CEO Rick Smith Tells How Securus Technologies Helps Inmates Succeed

Securus Technologies, the largest inmate communications provider and only full spectrum technologies solutions provider in the industry, has continually improved their services under CEO Richard A. (Rick) Smith since 2008. Along with improving public safety, investigation, monitoring and correctional solutions, Securus has been providing more than $200 million in products, education media, communications, jobs, and post release programs to improve the lives of inmates and their families and friends. Rick Smith spoke of the positive impact of the programs in a press release March 31, 2017.

Steps to offer inmates greater success after rejoining society include a $20 million investment in 150,000 smart devices to provide content, education and technology for the use of inmates, a partnership with JobView for inmate job searches and JPay, a technology driven education platform allowing access to over 180,000 inmates for a positive educational outcome. In addition, Securus has also committed to funding for the Prison Entrepreneurship Program (PEP), an independent 501 (c)(3) nonprofit entrepreneurship boot camp and re-entry programs proven to be successful at coaching and counseling inmates in and outside the facility. To better serve the inmate population, Securus created a staff position to specifically address recidivism and re-entry.

Rick Smith Securus announced the appointment of Dawn Freeman as the Director of Recidivism and Re-entry. Her role includes partnering and collaborating with federal, state and local agencies. Ms. Freeman will work to improve the reduction of PEP graduate outcome including reduced recidivism to less than 7%. PEP successful outcomes include that all of their graduates have jobs within 90 days of being released from prison. Their graduates have also started almost 300 businesses. The goal is to offer these benefits to all facilities. Securus currently serve more than 3,450 public safety, law enforcement and corrections agencies and over 1.2 million inmates. Rick Smith, the CEO, expresses pride in all they have accomplished for those they serve. Read more on

Rick Smith’s background helps Securus recognize the various needs of all it serves and offer the flexibility to address those needs. Before assuming the position of CEO and president in 2008 and company chairman in 2009, Rick served as CFO from 1998 to 2000 at Eschelon Telecom and from 2000-2003 as president. He was promoted to CEO and had increased the company’s revenue from $30 million to $350 million. Despite their 58 competitors, Securus Technologies continue to re-invest to develop and provide innovative technology solutions that improve services for all users. Rick Smith tells us that many future improvements exist and can be realized today, including increased access to safe data and databases faster and safer, lower rates and a centralized platform that allows an individual access to what an inmate would need immediately after being booked. These services are currently being used by some inmates and the hope is to provide them to all for more successful outcomes. Read more on

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