ClassDojo Improves Classroom Communication


ClassDojo is an app that is used by teachers, students, and their parents in order to create a communicate system between them. The teachers assign behaviors and point rewards throughout the day so that the students and their parents are able to track their progress and see how they are performing. The students enjoy the point system and fun design of the app, and earning prizes for the points encourages them to perform even better. The students are also able to create an avatar to use within the app, which they all love to do and makes them more excited to use the app.

It has also been useful for the teachers in order for them to save time during the day. They can assign behaviors quickly and they are able to do so even while they are on the move since the app is available for use on their smartphone. They can then share this data with the parents in the form of a weekly, daily, or monthly report. This allows the parents to stay involved and encourages more interactions between the parent and student. ClassDojo also improves the bond between the students, teachers, and parents through the Class Story feature. With this, the teacher is able to post pictures of the class during the day and the students love to watch this over. It encourages them to do better.

The teachers are also able to instant message the parents through the app. This allows for faster discussion when there is a matter that requires immediate attention. It is also easier and quicker to get done than emailing back and forth it. Parents are also able to contact the teacher though this feature. ClassDojo is growing in popularity due to the results it produces and the way it makes students enjoy learning.

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