Victoria Doramus’ Long Battle with Drug Addiction

Victoria Doramus is currently a drug addiction recovery expert based in London. She has had a tough life pelted by addiction and at one time almost succumbed to cocaine and Adderall drugs. Victoria’s journey started at the age of 26 in 2011 when she, for the first time, was admitted to a rehabilitation facility in Tuscon, Arizona. After a 45-day stay at the facility, her life began taking a positive turn, and she could independently achieve self-management to her addiction problem.

Her addiction was however persistent, and she got arrested severally. Her main problem during the recovery process was that she was living alone and had no family to support her. Struggling with the recurrent relapses, Victoria Doramus got herself back on track in 2017 when she started visiting a revolutionary addiction recovery facility in Texas. Determined to maintain her drug-free lifestyle, she committed herself to a 12-step program which demanded her discipline and adherence to a programmed lifestyle.

After the grueling program, Victoria Doramus moved to New York to stay with her mother where she worked in several charity organizations in the bid to control herself from slipping back to her former days of addiction. Since then, her most significant hurdle is controlling her addictions to maintain a sober lifestyle. She has since joined various support groups of fellow addiction recovery patients where she also works with other therapists in helping give back to the society.

Currently, Victoria Doramus lives in London where she is currently focused on giving back to her community through programs targeting persons struggling with addictions.

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Banker Anil Chaturvedi experience in the banking sector

One of the greatest minds in the banking sector today is Anil Chaturvedi. The India-born banking executive has been in the banking industry for the last four decades. With such experience, he is a reputable guy who can be depended upon to achieve great success in the business sector. He is currently working for Hinduja Bank in Switzerland as the Managing Director. His experience in the banking sector plays a key role in the growth of this bank. The fact that his name appears as the MD of the bank is enough to send investor and clients to the bank. He has a reputation, and many investors trust him.


The trust he earns today has not come easy. He had to work for everything that he has today. From a humble beginning in India to becoming a top banker in the world was never an easy thing. It took passion, hard work and determination to make it in the industry. From his education to his first job, he made sure that he created an impression that would get him started in the right way.


Anil Chaturvedi attended Meerut University where he graduated with a degree in economics. After this degree, he moved to Delhi University where he obtained his MBA. With this education, he was armed with tools to venture into the practical world. His first job was at the State Bank of India. He was working in the development and marketing department of the bank. He performed his role with passion and hard work and in a few years, he had brought a change in the bank. At the end of the fourth year, State Bank of India had made $500 million from his role. After the fourth year, it was time to move to another organization where he would also make an impact.


Anil Chaturvedi moved to ANZ Grindlays Bank where he worked for about two years. He left the bank after creating a business model that would be profitable for the bank in years to come. With that, he was ready to join another banking organization known as Merrill Lynch. At Merrill Lynch, he stayed for 17 years and left with a great record.

Shervin Pishevar Warns of Impending Market Meltdown

Shervin Pishevar is one of the most accomplished venture capitalists to come out of Silicon Valley in the last two decades. He has been intimately involved with the creation of such companies as WebOS, Airbnb, Uber and Virgin Hyperloop, the most advanced transportation company on the face of the planet.

Shervin Pishevar has recently been making headlines as a result of a 21-hour tweet storm that he undertook on February 5. One of the themes of his tweets is the increasingly dangerous-looking territory into which the U.S. equity markets are headed. Aside from stocks being at near-record-high valuations, Shervin Pishevar is concerned that fund managers are moving back into esoteric trades as a way both to search for higher returns and to boost their own commissions.

One example that Shervin Pishevar uses to illustrate the dangers of traditional funds and ETFs getting into complex trades in the recent implosion of the XIV volatility index. Pishevar argues that, while such trades are often couched in the language of hedging risk, more often than not, they are really just managers looking to increase their funds’ returns and their own commissions.

Pishevar argues that investors don’t really understand these funds or the forces that drive volatility. This means that funds using a 200-day moving average as a means to forecast future behavior are going to be in for a rude surprise. And Pishevar argues that this is true across many different asset classes, not just esoteric securities like volatility indexes.

