In his recent post, Clay Siegall shares an article about the effectiveness of the aid in dying law in California. In the article, different experiences of patients in need of aid in dying prescription are discussed to give readers a glimpse of the state of affairs in the California medical system as far as such prescriptions are concerned.

The article reports that although the law has been effective since its enactment, patients in need of a prescription struggle to find doctors who are willing to give a life-ending prescription. Being a successful businessman has been known to make some individuals carefree, but such is not the case with Siegall. The fact that he shares an article of such great importance to the society shows that he cares about what the society is going through, despite being rich and successful.

In another recent post, he shares an article that discusses the interior secretary’s dilemma regarding the abolition of the Bears Ears National Monument. This article is a transcript of a discussion in which both sides of the controversy surrounding the Bears ears National Monument are presented.

Dr. Siegall is one of the key co-founders of Seattle Genetics, an organization which started as early as 1999. He is the CEO, President and Chairman of the Board in Seattle Genetics. His company primarily focuses on the provision of better cancer treatment through the administration of drugs that unlike chemotherapy, target only the malignant cells.

Having trained as a scientist who focuses on cancer-related therapies, Dr. Siegall utilized his scientific knowledge and excellent leadership skills to guide Seattle Genetics to its current prominence in the development of anti-drug conjugates (ACDs). The immense success of his organization traceable to the scientific innovation, passion for helping patients and the extensive research and drug development practices upon which the company’s foundation is built.

Under his leadership, Seattle Genetics collaborated Takeda Pharmaceutical Company to form ADCETRIS, which is currently a global brand approved in more that 65 nations worldwide. Across its strategic collaborations programs, ACDs of more than 20 types are in clinical development, a process that is facilitated by technology developed by Seattle Genetics.

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