China’s Actions to Deter Speculation on the Yuan have Made Minimal Gains

Efforts by China to constrict bets against the Yuan have not been successful. However, the bets highlight the disadvantages of China’s move to support the economy by flooding domestic banks with cash while starving offshore markets. According to Chris Morrison of Omni Partners hedge fund, the surest way of deterring speculators is to allow onshore rates to rise in a rapid manner. However, he adds that it is unlikely for it will depress the Chinese economy more. In his view, the funds will flow offshore. This situation will facilitate the borrowing and selling of the Yuan unless draconian capital controls are imposed by China.

In early January, Hong Kong’s Yuan borrowing increased to all time records across all tenors as China’s central bank bought the Yuan after it hit the lowest point in five years. Hong Kong is the largest center for offshore financing of the Yuan. The move by China’s central bank depleted supplies in the market in addition to making it more expensive to borrow particularly for short trades. The action taken by China may have acted as a warning to short sellers and this could discourage future bets. In its overseas edition, The People’s Daily wrote that George Soros war against China would not succeed. Chinese officials have said that they will keep the exchange rates stable in a bid to allay fears of the weakening Yuan. They added that wagers against the currency will fail and warned speculators including George Soros of their pessimistic views about the Yuan. This information was mentioned on Bloomberg
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