David Zalik, Destined For Greatness

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GreenSky Credit is basically profitable above and beyond the normal expectations of a financial firm such as this because they hold up to three billion and fifty hundred million dollars already inside of the bank account. The heart of the matter is that David Zalik is a professional at what it is that he does and his knowledge and experience in creating business systems go far back in his life when GreenSky Credit was not even a business venture, to begin with yet. It was at an early age of thirteen when he began his first business inside the realms of building and repairing computers.

David Zalik would practice by taking all forty pieces of a computer and reconstructing it so that it would become the product sold in his business endeavor. It was a golden time for the young man to begin this journey because this was back in the 1990s when dot com was still a stick that everyone was going bonkers about. The computer industry fits very nicely inside that same niche and he made a lot of money out of it, especially when he reached his twenty-second year of life when he sold the business right before dot-com crashed for a total amount of 3 million dollars cash.

He got smart at a very young age and was even able to attend college at the age of thirteen bypassing the college exams required to enter into Auburn University which is where his father worked at the time. The genius studied for nine years prior to taking the test at the age of four which is when his parents and David Zalik moved from Israel to the United States. There is no question that David Zalik had the capabilities and the aptitudes that it took to achieve great and memorable things with the world of the financial industry. Because of David Zaliks efforts throughout his life, he is now a registered billionaire who is the CEO of GreenSky Credit.


Jason Hope’s Contribution to Research on Aging

One of the most sort after remedies to human existence is the “secret of youth”. A lot of speculations on the internet subject have been heard some even claiming there to be a “fountain of youth”. Science has been on the forefront in making efforts to solve the aging puzzle.

Jason Hope is an inventor and a technology mastermind. He does research that shed light on problems and how to overcome them. In particular, his energy has been focused on the use of science to fight aging. A background in business goes back to Arizona State University where he graduated with a degree in finance. He furthered this by acquiring an MBA.

Among his contributions in the aging research is the participation in the 2014 Summer Conference held at Santa Clara. It dealt in ways to combat sicknesses that accelerate the process of getting old. Methods of cellular repair were analyzed and recommendations into its improvement discussed.

Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence(SENS) is a pioneer in the field of biotechnology. They have taken a keen interest in the aging matter. Through Research Foundation Hope has championed for the sensitization of members of public on the matter. He argues out that teaching people on how to take care of their bodies is vital. Being a scholar has given an avenue for his work on diseases that promote the condition.

This has been authored in several publications. The SENS organization partners with other stakeholders in addressing norms that affect the human health and development. Being a non-profit making organization, it has relied on well-wishers such as Jason Hope to cater for its researches on growth. Jason pledged $500,000 to SENS’ cause.

The most crucial ingredient in this endeavor is able expertise. By getting enough funding, the results can be achieved much sooner. In the modern society, a lot of ailments have been the main hindrance to the SENS. Getting around cancerous cells in a patient has been a challenge. The hereditary traits carried down from generation to generation are also a major player. Various ways of dealing with these challenges have been found. This includes radiotherapy and chemotherapy. We are optimistic that a break though is around the corner.

Jason Hope’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/jason.r.hope

” Talk Fusion Launches Its New Product – Live Meetings “

Talk Fusion is a global video marketing company which offers plenty of dynamic ways of making marketing more memorable, engaging and persuasive through use of video. The company has released its new and enhanced version of Live Meetings product which is powered by Real Time Communications Technology, WebRTC. This new interface was made public in a corporate broadcast that was hosted by Bob Reina, who is the Founder and CEO of the Company.


Live Meetings is a video conferencing and a multipurpose live broadcasting tool that enables its users to organize live presentations and host meetings of up to 500 participants and fifteen presenters via smartphone, computer or tablet. With this new technology, Talk fusion has eliminated the need for third-party plugins and Flash players and replaced it with download-free conference recorder which is directly linked to one’s browser.


This new technology is a big plus to Talk Fusion’s remarkable video suite. The new technology is an attestation that the company is not ready to relinquish its already established position as a leader in innovative technologies and superb marketing trends. The company is leading the way in WebRTC development. In a statement during the launch of the new product, Bob Reina reiterates that WebRTC has no match in the value it brings to its customers and that is why the company has taken strides in implementing Live Meetings into its product portfolio.


WebRTC has lots of benefits to its users; it enables video and voice communication via a web browser, offers a platform for peer-to-peer communication and makes a difference in the world. It enables presenters and attendees to have secure communication which is free of echo and provides state of the art desktop sharing features and waiting rooms for presenters to prepare their presentations before going live. It is an intelligent product that eliminates the need for tiresome downloads. Learn more: https://talkfusion.com/en


About Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is an innovative video marketing firm which was founded in 2007 by Bob Reina with an intention of providing businesses with innovative marketing solutions that can help them grow competitively through marketing. It is home to the award-winning Video Chat product which has bagged a number of prizes for its cutting-edge solutions in the WebRTC arena.


The company’s products are available all over the world in over 140 countries. Talk Fusion’s commitment to video marketing has led to dynamic marketing ways that are more engaging and persuasive. The company’s site can offer more information in the case you need it.