Charles Koch Funding George Mason University

Charles Koch did not attend George Mason University, but he sure has been contributing a lot of money to the school. During the period of 2011 to 2014 Koch donated $48 million to the school and other school received more than $1 million per year despite Koch making an average of $20 million in contribution per year.

Not that George Mason University is not a deserving school. Located just outside of the nation’s capital at Washington D.C. it is one of the leading private universities in economics and law and has many notable alumni. One of those alumni is an executive in Koch’s company, Koch Industries, which also happens to be the second largest private company in the United States with many diversified holdings.

Charles Koch has long been criticized for the significant contributions that he makes to various conservative political groups that support republican causes through his Super PACs. While Koch is in favor of small government and both individual and state rights, he has been a major player in politics and his Super PACs are expected to provide $900 million in financing for the 2016 election cycle, both to local and national races.

Koch’s other contributions, those to charitable organizations, often go unnoticed and he has given significant amounts to the American Natural History Museum in New York City, as well as Lincoln Center, in addition, to his contributions to the universities stated above.

Some have asked and wondered if his contributions to George Mason University have led to any undue influence over the school. Koch’s spokesman has indicated that the donations to George Mason University have not had any strings attached other than being earmarked for various studies, such as the Humane Department and other university projects. These contributions have funded several expansions in the school over the years.

Recently a $10 million contribution was received by George Mason University from the Koch Foundation with the purpose of spending to rename and update the law school, along with an additional $20 million from an unknown donor. This contribution would result in the law school being rename after Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia who was well respected by Charles Koch as well as many other Americans but who supported many conservative causes. While these funds will result in honoring a conservative Supreme Court Justice, renaming a law school after a Supreme Court member is not unusual and he is more than worth of the honor.

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