With Superior Products and Ethics, Waiakea Water has Moved to the Top of the Bottled Water Industry

The best way to build a successful business is from the bottom up; if you build a firm foundation, you will have a stable business. Ryan Emmons, the founder and CEO of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water did just that when he established Waiakea Water at age 22. He entered the bottled water industry with no experience, but, now at 28, he is the owner of one of the world’s most popular ph water companies.

Most bottled water companies are run by those in the Boomer generation, so Ryan, a millennial, has made his decisions and built the Hawaii volcanic water business with his own intuition and perseverance. Not surprisingly, millennials are Waiakea Water main customers, and the slogan: “drink healthy, drink sustainably, and drink ethically” is his foundation and shared with millennials.

Waiakea Water is a refreshing, natural ph-balanced water from a volcanic spring in Hawaii. Waiakea never processes the Hawaii volcanic water, so it has many volcanic water benefits. It is highly alkaline and packed with trace minerals that come from the water flowing over for 14,000 feet inside the volcano.

Ryan Emmons found this natural spring when his family vacationed near there. Ryan leased the volcanic springs for 99 years because he knew then that he wanted pure, high-quality, mineral-infused water for his company. Waiakea’s Hawaii volcanic water is also rich in electrolytes.

During his first year of sales, Ryan sold 2,304 cases, and in 2016, the number of cases rose to 122,400 cases, and, today, the company is valued at over $10 million. Waiakea uses sustainable/recyclable plastic, and in 2018, the company began using a highly-advanced plastic that will completely disintegrate in less than 15 years! The old biodegradable plastic never completely dissolves, so it is harming the planet. Internationally, this new plastic will make a tremendous difference.

The last phrase of the slogan is “drink ethically,” and Ryan “Gives Back” to communities in need of fresh water. Together with Pumpaid, Waiakea has donated over 600 million liters of water to rural communities in Africa, and as Waiakea Hawaii volcanic water becomes more successful, Ryan donates more.


Toronto Surgeon Cameron Clokie Highlights Breakthroughs in regenerative Medicine

There are new developments coming up every day in the world of medicine. This entails a lot of research in the field aiming to crack new ways of saving lives. This comes at a time when new and lethal conditions are emerging, hence calling for more creativity. At the top of this is regenerative medicine.

This is a stem cell therapy whereby health cells from a donor are introduced to an ailing patient aiming to treat them. The idea may sound very simple but it is actually a very technical concept that has taken years for the very best in the industry to generate. At the fore front in regenerative medicine is Cameron Clokie.

Cameron is a successful surgeon specializing on oral and maxillofacial operations. He is involved greatly in research work that makes him stand-out as a scientist in medicine. Besides that, Cameron is an entrepreneur and Chief Executive Officer of Induce Biologics Inc.

This is a company that focuses mostly on reconstructive surgeries for muscles and skeletons. Cameron Clokie has over 30 years of experience in maxillofacial surgeries. He is very active in the University of Toronto as a professor, after being the departmental head in 1998.

In additional, he has highly supported several organizations as a board member. His passion for regenerative medicine has seen him share his knowledge via publications which he has availed internationally as well. It is through these partnerships and integration with peers in this industry that he has managed to convert some of this information into initiatives that are viable in commercial sector.

Despite the amazing thrill these breakthroughs in medicine may bring, it is sad enough that very few treatments have been advanced to the deserving patients. What is sadder is that some trial treatments have seen their way to desperate patients without proper approvals. This has made the situation unbearable.

The question therefore on why these new therapies such as regenerative medicine have not really taken root becomes paramount. For starters, such procedures are very expensive and hence they require a lot of support. Funding is quite constrained making it very difficult to achieve much. This results to overly high production cost, which acts a hindrance.