He says that the markets are currently experiencing high levels of asset inflation, which has been driven primarily by the extremely cheap money made possible by the Fed’s zero interest-rate policy. This has allowed corporations across the nation to use cheap funds to buy back their own stock, leading to near-historic valuations in stocks. At the same time, bond yields have been crushed by the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing programs.

According to Pishevar, all of this adds up to a turbulent ride for investors into the future. He says that those who are looking for the historic 10 percent returns that the market has generated in the past are dreaming.

Jordan Lindsey Career

The financial industry is changing rapidly. Many people want to invest in speculative investments. When the economy is strong, many investors are willing to take on additional financial risks. Jordan Lindsey is one of the leading financial planners in the world today. He mangoes JCL Capital, and he wants to improve the lives of his customers.

Most people struggle with their finances. Few people are actively investing for the future. Jordan Lindsey helps customers design an investment strategy that aligns with their future goals.

Early Career

Jordan Lindsey has always enjoyed learning about money. While he was in college, he decided to pursue a degree in finance. Although it was hard to do, he worked for a financial planning company while attending school. Working for a company gave him experience in the industry.

After he graduated, Jordan Lindsey worked for a large hedge fund. A hedge fund is a company that focuses on helping wealthy people reach their financial goals. There is a lot of pressure on people who work at hedge funds. After several years in the industry, Jordan Lindsey decided to start his own company. JCL Capital is now one of the leading financial planning firms in the country.

Teaching Others

One of the reasons that Jordan Lindsey is so popular is his teaching ability. He takes time to teach his customers about the basics of personal finance. Unlike many investment advisors, he does not sell investment products.

Jordan Lindsey had to hire several financial planners on his team. Before hiring anyone, he conducted a thorough interview process to ensure they were a cultural fit. Jordan Lindsey has multiple plans to expand JCL Capital in the years ahead. Now is a great time to work with Jordan Lindsey to plan for the future. Most people can build significant wealth by making a few lifestyle adjustments.

Jason Hope’s Contribution to Research on Aging

One of the most sort after remedies to human existence is the “secret of youth”. A lot of speculations on the internet subject have been heard some even claiming there to be a “fountain of youth”. Science has been on the forefront in making efforts to solve the aging puzzle.

Jason Hope is an inventor and a technology mastermind. He does research that shed light on problems and how to overcome them. In particular, his energy has been focused on the use of science to fight aging. A background in business goes back to Arizona State University where he graduated with a degree in finance. He furthered this by acquiring an MBA.

Among his contributions in the aging research is the participation in the 2014 Summer Conference held at Santa Clara. It dealt in ways to combat sicknesses that accelerate the process of getting old. Methods of cellular repair were analyzed and recommendations into its improvement discussed.

Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence(SENS) is a pioneer in the field of biotechnology. They have taken a keen interest in the aging matter. Through Research Foundation Hope has championed for the sensitization of members of public on the matter. He argues out that teaching people on how to take care of their bodies is vital. Being a scholar has given an avenue for his work on diseases that promote the condition.

This has been authored in several publications. The SENS organization partners with other stakeholders in addressing norms that affect the human health and development. Being a non-profit making organization, it has relied on well-wishers such as Jason Hope to cater for its researches on growth. Jason pledged $500,000 to SENS’ cause.

The most crucial ingredient in this endeavor is able expertise. By getting enough funding, the results can be achieved much sooner. In the modern society, a lot of ailments have been the main hindrance to the SENS. Getting around cancerous cells in a patient has been a challenge. The hereditary traits carried down from generation to generation are also a major player. Various ways of dealing with these challenges have been found. This includes radiotherapy and chemotherapy. We are optimistic that a break though is around the corner.

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Choosing A Reliable Investment Banking Firm with Laidlaw and Company

Laidlaw & Company, a well-known investment bank, has been regarded as one of the most reputable and reliable companies in the industry. For many years, Laidlaw & Company has rendered excellent and satisfactory services to clients around the world, including Relmada Therapeutics.

Due to a business dispute, Relmada filed a lawsuit against Laidlaw & Company and its executives, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern. In the lawsuit Relmada accused Laidlaw & Company of attempting to take effective control of Relmada. A restiction order was issued against Laidlaw & Company, pending the outcome of the investigation and lawsuit.

