Logan Stout Empowers Healthcare Affiliates to Make Money with IDLife

IDLife provides a new and innovative way for affiliates, ranging from physical therapists to fitness enthusiasts to earn money. The company, which was founded and is headed by Logan Stout, offers a wide selection of nutritional supplements tailored toward people with different health and wellness needs. With many different ways to make some extra money, anyone with a passion for nutrition and healthy living can help others while also padding their wallets.

How IDLife Works

If you sign up as an IDLife associate, you get a choice of 14 different ways to earn. To get started, all you need to do is sign up and pay a small startup fee, and you can immediately start finding buyers. To sweeten the deal, you can get cash back up to $400 if you purchase the enrollment kit or any products. If you want to start making cash quickly and are ready to invest the time and effort, it is possible to earn back the startup fee in your first week.

Instead of ordering inventory and having to ship it to customers when they make orders, IDLife fulfills the customer orders and ships them for you. All you have to do is set up the sales. That is made easy by the fact that the reasonable and proven science behind the company’s products, their high quality, and their personalized nature make them an easy sell. To further ease your task, you get your replica of IDLife website.

About The Company

IDLife was founded in 2014 by Logan Stout with a focus on personalized nutrition and fitness. The company is easily one of the top 100 affiliate marketing companies in the world regarding members and sales volumes. What makes IDLife stand out from other companies in its category is that it focuses on individual customers’ health needs and offers personalized nutritional supplements.

The company improves the health and well-being of its customers. It also provides a lucrative earning opportunity for individuals with a passion for healthy living for themselves and others. IDLife members earn generous commissions, which are boosted even further when they get others to sign up as associates.

IDLife Learn More: vimeo.com/idlifellc

OSI Group continues to Expand Internationally

Operating a global company is not easy. Many government regulations, different cultures, and many other factors challenge global companies. However, OSI Group has stood out, and it continues to grow and develop internationally. OSI Group is based in Aurora, Illinois and it specializes in a supply of value-added food products like sausages, beef patties, hot dogs, sandwiches, bacon, and vegetable products. The company provides services to retail and food service industries in many countries in the world.

With David McDonald; the president and the help of Sheldon Lavin; the CEO of OSI Group, significant growth and development has been seen over the years. The company aims at providing service to their client diligently and more efficiently. Developing products that are preferred by different food companies is their primary reason for success. For more success, the Subsidiary businesses and plants are managed by people who understand the local market and knows their client’s tastes and preference.

The company growth is unstoppable. The company partners with customers in developing products that sell fast and have high demand. OSI Group has established its base properly, and it has now focused on penetrating more and more countries. Acquiring Flagship Europe, in Germany was a great move, and this broadened their operation and presence in Germany. Flagship Europe involved in the production of pies, frozen poultry and condiments and this enabled OSI Group to provide a wider range of food and get more clients.

On top of that, OSI Group acquired Baho food; a Dutch manufacturer of deli meat, snacks and convenience foods. This firm had manufacturing plants in Netherlands and Germany. Baho Food supplied products to retail and wholesale food service shops in over 18 nations. With OSI Group acquiring Baho Food, their presence in Europe is broadened, and this enhances their international growth and expansion.

Also, OSI Group bought Hynek Schlachthof GmbH which was a German meat company that deals with slaughterhouses. This company is located near cattle ranches hence very convenient for beef production. This was a great move as now the company can produce more beef and supply it to their clients in Germany and other parts of the world.

OSI Group does not stop there in international expansion. They have moved to Philippine, and in a joint venture with GenOSI, they have opened a processing plant in May 2017 that supplies fish, beef, and chicken to many foodservice companies. David McDonald and Lavin are very confident about OSI Group international expansion, and they won’t stop working hard to ensure the company provides their products to more countries.

OSI Group info: www.mapquest.com/us/illinois/business-chicago/osi-industries-llc-7716434

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

When it comes to the Brazilian economic life, only few people have the level of influence as Luiz Carlos Trabuco. As the current President of the country’s largest banking institution, Bradesco, Trabuco has demonstrated effective management and leadership skills, all of which have restored the bank to its former leading position in the banking industry. Born in Marília in the year 1951, Trabuco is a graduate from the University of São Paulo.

Before his appointment as the bank’s President, Trabuco had worked in all the necessary hierarchical levels of the bank. Specifically, he joined the bank in the year 1969 as a clerk and since then he had worked for 40 years before taking the lead as the bank’s president. Working in all the hierarchical levels is an integral part of the institution’s organizational culture. Given his great influence in the Brazilian economic life, Trabuco is followed closely by prominent individuals in the country including business entrepreneurs and politicians. As result, his advice and opinions are featured prominently in the country’s magazines and newspapers.

Trabuco is popularly known as Trebuchet in the Brazilian market. The Board of Directors of Bradesco appointed him to replace the former President, Marcio Cypriano in March 2009. This move was taken because Bradesco’s status does not allow for presidents who are over 65 years of age. It is important to note that Cypriano left the command as the institution’s President with a great performance. Having worked in the company for 10 years, Cypriano had enhanced Bradesco’s market value.