At Last, The Secret To Sleep Apnea Relief Revealed! Dr. AviWeisfogel Answers

A world-renowned authority on sleep medicine, dentist, philanthropist and entrepreneur, Dr. AviWeisfogel presses forward to revolutionize treatment methods. Although he didn’t envision a career in dentistry, he advocates passionately. Before establishing systems such as Healthy Heart Sleep (2010), Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient (2012) and Dental Sleep Masters (2014), he committed many years to dental medicine. After graduating dental school, he launched a private practice namely Old Bridge Dental Care in 1999. At this New Jersey location, he practiced with mastery and professionalism. He practiced dental medicine for 15+ years and earned many accolades. Among awards and recognition, he’s been designated “Best Dentist.” The community appraises his involvement in philanthropy and career duties over the years.

While Dr. Weisfogel developed and nurtured a disciplined relationship with dental medicine, he needed exploration. As someone fascinated with sleep, he’s sophisticated his practice and sharpened intelligence on refining treatment. He’s developed a broader interpretation of sleep disorders and its relation to many health conditions. For example, stroke, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and more. Today, he’s coined a culture in dental medicine that’s enabling professionals to better treat patients. Sleep apnea cases have gained traction in recent years and many patients lack information. Through Dental Sleep Masters, many physicians and health professionals receive quality education on treating related disorders. Under Dr. Weisfogel guidance and mentorship, they’re using revolutionary methods to discover sleep. He employs sophisticated technology and dental appliances that optimize treatment.

Dr. Weisfogel has combined strategic marketing and expertise to deliver world-class services treatment solutions. The former NYU (New York University) alumni studied dentistry and hold a degree as a licensed dental surgeon. In addition, he holds a Bachelor’s in psychology and biology from Rutgers. In an IdeaMensch interview, he explained his daily routine and how he’s managed such success as an innovator of dental medicine. From morning devotions, public speaking, business meetings to curating blogs, Dr. Weisfogel keeps everything pretty organized.

He’d enjoy optimizations to automate his blogging experience and documentation principles that put a strain on his daily routine. Nonetheless, he’s content and meticulous with current exercises but would entertain productive innovations to enhance processes. As a visionary, he’s always been open to creativity and optimization of the workspace. Operation Smile manages a global charity which benefits from giving hearts like Dr. Weisfogel who’s pledged money and service to the cause. Last year he dedicated a GoFundMe fundraiser to rally support and campaign for Operation Smile. An admirer of Steve Jobs’ success and strategy, he’s remarked on his journey and how it’s helped shape his reality. The system he employs accounts for accuracy, optimization, satisfaction and growth in dental practices today. In fact, Dr. Weisfogel treats an average of 200-300 patients monthly using his system.

The Capitol Anesthesiology Association Strives For Excellence

The Capitol Anesthesiology Association was established in 1973 and has grown to become one of the largest independent practices of physicians in the nation who specialize in anesthesiology.


The Capitol Anesthesiology Association employs over 80 capable physicians and 130 CRNAs and is dedicated to providing the very best care possible in more than 20 medical facilities in the greater Austin area.


Some of the services that the Capitol Anesthesiology Association provides include anesthesia services provided at high-acuity hospitals, surgery centers, and at Level 1 Trauma Centers in the Austin area.


The administrative staff at The Capitol Anesthesiology Association are dedicated to helping their patients while working with insurance companies in order to initiate a smooth billing process. They are there to work with patients before, during and even after their procedures in order to answer any questions that may arise as related to insurance or anesthesia.


The physicians are either certified or are in pursuit of certification by the American Board of Anesthesiology and have even completed advanced training.


The Capitol Anesthesiology Association is a member of the Anesthesia Quality Institute and uses data reporting and education to ensure that quality improvement is met. This allows the Capitol Anesthesiology Association to ensure that the quality of their care is always at its best. It also allows the Association to help other practices in establishing their own patient care models as well.


At the Capitol Anesthesiology Association, there is a strong commitment to excellence in both their clinical and business practices.