Investment banking has always been a great investment vehicle for many decades and many investors are choosing this option. It is one of the most lucrative and sought-after investment fields, but you need to be sure you have a good understanding of how it works before you proceed. Most of the professionals, including investment advisors have extensive training, and can provide guidance. A thorough research in the field or opportunities is always required.

There many companies that render services in this field and you’ll need to find a company that has some of the most experienced and dedicated professionals. If this field of investing appeals to you and you want to get a good advisor, it’s imperative to contact Laidlaw & Company.

As a well established and trusted investment company, Laidlaw & Company provides advice and guidance to its clients. The company has a qualified team of financial advisors, investment specialists and other professionals who assist in the process of investing and research. These professionals have great expertise in helping clients raise capital for acquisition and mergers and other investment purposes. Have a look at the website of Laidlaw & Company, then get in touch with them to schedule a consultation.

The George Soros Secret to Wealth

When anyone starts to think about how much money they can make in their lifetime, they are limited their potential financial wealth. The reason for this is that even though you can earn a lot of money, you typically need to invest your time and effort in order to do so. This is called wages, salary, or some other synonymous term that means the same thing as trading your time in order to obtain money in return. The good news when it comes to this sort of wealth generation is that you know your rate ahead of time. The bad news is that you actually need to work and give up your time in order to receive wealth in return.

There’s also another way to account for how much money you could make, and that way is investing. However, you don’t want to just consider investing in anything. You have to be strategic in how you go about wealth accumulation. After all, just because you understand the basics of investing or even knowing that you need to invest doesn’t mean that you are ready to throw all of your hard earned money after something that you don’t understand. You are literally gambling with your effort and work if you hypothetically try to throw money at investments you aren’t familiar with. Why would you ever do that?

The important thing for anyone to do when it comes to investing is to stick with the types of investments that make sense to them. One of those investments is gold. Gold not only fits every form of desirable investment category from having a high demand down to being valuable for tangible reasons, but it is also an investment that makes sense for anyone at any level. When it comes to the stock market you may have long term options, stock splits, mergers, derivatives and even more. However, when you are thinking about gold, it is a very solid commodity and a simple point of view to understand. It is a precious metal and that is why it maintains such a high value.

When you consider the top financial experts in the field today who have made significant amounts of wealth just by being intelligent and taking the safe road, you will find George Soros and his interest in gold. If you are considering investing in something that truly makes sense, why not look to the US Money Reserve and see what types of wealth you could secure by investing in gold today.

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US Money Reserve sells gold and other precious metals

The U.S. Money Reserve is likely the biggest distributor of gold and other precious metal coins like platinum and silver in the US. It’s safe because it is fully backed by the US government for the purity, weight and content of all the coins they sell. All coins sold by the US Money Reserve are also official legal tender in the States.

Besides coins, you can also purchase various weights of gold and silver bullion products like bars, and Gold and Silver American Eagle coins. Another product sold by the US Money Reserve is gold numismatic coins like American Eagle proof coins, Modern Congressional coins, Double Eagle coins, American Buffalo coins, First Spouse coins, pre-1933 gold coins, and platinum numismatic coins.

Created by Experts in Precious Metals, other areas

The US Money Reserve was created by experts in the gold market who realized there was a need for a way to provide customer service, guidance, and expert market information to customers of gold and silver products. They constantly strive to give the best possible service to their clients, and some of their professional positions include more than a hundred jobs, like gold specialists, numismatic experts, customer relation experts, inventory positions, business support positions, coin research experts, inventory positions, vault and shipping department positions, compliance and standard, as well as sales positions.

When you purchase coins and other products from the US Money Reserve you get the advantage of owning an actual asset that is tangible, not paper, and precious metals are often placed in investment accounts like IRAs.

US Money Reserve offers guarantee on all purchases

Clients have bought over two million coins totally over one billion dollars in sales over the last few years. The US Money Reserve also sells only the best and highest grade coins, and they offer a money back guarantee on your purchase within 30 days minus a 20 percent stocking fee.

