Lawrence Bender: Kill Bill: Vol. 1

There’s a lot of great producers who came from New York, but one in particular who was nominated for three Oscars produced one of my favorite movies of all time. His name is Lawrence Bender is he is known for a hand full of spectacular movie productions, One of them being the Kill Bill series. Kill Bill: Vol. 1 is one of the most unexpected movie hits of all time. Imagine a movie that surprises you in every scene, makes you second guess what was going to happen next, while at the same time fulfilling everything you were hoping for in a great movie. Most people would read the summary of the movie and not expect it to be so amazing, but this is what made this movie so exciting.

Kill Bill: Vol. 1 is about a woman who gets pregnant while being apart of a league of assassins who tries to kill her for leaving the league and takes her child away. She wakes up from a coma years later to get her revenge and get back her child. This movie is filled with amazing actors like Uma Thurman, who’s known for her role in Pulp Fiction, which was also produced by Lawrence Bender in 1994, and David Carradine who starred in Bond for Glory in 1976. It was also nominated for Best Picture in the Online Film and Television Association Awards, nominated for a motion picture in the Gold Derby Awards, and was nominated for the best motion picture in the Awards Circuit Community Awards.

Lawrence Bender has had twenty-nine Academy Award nominations and has won six of them. He’s also produced a film, An Inconvenient Truth, which won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. He includes himself in a lot of his productions as an actor, such as, Knock around Gus, The Mexican, and Kill Bill: Vol. 2. Lawrence Bender also produced Good Will Hunting, which won 2 Oscars. But overall Lawrence Bender is amazing producers and fans will never forget the Kill Bill series.

Tony Petrello’s Journey to Success

Antony Petrello commonly known as Tony is the acting CEO of Nabor Industries. The successful business executive was born and raised in a middle-class family in Newark, New Jersey. Newark is a famous neighborhood predominantly occupied by Italians. This area is widely recognized of its strong cultural observance. The community there encourages hard work, values honesty, and strongly rebukes dishonesty. These values have played a great role in the success of Tony.

Petrello attended public schools and had a simple life as this is what his parents afforded. His humble background did not deter him from succeeding in life. He realized from a tender age that success is as a result of hard work. He tirelessly spent most of his time in books. Tony Petrello became very famous amongst his peers when in high school for his outstanding mathematics skills. His efforts and determination were noticed by professors from Yale university and he was awarded a fully paid scholarship.

At Yale college, Tony continued to shine despite facing fierce competition from his fellow undergraduate scholars. It was during his college years that Antony came across Serge Lang, a distinguished Mathematics scholar, and a professor. Serge mentored Tony throughout his educational journey. Petrello at one point helped Serge Lang in his research work regarding number theory.

Petrello just like many of us had some challenges in school. He lost his passion for mathematics and decided to look for an alternative. He dropped his mathematics course and applied for a law degree at Harvard law school. He studied law with the same vigor and passion he had for mathematics.

After completing his law degree, Tony joined Baker & McKenzie law firm in 1979. There he sharpened his skills in business law and more specifically on taxation and arbitration. He carried out his duties with hard work and passion. In 1986, due to his remarkable performance, he was appointed as the managing partner of Baker and McKenzie New York division.

While at McKenzie law firm he came across a client by the name Nabors industries, a natural gas and oil drilling company. Tony impressed the managers at Nabor industries, and they offered him better employment terms.

He joined Nabor Industries in 1991 as the COO. Later in the year, he was appointed to sit on its board of directors and the executive committee. Due to his outstanding performance, Tony was elected as the president of Nabor industries in 1992. He continues to serve in this capacity up to date and has delivered a lot to his company.

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