionary Award. This is an award presented yearly to individuals who have accomplished amazing and inspirational things in their lives. Sheldon Lavin was recognized for the amazing accomplished that he achieved through perseverance. His success of turning OSI Group into a global powerhouse in the food industry makes his a deserving recipient of the great award. When all is said and done, Sheldon is the type of boss that will give the credit to his employees. At OSI Group, everyone is a family and these accomplishments are gained through group perseverance.

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Adam Milstein – Son of Israel

To say that Adam Milstein is a son of Israel is something of an understatement. He was born in the northern Israeli port city of Haifa. In 1973, during the Yom Kippur holiday, Israel was attacked by the combined armies of Egypt, Iraq, and Syria. Adam Milstein served in the Israeli Defense Forces repelling the Egyptian invaders and was in the unit commanded by then General Ariel Sharon that pushed the Egyptian army across the Suez and back into Egypt.

In 1974, following his military service, Milstein married the former Gila Elgraby. In 1981, he moved his wife and two young daughters to the United States to take advantage of educational and economic opportunities. After earning an MBA from the University of Southern California and becoming a managing partner in the commercial real estate firm of Hager Pacific Properties, Milstein retired from business to become an advocate for the nation of Israel and for Jews worldwide. He spends his days writing and speaking about the dangers faced by the Jews from the unlikely alliance of Islamic extremists and extreme left wing radicals.

The fundamentalist incarnation of Islam taught in Mosques and Madrasas worldwide, has long been allied with the extreme right and is now forming and maintaining alliances with the radical left. Across the political spectrum and around the world, fanatics from both extremes are synchronizing their actions against Jews in general and the nation of Israel in particular, focusing their efforts on the destruction of the Jewish homeland.

Adam Milstein points out that in joining radical Islam, the extreme left overlooks the Muslim treatment of women, minorities, and homosexuals, and even campaigns for the implementation of sharia law. They portray all Muslims as being innocent and childlike, subjugated by Israel and her allies. Islam is depicted as “the religion of peace,” with Israel cast in the role of evil conquerors.

Adam Milstein demonstrates that the menace is spreading onto college campuses. Extremists at Tufts University, a private research institution in Medford, Massachusetts, published a “Disorientation Guide” that depicted Israel as a nation of white supremacists. One of the authors pointed out that the guide could not possibly be anti-Semitic because she herself is Jewish.


Anthony Petrello Leads Nabors Industries on to Market Domination.

The petroleum extraction industry has long been one of the most competitive and dynamic businesses in the United States. Going through cycles of boom and bust that would leave most other industries shaking in their boots, the wildcatters of the petroleum extraction business in the United States have long been hard men of strong character, willing to do what it takes to make a buck and go the extra mile to make sure that the country has the energy on which it can thrive.

Of all the roughneck CEOs of oil businesses throughout the United States, perhaps nobody fits the archetype better than Tony Petrello. Although he looks the part, Tony Petrello is also one of the most highly credentialed and well-educated CEOs in the entire petroleum business. With a Juris Doctor degree from Havard Law School and an MS in mathematics from Yale, Petrello maybe the most intelligent CEO of any petroleum firm in the United States.

And he has used his intelligence to his benefit and to the benefit of stakeholders in his firm. Petrello first came to work for Nabors Industries while still a junior partner with bankruptcy workout specialist law firm Baker McKenzie. Nabors Industries had fallen on extremely tough times and was going through a period of financial restructuring. The board of directors noticed that Petrello had many of the qualities that they were looking for in the next CEO. They also realized that they would need a special kind of person to lead them out of their corporate restructuring, someone who would be able to see the contours of the future and lead the company into areas of high profitability.

They selected Petrello to join the executive team. Throughout the 1990s, this proved to be a highly propitious bet, with the company entering some of the most high-tech fields in the petroleum extraction business. To know more, click here.

Under Petrello’s leadership, Nabors Industries was able to successfully enter the realm of hydraulic fracturing. At the time, this was a little-known technique of oil extraction that was hardly in use at all. But throughout the 1990s, Nabors Industries was able to perfect platforms that were able to highly effectively and efficiently extract oil from some of the more difficult shale deposits across the North American landscape.