InnovaCare Health – Leading Provider of Medicaid and Medicare Advantage Plans

Individuals who are entering into a Medicare program or a Medicare Advantage Plan can at times feel overwhelmed by all of the different policies, terms and covered services. InnovaCare Health is dedicated to providing quality services to those entering into a Medicare Advantage Plan. There is about 1/3 of beneficiaries that opt for a Medicare Advantage Plan simply because of the offered benefits and different premiums. Some Medicare Advantage Plans offer more covered services that the traditional Medicare options, and people find that they like more options and more covered benefits according to Rick Shinto. However, it can become confusing and difficult at times to understand all of the qualifications. It’s important to understand that these beneficiaries still have Medicare, the only difference is that they have opted to receive their health care coverage benefits through a different type of plan that is funded by the federal government, just like Medicare. However, the federal government deposits a fixed amount of income per person to provide benefits, and most Medicare Advantage Plans pay off of the Medicare allowable for covered services. There are different types of Medicare Advantage Plans to choose from which can help cater towards the beneficiaries needs. Some of the most popular plans are called Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs), and Private Fee-for-Service (PFFS). With the Medicare Advantage Plans, you’re still required to pay your monthly premiums to ensure coverage, but it’s important to understand the type of plan you have and what it covers.

Visit Data.com Connect for more information about InnovaCare Health.

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InnovaCare Health is one of the leading providers for Medicaid and Medicare Advantage Plans, and can help determine which plan is best for you by going through the details with a find comb. InnovaCare can ensure that you’re getting the proper plan that is desirable for you, and covers your health care needs. They utilize the most up-to-date technology along with the cost-effective models that are used to acquire the proper plans and best processes for your needs. They always put the beneficiaries and potential customers first by utilizing their expertise and knowledge to make sure you understand your benefits according to Penelope Kokkinides. As a leading provider in the industry they ensure that you fully understand what kind of plan you have, what it will cover and how much it will cost you each month. After becoming a customer you can rely on them to answer future questions should they arise and ensure that your questions are being answered properly.

Handybook Gets Your Spring Cleaning Done So You Don’t Have to

I’m ready to start spring cleaning this week. Really, I’m ready. I’ve said that for the past three weeks. Unfortunately, I just don’t have the time to do it myself. Really.

Luckily, I found a way to get my spring cleaning done without devoting my precious weekends and evenings to it. With Handybook, I can get all those pesky jobs finished quickly and easily.

Handybook is the brainchild of Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, who met at the Harvard Business School in 2012. They immersed themselves in their planned business, learning what the customers wanted and what the workers cared about. With $12 million in seed money, they were able to hire workers and launch the company. Now, they have more than 50 employees, thousands of freelancers, and more than 10,000 jobs per month.

With Handybook, customers looking for spring cleaning help, like me, can count on easily hiring someone to come in and clean for a set price. Through the app, I state what I’m looking for and when I want it done. If I don’t like the job they do, I can complain and get any issues resolved. I don’t have to leave cash for someone who may not finish the job I asked them to do, I don’t have to deal with the scary idea of paying employee taxes for a cleaning lady, and I have the security that anyone who comes into my home from Handybook has been screened, interviewed, and had references checked, without having to do all those things myself. For the freelance cleaners, there is dependable pay, a flexible schedule, and reportable income with a 1099.

For me, it’s windows washed: yes. Carpets cleaned: yes. Refrigerator and stove cleaned under and behind: yes. Wood floors waxed: yes. Walls washed: yes.

Handybook wants to branch out into other services, but right now cleaning is the mainstay of the business. About 85 percent of their business is cleaning, with another 15 percent split between handyman and small plumbing jobs.

Sanjay Shah and Solo Capital Rise to the Top

Life often takes people places that they don’t necessarily expect. That was the case for Sanjay Shah. During his early years he had always dreamed of becoming a doctor and was well on his way to completing his medical training when he had a change of heart. This second guessing led Shay to change his major and get a degree in finance. It was through this process that he found his way into the banking industry and worked for several investment banking firms. When the financial crisis of 2008 hit. Instead of accepting his fate and losing his job, Shah decided to take a different path for his success. He started his own brokerage firm called Solo Capital Markets. That is where this story really gets interesting.

