The Successful Story of Hussain Sajwani the DAMAC Owner

Probably, you are aware of the handful tips on how to succeed in the real estate business. These tips are designed to help you learn how to soar high in the ever-transitioning industry that requires a consistent market watch. With that said, for a real estate business to succeed, an individual need to highlight the major challenges faced while delving into the business. After highlighting these challenges, it will be easier to get through the tough days that require more input in terms of capital or handling clients. Just like in the case of Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, resilience, patience, and determination are some key strength to succeed in this business.

Who is Hussain Sajwani?

Many know him as the real estate mogul hailing from Dubai. Others on the other side identify him as America’s brand ambassador for real estate. Well, a look into his early life would tag him as a humble businessman who grew up in the loving arms of hard-working parents. His parents spent their time training him to become a successful businessman straight from his father’s shop. In that shop, he sold pens, shirts, and other personal use items that most male clients found useful.


The career of Hussain Sajwani dates to when he decided that his father’s business was not meant for him. At that moment, he joined a medical school where he majored in a few units in science before deciding to quit and join a different school in America. The Washington University provided major courses in economics as well as engineering. With these courses, Sajwani was good to start off on a professional career at the GASCO Company. Working as a dedicated contracts manager, he developed a strong passion for business. Therefore, he started a food catering business in which, he supplied major hotels and businesses with food and catering services similarly.

Real Estate Business

After operating the business for some time, it was time to start a business in the real estate market. DAMAC Properties was based on the idea of serving high prolific clients with the luxury property. Since 2002, this need has been addressed as the DAMAC owner is always working with high profile businessmen to poach such as clients.

Here’s DAMA Properties’ Board Members:

Adam Milstein – Son of Israel

To say that Adam Milstein is a son of Israel is something of an understatement. He was born in the northern Israeli port city of Haifa. In 1973, during the Yom Kippur holiday, Israel was attacked by the combined armies of Egypt, Iraq, and Syria. Adam Milstein served in the Israeli Defense Forces repelling the Egyptian invaders and was in the unit commanded by then General Ariel Sharon that pushed the Egyptian army across the Suez and back into Egypt.

In 1974, following his military service, Milstein married the former Gila Elgraby. In 1981, he moved his wife and two young daughters to the United States to take advantage of educational and economic opportunities. After earning an MBA from the University of Southern California and becoming a managing partner in the commercial real estate firm of Hager Pacific Properties, Milstein retired from business to become an advocate for the nation of Israel and for Jews worldwide. He spends his days writing and speaking about the dangers faced by the Jews from the unlikely alliance of Islamic extremists and extreme left wing radicals.

The fundamentalist incarnation of Islam taught in Mosques and Madrasas worldwide, has long been allied with the extreme right and is now forming and maintaining alliances with the radical left. Across the political spectrum and around the world, fanatics from both extremes are synchronizing their actions against Jews in general and the nation of Israel in particular, focusing their efforts on the destruction of the Jewish homeland.

Adam Milstein points out that in joining radical Islam, the extreme left overlooks the Muslim treatment of women, minorities, and homosexuals, and even campaigns for the implementation of sharia law. They portray all Muslims as being innocent and childlike, subjugated by Israel and her allies. Islam is depicted as “the religion of peace,” with Israel cast in the role of evil conquerors.

Adam Milstein demonstrates that the menace is spreading onto college campuses. Extremists at Tufts University, a private research institution in Medford, Massachusetts, published a “Disorientation Guide” that depicted Israel as a nation of white supremacists. One of the authors pointed out that the guide could not possibly be anti-Semitic because she herself is Jewish.


Graham Edwards Knows How to Develop A Company

Graham Edwards had been well known in the property management and investing fields for quite some time and has quite an extensive portfolio. He has been the chief executive officer of at Telereal Trillium Ltd in London since 2001 and has generated billions of dollars in revenue for the company ever since. This knowledge has placed him on many well known boards and societies throughout England (Relationshipscience).

With a degree from Cambridge University and beautiful England, Graham has an impressive education and work ethic. He has held the position of a chief investment officer at a management company and worked in their assets department generating large amounts of money. Graham was able to bring these skills with him when he joined Telereal and the path to success has been immensely profitable. With his expertise involving the Department for Work and Pensions, Graham scored a billion dollar contract for Telereal Trillium.

Graham sits on several committees all across England and the area of Wales including the Institute for Chartered Accountants, the Association of Corporate Treasurers, and the UK Society of Investment Professionals. Along with many other affluent and education professionals, Graham is a Fellow if the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. Since 2004, Graham has been the driving force behind wealth building for Telereal. This is evident on his handling of a £1 billion acquisition deal that he steered. With skills like this, Graham can not be stopped.

When he isn’t making his affluent company large sums of money, Graham loves to advance his already impressive education. He is earning his masters degree from King’s College London and is studying International Relations with a concentration in the affairs of the Middle East.

Graham has several interest in areas such as finance and engineering. He also loves to give back to England and the world at large, and has done extensive work as a philanthropist. This is a man who takes pride in doing charitable work for humanity. For more information on he CEO of Telereal Trillium Graham Edwards, be sure to take a look at the company’s informative website.


The success and achievements of Nick Vertucci

Nick Vertucci was brought up in a loving and humble background. At the age of ten, he lost his father and the mother had to step up to be his own sole provider. When he started the sale of computer spare parts, more chances of a living a better life started to open up for him. He got married and was blessed with three daughters. After the bust of dot com crash 2000 came into existence, his business performed poorly to the extent of losing everything.

His friend urged him to visit a seminar that discussed matters related to real estates, that’s where his dreams changed and he ventured into the business. He spent a decade to invent an investment system that allowed him to make money in the real estate.

Nick Vertucci has an academy where he teaches people how to conquer challenges of day to day operations. His team also help the students nourish themselves, find deals and repair the property to sell a finished project. Nick and his team are also dedicated to help their students succeed through guidance and support.

The academy offers certain covers issues such as wholesaling and flipping contracts as well as rehabbing and flipping properties. Others include buying and holding properties for long term cash flow, commercial investments, leveraging your IRA to fund your investments, and asset protection.

Nick Vertucci has personally helped people to get out their debt by invention of his system

  1. He has also made students make cash and transform people’s family for good through his hard work. The society is grateful for his accomplishment in creating jobs for the community. All his students know their purpose and have achieved their goals. He advises people on how to be successful in their financial lives for them to prosper in all other areas.

Nick is personally grateful for his friend who took him to the real estate seminar because if it were not for him, he would not have come up with the idea of making a system that generates cash. He urges people not to give up on their careers as success lays ahead of failure.

Nick Vertucci also informs the people to start saving, spend less and invest more in real estate since it has a huge impact and will benefit them. Nick’s community of investors and private lenders are raising millions to fund his students’ real estate deals each month. As an entrepreneur, he accepted change and that kept him moving forward.