This bet would prove to be incredibly profitable, with the opening of the Bakken Shale formation in North Dakota providing a windfall of hydraulic fracturing opportunities for Nabors Industries.

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Nabors CEO Tony Petrello Provides Hurricane Harvey Relief To Houston.

Hurricane Harvey was one of the biggest natural disasters in the history of Houston. One local CEO decided to reach out and personally help thousands of people affected by the tragedy. Nabors CEO Tony Petrello took his resources and expertise to help bring hope to many people in the Houston area.

Knowing that there would not be enough resources to help the people of Houston recover quickly, Nabors Industries CEO Tony Petrello gave his employees paid time off to help the people in their communities. The result was that hundreds of Nabors employees were able to deploy themselves around the city and help where they could.

In addition to labor, the employees at Nabors Industries also opened their wallets. To help with the effort, Tony Petrello offered to match all of the employee contributions. The result was that $173,660 was donated by the employees plus that same amount was matched by the Nabors CEO.

In addition to helping with the local disasters, Nabors Industries is also active in helping others on a national level. Some of the foundations Nabors Industries support include Bike MS and the Susan G. Komen Foundation. In addition, the company’s own Nabors Charitable Foundation has donated over $3 million dollars in scholarships to children of Nabors Industries employees as we as employees themselves.

The charitable spirit of Nabors Industries is a personal crusade of Mr. Petrello. From helping with local disasters to investing in the future of their own employees, Mr. Petrello works hard to make sure Nabors Industries can give back to the community, their employees and the nation. To know more about Tony Petrello, click here.

On a personal front, Tony Petrello and his wife have been active in opening his own checkbook to assist in various causes. One of the couples most notable contributions was their $7 million dollar donation to the Texas Children’s Hospital. With the large donation, the Petrellos were able to help fund the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute.

Tony Petrello is the Chairman of the Board, Cheif Executive Officer and President of Nabors industries. He has been with the company for over three decades. Before his tenure at Nabors, Mr. Petrello worked at the law firm Baker & McKenzie where he specialized in general corporate law, taxation and international arbitration. Mr. Petrello holds a Juris Doctor degree from Havard and Masters and Bachelors degree in Mathematics from Yale University.

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Tony Petrello is famously known to be one of the highest-paid CEOs in the country. This is according to the Associated Press’s annual rankings. Tony is the current chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Nabors industries. Nabors industries is a company that offers drilling and rig services by providing rig instrumentation, optimization software, equipment manufacturing and directional drilling company. It has its headquarters in Houston, Texas and Bermuda. The company, in 2016 earned annual revenue of more than 2.2 billion dollars. In the same year, Tony earned an outstanding 15.3 million dollars when he combined his salary with stocks.

Tony was born in Newark, New Jersey. Being born in a working-class family, he was lucky enough to receive public school scholarship in Yale University. In the University he showed his passion and interest in mathematics and he graduated with a BS and MS in mathematics. Later on, Tony pursued a law degree at Harvard Law School and graduated in 1979. He later on joined a law firm, Baker and McKenzie, where he worked for about eleven years, being the managing partner of the New York offices of the law firm. A job offer was given to Tony by Nabors industries and he became the president and chief operating officer of the company. Tony became the Deputy Chairman of Narbos by 2003 and in 2011 he got his current position as the CEO.

To add to his success in his career, Tony is a well recognized good hearted philanthropist who is committed to donate to the less fortunate and charitable institutions. Tony has a daughter who has a neurological condition. This means that she cannot learn things the way a normal kid would. His daughter, Carina was born at 24 weeks and weighed only 20 ounces. Tony and his wife, Cynthia, are very dedicated to find solutions to the issues brought about by the neurological condition their daughter faces. According to Cynthia Petrello, the condition of their daughter humbled them a lot and they began to pray for divine intervention.

In an effort to give children born with this condition better lives, Tony donated 7 million dollars to The Texas Children’s Hospital in 2016. Tony’s mentor and friend, Serge Lang, who was a math professor, died last September. In his memorial, Tony gave an endowment of 150000 dollars to commemorate Serge. These are just but a few of the acts of kindness that show Tony’s generosity with his wealth.

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