Trabuco thus became Bradesco’s fourth President after 65 years since the institution was founded. This means that three presidents had worked at the bank before Trabuco’s appointment to its leading role. The other three presidents were Lazaro Brandao, Aguiar, and Cypriano. Having worked at the bank for four decades, Trabuco was very conversant with the bank’s organizational culture. Specifically, he had worked in various key strategic areas including pension as well as marketing. In addition, he had previously served in the position of Vice President at the bank.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was appointed as the Bank’s Vice President while he was 47 years of age and he held this position for several years till 2009. His work at the bank caught the attention of the Board of Directors while he was serving as the head of Bradesco Seguros. Under his command as the head of Bradesco Seguros, the institution’s market share rose from 23 percent to 25 percent of the total awards. Similar, the insurer’s contribution also increased from 26 percent to 35 percent. Just like his predecessor, Amador Aguiar, Trabuco was born in Marília, São Paulo (SP). Trabuco’s leadership style is also similar to that of Amador Aguiar.

Since he was appointed as the bank’s President, Trabuco has made positive contributions to the bank in an attempt to outperform its key competitor in the banking industry, Itaú Unibanco. Notably, he made one of the most remarkable moves by purchasing the Brazilian subsidiary of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC). This move facilitated the institution to attain unprecedented growth in just one year. Such growth could have been attained after six years were the company to rely on organic growth – improvement of the company’s internal performance.

Apart from his effective leadership and management style, Trabuco has developed simple habits which contribute to organizational performance. Particularly, he often arrives punctually at the bank, typically at around 7:00 a.m. and works for 18 hours a day. Generally, he extends the workday to the business dinners. Until now, he has received two awards as the personality of the year.

Greg Secker Gives Back Through Philanthropy, Coaching, and Personal Foundation

Greg Secker is a successful entrepreneur whose expertise lies within the trading market. After receiving exceptional results in his 20’s, Secker has given back to the world through his philanthropical efforts, sharing his expertise and success story through public speaking, and coaching on how to be just as successful as he was in his career path.


Secker started his career at Thomas Cook Financial Group before climbing the corporate ladder and becoming the Vice President of Foreign Exchange at BNY Mellon. After approximately six years of working for others, Secker founded his own company called Knowledge to Action Group. His company controls six other organizations with efforts varying from philanthropy, coaching, and trade. After finding a lot of success in his personal ventures, Secker decided to give back and share his wealth of knowledge with the rest of the world. He has written various books regarding tips and tricks on success in the financial world.


Secker is a global speaker that shares his expertise in the entrepreneurial industry as well as his story of success. He has been featured on notable channels along with well-known TV personalities in the UK. After retiring at the age of 27, he founded his company called Learn to Trade, which serves as a platform for him to teach others how to be profitable in trading stock and within the currency markets. Secker has had upwards of 200,000 people attend his seminars and workshops worldwide.


Secker remains involved with the philanthropical community by supporting the Tusk and the Child Bereavement Trust. He founded his own non-profit organization in 2011 with the intention of improving the quality of life for children worldwide. Named “The Foundation,” his non-profit is involved in various programs centered around education in order to improve the lives of youth.


To learn more about Greg Secker’s background, efforts, and foundation visit his personal website.


Get to Know The Man Named Eric Lefkofsky

When you hear the name Eric Lefkofsky, it probably does not ring any bells. So, who is he and what does he do? Eric is an American entrepreneur. He is the co-founder and CEO of Tempus, a company that has built an operating system to fight against cancer. Additionally, that is not the only business he is apart of as his resume is pretty remarkable. Mr. Lefkofsky is also the co-founder and chairman of Groupon, a worldwide e-commerce marketplace, the co-founder of Uptake Technologies, the chairman of Trustees of Chicago’s Stephen Wolfe Theater Company, and an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago. He graduated from the University of Michigan in 1991 and received his Juris Doctors from the University of Michigan Law School in 1993.

In 2006, Eric Lefkofsky, along side his wife Elizabeth Lefkofsky, created the Lefofsky Family Foundation, a charitable organization dedicated to “advance high impact programs, initiatives, and research that will enhance the quality of human life in the communities we serve”. The foundation focuses on providing money to areas dealing with education, health care, medical research, fundamental human rights, and arts and crafts. In the past few years, the Lefkofsky Family Foundation has donated a large portion of it’s money to North Shore University Health Care System in Chicago, Illinois.

Mr. Lefkofsky is not only a successful business entrepreneur, but he is also an author. In November 2007, he released his first book entitled “Accelerated Disruption: Understanding The True Speed of Innovation.” In the book, Lefkofsky analyzes how disruptive businesses are formed, grown, and sustained. Then demonstrates a creative method on how anyone can turn their ideas into a reality.

http://www.lefkofsky.com/about for more.