David Zalik, Destined For Greatness

GreenSky Credit is the place to be when looking into purchasing a loan or a financial credit line that could make the whole process easier with gaining capital for a venture or other investing endeavor.

GreenSky Credit is basically profitable above and beyond the normal expectations of a financial firm such as this because they hold up to three billion and fifty hundred million dollars already inside of the bank account. The heart of the matter is that David Zalik is a professional at what it is that he does and his knowledge and experience in creating business systems go far back in his life when GreenSky Credit was not even a business venture, to begin with yet. It was at an early age of thirteen when he began his first business inside the realms of building and repairing computers.

David Zalik would practice by taking all forty pieces of a computer and reconstructing it so that it would become the product sold in his business endeavor. It was a golden time for the young man to begin this journey because this was back in the 1990s when dot com was still a stick that everyone was going bonkers about. The computer industry fits very nicely inside that same niche and he made a lot of money out of it, especially when he reached his twenty-second year of life when he sold the business right before dot-com crashed for a total amount of 3 million dollars cash.

He got smart at a very young age and was even able to attend college at the age of thirteen bypassing the college exams required to enter into Auburn University which is where his father worked at the time. The genius studied for nine years prior to taking the test at the age of four which is when his parents and David Zalik moved from Israel to the United States. There is no question that David Zalik had the capabilities and the aptitudes that it took to achieve great and memorable things with the world of the financial industry. Because of David Zaliks efforts throughout his life, he is now a registered billionaire who is the CEO of GreenSky Credit.


ClassDojo for Class Communications Home

ClassDojo simplifies the communication between classroom teachers and their students’ parents. Teachers and parents download the ClassDojo app, teachers send the parents a confirmation number and they are instantly connected. Teachers assign each student a fun “monster” avatar and can give instant feedback, positive or negative, to the student simply by clicking on it. Many teachers choose to project the teacher site on the board and students can see when a teacher clicks on their avatar to note behavior.

Teachers also have the opportunity to share messages and pictures with parents throughout their day. No more waiting for back-to-school night, open house, or teacher conferences. Teachers and parents have an immediate means of communication, teachers can message en masse or individually. ClassDojo even offers translation into 35 different languages, so no one is left out.

Students love the monster avatar, which the teachers is able to customize for each child. ClassDojo offers immediate feedback. The app includes positive reinforcements for teachers to select from including: helping others, on task, participating, persistence, teamwork, working hard, and an option to add more. There is a “needs work” option where teachers can create their own class rules to show students when they are pushing the limits. Students can watch their avatar average a “green” percentage for positives or “red” for those needs work moments. Parents don’t have to wait for notes home informing them of their student’s behavior, they simply open the app and can see exactly when their student earned a positive or a needs work moment.

ClassDojo now offers lesson plan ideas with short videos to teachers on how to use the app to teach Growth Mindset: the “I can do it!” attitude, perseverance, empathy, gratitude, and mindfulness. More than just a communication tool, ClassDojo can help create a culture of learning within the classroom with everyone involved.