Another name for the US Money Reserve is the United States Gold and Silver Reserve. You can keep up to date with all the happenings at the US Money Reserve by calling them with questions at 1-800-607-7800, where you can talk to any of the experts there for personal portfolio advice.

You can follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter .. If you desire to start investing in gold, silver or platinum products like coins and bullion, then contact the experts at the US Money Reserve on one of these pages and learn all you need to know about precious metal investing.


U.S. Money Reserve And The Value Of Precious Metals

U.S. Money Reserve wants to help anyone in need of buying gold, silver, or platinum coins do so with ease and at a fair price. Those wishing to expand the holdings in their investment portfolios might be thinking about putting a percentage of their net worth into precious metals. Buying the right seller is critical when hoping to procure quality assets with good appreciation value.

Precious metals are in demand all over the world. Recently, foreign governments have taken to hoarding gold as a means of boosting their economic prospects. The purchase of gold, silver, and platinum in high volumes creates scarcity and scarcity has the potential to drive prices up. Upon looking at these indicators in the market, investors start to wonder whether or not the time is right to put money into precious metal coins. U.S. Money Reserve can help anyone who is thinking about making such a purchase.

U.S. Money Reserve is based out of Austin, TX and the company has serviced scores upon scores of customers in the precious metals market. The company has facilitated sales for, literally, hundreds of thousands of customers. The company has been able to facilitate sales to such a large number of customers thanks to having been part of the coin selling industry for many years and developed a well-run business. Of course, the experience of those professionals involved with the management and operation of the company ensure customers’ needs are met.

Customers who contact the customer service number can speak to a representative who will do his/her best to help the client acquire the right coins based on investment needs and budget. The coins sold through U.S. Money Reserve are not acquired without deliberate, careful consideration. Researchers under the employ of he company provide an analysis into all the coins before they are acquired and put up for sale. The upper-level management of the firm are well-versed in the industry of coins, precious metals, and investing. The President of U.S. Money Reserve, Philip N. Diehl, previously served as a Director of the U.S. Mint.

Once an order is placed, shipping commences in a reasonable amount of time. In the shipment is the valuable coins that are going to be a prized addition to an investment portfolio.

Anthony Marsala of Madison Street Capital awarded by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analyst


Antony Marsala, the co-founder of Madison Street Capital, has been named NACVA 40 under forty for the year 2015. NACVA had nominated 40 people who had made extraordinary advancement in valuation of business, litigation consulting, financial forensic, mergers and acquisition and testimonials. The honorees were shortlisted by the Executive staff of NACVA and CTI. The judges were overwhelmed by quality of candidates and they believe that this made making decision more difficult. The National Association of the Certified Valuators and Analyst and the Consultant Training Institute founded excellence, quality and pioneering spirit with visionary leaders in accounting and financial consultancy field regardless of their affiliation.

Brain K. Jones, the CEO and VP of NACVA and CTI said that this program was designed to give opportunity to people who have contributed something to their profession and community. The motive of the program was to bring out the best of experts and leaders in the industry. The honorees were shortlisted from more than 125 nominees and were selected by the Executive Staff of NACVA and CTI. Anthony Marsala was the man behind creation of Madison Street Capital. He led and managed international presence of the company throughout Europe, Asia and Africa. He was responsible for keeping track of diligence and analytical team that performed business valuation work for corporate finance and M&A clients.

Anthony reviewed some extensive number of valuation and transactional engagement in the industrial sector for last 13 years. He focused mainly on the middle market companies and startup ventures. He also worked on many sectors like technology, energy, technology, wholesale, biotech, pharmaceuticals and many more. He had graduated from Loyola University of Chicago with major in both Finance and Information system. After this, he also did Master’s Diploma in Strategy from Oxford University. He is a renowned member of NACVA and ASA.

Madison Street Capital is an international investment banking firm that offers corporate financial advisory, merger and acquisition, finance and valuation service to all types of business. Madison Street Capital has emerged as core component of global growth of clients and it mainly focused on assets in the market. Their service has helped business enterprise to get a good position in the global market. This news has been published in Chicago Tribune.