This international boutique style financial services firm established itself quickly as one of London’s up and coming businesses. Shah was the moving force behind the success of Solo Capital. He quickly set about to hiring a very talented and business savvy group that would help push the company and its clients into success. They worked in all areas of finance including, talent acquisition, proprietary trading, commodities, consulting, professional sports investments and derivatives.

Solo Capital quickly established a worldwide base of clients who were very happy with the results they got from their investments. It was not long before Solo Capital and their influence started to span the globe. Shah was not satisfied with simply becoming successful. He wanted to give back to the world as well. His real charitable passion developed due to a personal tragedy. His youngest son was diagnosed with autism and he wanted to help find better treatment and raise awareness of this affliction. That is when Shah put all of his business and promotional skill together and founded Autism Rocks.

Autism Rocks is a invitation only charity concert series featuring some of the most popular performers in the world. The money raised has been in the millions of dollars and they have featured performers as well known as Snoop Dog and Prince. The Shah family is involved in the process and is continually expanding the roster of performers and number of concerts in order to raise awareness in the general population about autism and how it affects families. The funds raised also regularly go to the Autism Research Center at Cambridge University.

Sanjay Shah has been successful on many levels in his life. His success is an inspiration to inspiring entrepreneurs. He is also a shining example of carrying through with the responsibility of giving back to the world. His charitable donations have changed the lives of thousands of people and his support of autism research may ultimately lead to a cure.

You can follow them on Twitter.

Avi Weisfogel Offers Advice and Sleep Apnea Packing Ideas

Have you ever packed all of your luggage, arrived at the airport early for check-in, and found out your luggage was too heavy so you had to pay for an extra bag. Luggage charges are not cheap anymore. The cost of check on bags is hefty. So, what can you do to limit your amount of luggage or bags you are checking on the airplane? Below are some tips for limiting and cutting down on your amount of bags you check on the airplane. This includes packing your c-pap devices and your mouth guards you need to help keep you breathing during sleep. Avi Weisfogel, a sleep apnea dental professional, is working to keep you breathing during sleep. He is the owner of Dental Sleep Masters and can offer advice if you need any. He has been treating since 1999. Offering advice, consulting, coaching, and lectures are only part of his busy schedule.

Tips for Packing Lighter:

When packing your clothing, pack one outfit per day that you will be on vacation. Start the packing by rolling up personals and packing them tightly in the bottom of the bag. After your undergarments are in the suitcase, grab your socks or stockings. Do the same with these and put them in the bottom of the suitcase. Grab enough shirts or blouses to get you through a week. No matter where you are, if you begin to run low on clothes, they have laundry facilities or laundry mats. Fold your shirts so that your sleeves are inside the shirt, and flattened so they will not wrinkle. Fold in half, and begin rolling into a log shape. Place these in the suitcase and proceed to the skirts or trousers. Fold and roll these as well. Place them in the suitcase. You should find that you have room to pack other belongings if you need. For more ideas check out the original article here.

Packing your C-pap Machine and your Electronics:

You have been using a C-Pap machine for two years. The machine is a result of a sleep study you had. The doctor states that you need the machine to keep you from stopping breathing. The machine forces air in and keeps your passages open. Anyway, to pack this machine, you need to make sure to empty all of the water from the humidifier element of the c-pap. Place the humidifier part into a leak-proof bag to keep your other articles from getting wet. The tank and c-pap must be padded to keep from breakage. The other parts of the c-pap can be placed in another bag to keep it all together. Most machines offer a bag for carrying it. This makes a great storage bag. Bringing extra parts such as batteries and cords is important. Make sure you have your copy of your prescription with you to keep the article from being confiscated.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel, a dental professional that treats disorders such as sleep apnea, sleep disorders, and teeth grinding, still provides coaching as well. He works with other professionals to offer dental advice, mouth guards and consulting if necessary. He has won over 7 awards in the dental field and should take home more with his experience in dental procedures and help with his  GoFundMe Campaign benefiting Operation Smile.

Follow Avi of Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on his philanthropic activity.

