CEDC Focuses On New Direction And Attitude

Kevin Seawright is the latest addition to the Community Economic Development Corporation’s (CEDC)team. Seawright is one of the foremost financial managers on the East Coast, and he has worked at a number of Baltimore’s educational and governmental offices. Most recently, he worked as chief financial officer of Baltimore’s Department of Aging and Retirement. He has also worked with Baltimore’s Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Payroll Director of the Parks and Recreation Department.

The new and improved CEDC is scheduled to open a week from Wednesday. The company has been completely revamped with a new location, new employees and new directives. The corporation is working in conjunction with the Department of Housing to created better living conditions and more economic development for the citizens of Newark. The city has more than 20 eclectic neighborhoods that will greatly benefit from the focus on jobs and prosperity.

Seawright believes his extensive experience will serve the corporation well. He believes his direct connections with Tito Contractors and Baltimore’s Housing Authority has given him a better appreciation of the needs of the inner city. “The focus will be on revitalization,” says Seawright.

The city kicked off a reopening gala last night. Nearly 100 people attended the event, which outlined the corporation’s new direction. The corporation’s move to another site will also save the city money. The city believes the corporation will finally reach the goals first established during the initial opening back in 2007.

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