Sanjay Shah: Generous Creator of Autism Rocks

Autism is a syndrome that has not been properly represented or supported in our world, or even within our country. However, that certainly changed when the campaign entitled “Autism Rocks” came into the spotlight beginning in 2014. As quoted on the foundation’s website, “Autism Rocks is dedicated to Serving and Celebrating People on the Autism Spectrum through Art, Recreation and Community.” It is a foundation with a worthy and exciting cause which deserves the recognition it is now receiving.

Sanjay Shah is the individual who created this wonderful foundation. His youngest son was diagnosed with autism in 2011, after which Shah was determined to bring attention to the disorder and raise funds for better research and care. Sanjay Shah and his wife, Usha, had quite a scare in the year of 2011, when their youngest son began having terrible reactions to food. Soon, their son was not able to keep food down at all, at which point, the family visited a hospital to get answers and help for their son. After visiting several medical and psychological experts, it was discovered that the youngest Shah son, Nikhil, was Autistic. It is widely known within the Autism community that the syndrome is linked with a high intolerance to many different kinds of food. The family intended to get all of the necessary help for their child, but discovered quite a shock upon returning to their home country, Dubai. The Dubai Center for Autism had a 5 year waiting list. The center was also greatly in need of money to fund for adequate care.

Sanjay is fortunate enough to have had the resources not only to get care for his child, but also to donate to the Autism Center. His generous donations consisted not only of financial means, but also a donation of two mini-buses with which the center is able to transport their clients. Shah feels that he is fortunate because many of his colleagues are also in a position where they can donate their resources as well.

Shah has been very successful in generating wealth through starting his own brokerage business. This was the beginning of a company that would soon be called “Solo Capital”. Only 5 years later, the business was worth an impressive $280 million. Sanjay Shah differs from many other wealthy philanthropists by way of his generous heart and remarkable donations. His creative solutions to the lack of care for autistic individuals has had a lasting impression upon people around the world.

You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

What You Should Expect From Your Assisted Living Facility

What does it take to get an over four star quality rating for as assisted living facility by “a Place for Mom” ? – the online senior living advisor that connects families to senior living resources. Well maybe a good place to start is knowing what you should expect from a quality facility. According to the Manse on Marsh website, seniors should expect to maintain a high level of independence, along with an active social life and a customized level of care services that adjust to the changing needs of older adults. They presented a great list of what residents want:

  • Help with daily activities, including transportation
  • Friends and social activities to combat lonliness
  • No housework, yard work or cooking meals
  • A safe environment and easy access to medical care

A quality assisted living facility should offer these and much more! Options such as different levels of care along various housing options will offer more flexibility in addressing a wider range of retirement budgets. Quality, trained and friendly staff should also be non-negotiable when it comes to caring for your loved ones. This article takes a look at on facility that is surpassing the basic requirements of assisted living, and offering an energetic and visually pleasant living options for seniors.

At Manse on Marsh, one look at the activities calendar says it all. A wide range of functions are happening all day, every day. From shopping excursions, church services, arts and crafts and Zumba classes. Clients can be as active as they desire, or they can enjoy quiet time in their private living quarters. Floor plans range from cottage and suite styles to studio apartment living. This allows for consideration of almost any budget when deciding on assisted living as an option. Every activity and service is facilitated by our quality trained staff, where friendliness is our focus. Many places offer a facility, but it takes a special group of individuals, who love what they do, and treat the residents as lovingly as they would want their own parents treated, to make a quality residence.

With local ownership in the person of Chris Skiff, who is a devout Christian and has the privilege of having adopted two children from Russia, getting away from antiquated and non-empathetic views of housing the elderly has been his passion. His award winning senior living communities prove that quality living and happiness don’t have to fade as the years progress. He requires the same ideals of quality service from his entire leadership team, all the way to the valuable staff that are on the floor, hour by hour, giving direct care. Manse on Marsh is one assisted living facility you owe to your loved one to call and schedule a tour. The scenic and historic setting in downtown San Luis Obispo along with the beautiful grounds itself, will surely convince you that this is truly a place for “Mom to call home”.  The Manse on Marsh Twitter provides even more information.